Dramacow James Kriger of BuffaloBruises.com - Buffalo Bills Superfan that picked on a double-amputee cancer survivor in the name of Social Justice


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Full disclosure, I'm not a sports fan. But not being a fan or involved in a community hasn't stopped me from creating a thread before, and @Ron Paul 2024 alerted me of this particularly alarming gentleman, though this story seems to have gone cold. Nevertheless, I think this dude may have potential.

He linked me this article, of which I'll post some choice excerpts, since it takes a while to get to James. There's a lot to establish for those of us who aren't Bills fans: for instance, for those who aren't American, the Buffalo Bills are a professional football team based in Buffalo, New York. Similar to other teams like the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers, the Bills apparently have a bunch of "superfans," who serve as unofficial mascots. But unlike the terrifying, post-apocalyptic biker gang-looking Raiders fans, or being a thorn in the side of the actual team he loves like Boltman, the Bills fans seem wholesome and unobtrusive. At least, from my outsider's perspective.


We got a Fred Flinstone, we got a Bills Batman, we got a guy with America on his face. Good times.

But we also have this dude named James Kriger, who runs a site called BuffaloBruises.com.


You see, the Buffalo Bills Superfans have this non-profit called Bills Fan Thunder, formed during the backlash when Jon Bon Jovi tried to purchase the team in 2014. This didn't sit well with Bills fans, and they basically chased Bon Jovi away from their precious team, and used the non-profit as a means of outreach to at-risk kids or sick kids by taking them to games or paying them hospital visits. Aw, how sweet.

James, apparently, took umbrage with this.

Then, in a matter of days in October, Bills Fan Thunder’s fundraising came to a screeching halt. After taking hundreds of at-risk youth to their first Bills game, the group’s funding suddenly dried up. They realized they might be forced to disband even before training camp this year.

What happened? Oddly, there’s someone who believes the Bills Fan Thunder organization must be destroyed.

That would be James Kriger of North Collins, the blogger behind BuffaloBruises.com, who believes he’s also somewhat of a Superfan. In fact, he is a self-styled Buffalo Bills fan vigilante, protecting the honest fans from Bills fans he believes are flawed. “I’m one of the few good honest people still out there,” he wrote in a recent post. “I’m going to continue fighting against the bad people in this fan base. At the top of that list is fighting bad guy’s [sic].”

Yes, even football fandom has fandom police like Vade. Truly, no space is safe.

In October, Kriger thought he stumbled on his first bad guy: A New England sports blogger, accusing him of sexually harassing a female Bills fan while attending a Patriots game at the Ralph. He presented no real proof that the blogger, Aidan Kearney, was the culprit but took him apart nonetheless in a series of articles.

Kriger wasn’t even at the game, but insists “sources” told him it was Kearney. He identified the Boston-area school where he worked, then emailed school officials links to his blog accusing the teacher of sexual harassment. He contacted Kearney’s students on Twitter to get them talking; he encouraged his social media followers to do the same and provided contact information.

The school received 300 calls and emails in 24 hours. Kearney got death threats and finally had to be escorted by police out of the building. As a result he could no longer teach–and the man has a family to feed.

“I didn’t do anything Kriger described in his article, and he refused to provide proof,” Kearney said. “And when I hired a Buffalo lawyer to get some justice, Kriger telephoned my attorney over and over, even called his wife. He threathed the same harrassment for my attorney as he unleashed on me. To protect his family, my lawyer quit the case.”

When Kearney withdrew the case, Kriger celebrated online, even boasting he got him fired. He’s treated others similarly, including a local artist who paints for charity and there’s a Facebook fan group called Bills Fanatics that he started a war with.

Hurm. False rape allegations used to ruin the lives of people perceived as toxic or problematic? Pretty par for the course for an Ess-Jay-Double-You. But how many go so low as to go after a double-amputee and cancer survivor, like Charles Sontag, who originally founded Bills Fan Thunder under the name 12th Man Thunder. And then got sued for it, because Texas A&M trademarked the phrase.


Unless you slept through all of 2014 you’ll remember that not long after Ralph Wilson died rocker Jon Bon Jovi and a group of Canadians wanted to purchase the Buffalo Bills. For many Bills fans this presented the terrifying possibility that their beloved team would be moved to Toronto. Most fans just held their breath and hoped it wouldn’t happen. For Charles Sonntag, Republican operative Michael Caputo, Charles Pellien and a few other friends from the Big Tree Road area near the stadium, hoping was not enough. Sonntag created 12thManThunder.com to collect petition signers against a Bon Jovi purchase and they placed a few hundred BON JOVI FREE ZONE posters all over Western NY. The small band of Bills fans also initiated a Bon Jovi boycott at radio stations, bars, restaurants, dentist offices, auto shops, and hundreds of Western New York businesses.


A New York Magazine headline about the group read: “Jon Bon Jovi Is the Most Hated Man in Buffalo. All because he wants to buy its football team. Over these guys’ dead bodies.”

What made the story even more moving was that the fan drive was led by Chuckie Sonntag, a cancer survivor and a double-amputee in a wheelchair living on only $825 a month from social security. Life might be tough but Chuckie loved his Buffalo Bills and didn’t want to lose them.

Then something unexpected happened. In 1922 Texas A&M’s football team was shy a few players. A young fan sitting in the stands volunteered to play if needed. He suited up and though he didn’t play he was lovingly dubbed the 12th man. The phrase now is commonly understood to mean fans cheering so loudly they inspire the team. The Seattle Seahawks, who reportedly have the loudest fans in the league, even have a #12 flag they raise during games. But Texas A&M trademarked the name in 1990. They sued Seattle in 2006 and the Seahawks had to pay A&M $100,000 plus an annual licensing fee. A&M also sued the Baltimore Colts.

And then Texas A&M did something really stupid. They sued Chuckie over 12thManThunder.com. It’s one thing to sue a billion dollar NFL team and another to sue a double-amputee cancer survivor in a wheel chair living on $825 a month who just wants to express his love for his team and get a petition signed. It was a publicity nightmare for Texas A&M.

Within days, Caputo, who had press connections and lots of experience with intellectual property litigation, had every news organization on the planet screaming down the university for threatening to sue a non-profit run by a double amputee. Former MSNBC host Keith Olberman featured Texas A&M’s president in his “Worst Person In The World” segment.


The university eventually reached an agreement to make it all go away. The group changed their name to Bills Fan Thunder, registered as a 5013c nonprofit with the mission to take underprivileged kids to Bills games. Texas A&M donated five figures of startup capital for the organization.

Just to establish precedent here, Chuck Sontag had been targeted by a big university who ended up looking cartoonishly evil for having done so. So what kind of heartless monster or stupid idiot would follow in Texas A&M's footsteps?

James Motherfucking Kriger, that's who.

One year later Kriger went off on Bills Fan Thunder. Once a friend of the group, members say he became angry in October when Charles Pellien refused to kick the charity painter Kriger had been targeting out of his stadium tailgate. Pellien had known the painter for years and wasn’t buying Kriger’s claim that the painter was a scammer. “He absolutely insisted that we distance ourselves from the artist and I refused,” said Pellier. “That really set him off.”

As a result, Kriger posted a short series of articles calling Pellien and BFT members “scumbags” and alleging that contributions were being stolen and used to buy horses and to fund vacation travel. “I tried to tell him I own no horses and that I pay for my own travel with my personal money,” Pellien said. “But he wouldn’t listen and insisted he had proof.”

“What proof? There is no proof because I don’t own any horses and I use my own money for my personal expenses,” Pellien said.

Still, Kriger’s social media posts and articles got increasingly aggressive. Within days, online fundraising dried up. The group had to cancel a planned Holiday season fundraiser that was expected to pay for the kids’ season tickets.

“We operate on a shoestring, relying on volunteers and donations to do everything we do,” BFT co-founder Sonntag said. “When there’s false accusations out there on the Internet all that goodwill dries up. It happened so fast, we didn’t know what to do.”

The group called in Caputo, who, even though a founder, is not officially involved anymore beyond being a donor. As the executive director of an international public relations firm, he helps major corporations protect their brand. Often this means overcoming online challenges—like damaging bloggers.

When Kriger threatened on Twitter to “go after a double amputee”, that set Caputo off. “I’ve been friends with Chuckie Sonntag for 40 years. If Kriger wants to go after Chuckie, he’s got to go through me first,” Caputo said.

“Bullies aren’t just waiting in dark alleys anymore. They’re on the Internet and they’re harder to stop. But if you know what you’re doing, you can shut them down fast and eventually make them pay for their abuse.”

It takes a big man to bully a dude with two limbs missing in a wheelchair. gg, James.

But then shit gets weirder.

Then, on December 23rd, Kriger did something even stranger than usual: He tweeted out a Top Secret Central Intelligence Agency document dated Jan. 24, 2007 alleging Caputo is a retired CIA agent aiding and abetting terrorists. Instantly, two of Kriger’s Twitter followers replied, telling him that being in possession of this document is a federal offense and advising him to delete his post. He refused.

“I don’t follow the guy, but a few people passed the document on to me,” Caputo said. “It’s completely fake. I never worked for the CIA and the terror accusation is false. But I understood Kriger is trying to force me to stop donating.”

Three court hearings later, Kriger had not answered any of the charges and Judge Ogden had lost patience: She set a trial date for February 16th, where Kriger must bring proof of his accusations of what would be criminal fraud.

According to Pellien, when Kriger heard the judge lay down the trial date and precisely what he must prove, the blogger broke out in hives. “It was wild, his face was bubbling up,” Pellien said. “It was like watching Chris Elliott as Woogie in Something About Mary.”

That day in court seemed to set Kriger off into full Billsman mode. Two anonymous Twitter account forwarded his December 23rd CIA document tweet to dozens of local, state and national reporters who had written about or quoted Michael Caputo in recent months. Then the two Twitter accounts disappeared.

Yes, that's right: Krieger went after one of the Bills Fan Thunder founders with a baloney accusation that he was HELPING THE TERRORISTS, with a forged document, no less. And then he had to go to court for it and threw a big baby tantrum.

Oh, and he commented on the article itself.


All of this I only really got from the one article alone. But I think this guy is worth looking into. What do you think, sirs?

EDIT: A blog called Turtleboy has a whole tag on James, providing us with more content.


LOL, that shirt. And have a look here:

So Buffalo it hurts. His name is James Kriger and this genius fancies himself a blogger, except for the fact that no one actually reads his blogs. Well, except when he writes about Turtleboy Sports and blames the wrong people for writing our blogs. I’m not even kidding either. As our readers know there is no way one person can crank out all these blogs on Turtleboy Sports every day. Not possible. We’ve got dozens of people who have contributed along the way. Then again this is what we’re dealing with here:





And he's apparently a part of the "Buffalo Bills Mafia."

If any sports fans (or people from Buffalo) can come in and shed some light on this a nerd pleb like myself can't, please do.
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Just a heads-up: It's spelled Kriger, without an E. Googling for "James Kriger" gets you results on the batshit Bills fan, while "James Krieger" gets you results on a dietitian, so this shit matters.


We had fun, didn't we?
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Just a heads-up: It's spelled Kriger, without an E. Googling for "James Kriger" gets you results on the batshit Bills fan, while "James Krieger" gets you results on a dietitian, so this shit matters.


It's been fixed. Thank you for pointing that out to me. Wouldn't want to get the wrong guy google-bombed.


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Huh I knew a guy in high school who was a Bills fan and acted like a lolcow maybe there's a connection

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