Horrorcow James Terry Mitchell Jr / violetlanternwerewolf / werewolf2814 / 2814werewolf / Ouchdaddy - child rapist incel with a micropenis, Hitler whiteknight, 2004 S Walnut St, Muncie, IN 47302

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Oct 17, 2015

Daily reminder: James Terry Mitchell Jr lives in 2004 South Walnut St., Muncie, Indiana 47302

Also, check the Lolcow Wiki article linked above before everything. Or check this Google Docs file: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bRIYcn-3zk1zpmyXzzcZrN9Cp2RulqnxP3JsExuapHY/

Repeating same old questions are unfunny.

So since the original thread got mysteriously merged with some other threads, I decided to reopen this discussion on this pedophile horrorcow.

Original OP by @Pinkamena Diane Pie: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/james...14-2814werewolf-everyoneisworthyoflove.39422/



Choice quotes to get you started:
On tumblr a while back I admitted that when I was 16 I had a 9 year old girlfriend & we made love ... This is confusing because I am not evil and I have done nothing wrong. Please eli5 why they think I'm a rapist. (source)
I only ever did that with one little girl because she instigated it. If it had been me doing the touching all I would have touched would be her boobs her butt & massages & kisses. But she had been molested by her father so she knew about more & wanted sex & asked for it at the time I didn’t know that even if the child is the aggressor it is still a bad thing in the eyes of society. (source)

Born in April 29, 1986, @James Terry Mitchell Jr is a lolcow unlike most other tumblr cows. At first glance, you may see him as a porn addicted guy, as most of his tumblr and reddit activity consists of reblogging and commenting on porn materials, however he has, by his own admission on both Reddit and Tumblr, raped a 9 year old child when he was 16 years old. What's worse, it is known that his victim has been previously abused by her father. (1) (2). It's worth noting that the age of consent in Indiana is 16 years old.

Aside from the whole "@James Terry Mitchell Jr is a pedophile!" issue, he was known for ban evading on Tumblr, creating at least 10 blogs, and in a previous account, stalked a tumblr user tabbitcha. Worth noting that he did this due to, in part, posting child porn on tumblr (or in his words, "tasteful art nudes of children). Other than that, he also known to perv over actresses who are, as of this writing, underage, such as Ariel Winter and Harley Quinn Smith.

Proof of his most damning deed, raping a 9 year old:

James Terry Mitchell on admitting how he raped a 9 year old, while cursing us kiwis:
https://r.go1dfish.me/r/pedofriends/comments/3xqi31/need_help_understanding_why_everyone_hates_me/ (https://archive.md/NAIop) (bonus for being told, by people in a pedophile subreddit no less, that he raped the 9 year old)
Most recent reddit thread where @James Terry Mitchell Jr aka 2814 werewolf defended himself, insisted that he didn't rape, claiming "If anyone raped anyone she raped me.", " I was horny from age 7 and haven't stopped being so (except in times of overwhelming depression) since. She got horny, her age shouldn't cast doubt on the possibility of that happening.", "She knew about sex because her father touched her, she knew about good lovemaking sex through me.", and "I even told her not to tell because I would go to jail. ": https://archive.md/TGeAn

On age of consent: a compilation:
(https://archive.md/sqSmy) (here he suggested a combination of IQ and EQ tests to determine the ability to consent)
(https://archive.md/hzpjl) (confronted with the insufficiency of EQ/IQ test, James sperged on the parts being ready for sex)
https://www.change.org/p/abolish-age-of-concent-laws (https://archive.md/Pacts) (he made a petition to abolish consent laws)

Tabbitcha saga:
( https://archive.md/zZMf3 ) (longpost is long)

Why he ban evaded on tumblr:
Various things mostly disagreeing with radfems & them reporting me & tumblr staff not reading it & deleting me blindly. My first one was taken down because I posted some TASTEFUL ART nudes of children & some sicko saw it as pornographic reported me & staff didn’t even look & they just deleted me. I honestly didn’t see the images as sexual but somebody got a wild hare up their ass about it. After that it was mostly just different political things & antiradfem things & being long winded & “mansplaining” things or advocating the death penalty for molesters but free preventive psychological help for pedophiles that have never touched a child & want help preventing themselves from ever doing so. Apparently you say that type of thing more than a few times & it pisses people off in one way or the other & you get deleted. & the 12th time was less than 24 hours & I didn’t even say anything it just got deleted randomly. (source)

@James Terry Mitchell Jr sperging on how it's okay to perv on a 16 year old:

@James Terry Mitchell Jr sperging on Ariel Winter's breast reduction:
@werewolf2814 said:
we all do. I used to be angry at her for chopping them off now I'm just sad. I mean just imagine the roles she could have gotten after MF is over. Any biography of Dolly Parton or other bust women but now since they're small now she's relegated to whatever roles her boobies wouldn't have helped or hurt her in getting. Which honestly I doubt such roles exist. I'm sorry to oversexualize her but even without the sexual nature of her huge boobies they were a source of happiness and comfort to her fans even on a subconscious level the hugeness of her boobies triggered the feelings of protection and nurturing we as humans both male and female have evolved to feel for them. She was mom and little sister all wrapped up in one body but now that her face isn't as cherubic and her chest is smaller the instinct of love goes down her approval rating plummets and her life is going to be not /as/ good as it would have been.

Yahoo Answers masterpost from the old thread (@HighwayOverpass is kredit to team):
And here is a question from his Yahoo Answers account where we can pretty much discern that he took an online IQ test to find his "124 IQ" or whatever:https://archive.md/ewUXZ
He also wants to know if humans can mark territory with their piss: https://archive.md/T6TB6
He wants to know if it's possible for a human male to fuck a female wolf: https://archive.md/VTuy8
He wants to know why Asians celebrate pedophilia but Western societies don't: https://archive.md/93xQR
Trying to find a "countdown till she's legal clock" for celebrities: https://archive.md/qJ71X
Wanting to know if you can... damage your urethra if you ejaculate too much in one day: https://archive.md/3b7DZ
Then there's this one about... I'm not really sure how to describe it. It starts with him asking about Obama abolishing the age of consent and then goes into Obama hypothetically being a pedophile: https://archive.md/YIKwR
Then there's this where he asks if horses can suck their own dicks: https://archive.md/emFHg
Screenshot because the whole one isn't there in the archive:

Here's this pretty disturbing one: https://archive.md/Gn3cm
He asks "a girl born 10-11-1993 and a man born 4-29-1986 how old will the man be on the girl's 18th birthday" and if someone could make a countdown clock for him.
so using very simple math that clearly this man with an "IQ of 124" can't figure out to find out when she'd be 18, we can tell that this is clearly about the 9 year old he fucked, since in 2002, someone born in 1993 would be 9... the same year a man born in '86 (James) would be 16.

A couple of those are especially disturbing when you look at this Yahoo Answers question where he asks about a specific form of dwarfism that makes the person "look like a 12 year old girl" https://archive.md/8pqHs

More findings by @HighwayOverpass:
Here is a lovely answer he gave to a question that states "What do you hate the most" where he proudly calls himself a werewolf, but most importantly, a pedophile.

AND here's where he said he touched her repeatedly from age 9 to age 11:

And now for his IsItNormal account again.

This is particularly disgusting. He hints that he used to have sexual thoughts when he would squeeze his niece's -gag- "tight muscular butt," and it's in response to this: https://archive.md/y2B0Q where someone asks if it's normal for her stepdad to touch her chest and crotch:

Here he told a sixteen year old girl that it's totally normal for her father to touch her inappropriately. https://archive.md/hB5Tp

this one here is a conversation he had with someone who responded to one of his previous INN posts hinting that he would like his girlfriend (or wife, I can't remember, I posted the archive link in one of my other posts)'s young daughter to be in bed with him while he has sex. It's about what it would be like for two six year olds to have sex https://archive.md/DXbZX:

Here is a post (https://archive.md/lCuFs) where someone asked if it was normal to "get hard" from being watched by his sister and cousin. This was found in the comments, where he suggests that it's totally okay to get hard because of your six year old sister:

Here's a comment (from this post: https://archive.md/YOqdP) where he says you should "pleasure your cat gently if she enjoys it" and that he's aroused by the thought of fingering a cat.

Here (https://archive.md/Rc34C) he tells someone to have sex with their mother:

Here (https://archive.md/yzDFL) he tells someone to have sex with their father:

Here (https://archive.md/HERHE) he tells someone to have sex with their cousin:

Here (https://archive.md/FgOBU) he tells someone to ask their aunt to breastfeed them:

Here (https://archive.md/nYMh6) he tells someone to encourage their boyfriend to date his cousin:

Here he tells someone to fuck their thirteen year old sister: https://archive.md/WZ3NH

Here (https://archive.md/EX5xy) he says he doesn't bathe unless he smells bad. No wonder his dick is so fucking disgusting:

Here (https://archive.md/fchkz) he says he would show his daughter an "instructional porn video" to teach her about sex:

Here (https://archive.md/YWT1s) he admits to being a pedophile again:

Here (https://archive.md/qN2fP) he suggests that someone being able to fuck their sister is a win:

Here... I'm not sure what it is, but I'm afraid to google it since it was in response to a post about liking little girls' bodies instead of adult women's bodies (https://archive.md/6n0TW)
(URLS captured: everyoneisworthyoflove, fierceactuallyamericanboyfriend, thisismythirteenthblog)
Sends sexually explicit messages to a 17 year old who had their age in their blog bio (and apparently there were other, worse ones):
Admits to posting child porn.
Harassment of tabbitcha. (admits to stalking tabbitcha weekly).
Sexually explicit message to gems-n-reavers. (Message #2 here) (she posted this after)
Tells tabbitcha that he will rape her on a post she made about who I assume was her boyfriend.
Says all men would act like him, but are too afraid to admit it.
Says he loves the company of little girls.
Says the only reason people are calling what he did was rape was because they're "retarded tumblrinas." (also makes a disturbing comment about baseball bats and infants)
Says his mother and his victim's mother still speak on occasion:
Weird Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls fetish:

Says he "had sex multiple times" with boys (contradicting his other statements that they raped him) and that he wasn't scarred by it.
Says that it's okay for him to have fucked his nine year old victim because she had been abused by her father.
Says that the only thing keeping him from fucking children is the law.
Says "that pedophiles should be allowed to have children friends and tickle & kiss them."
Says that child sexual abuse victims enjoyed their abuse.

@bronolol also found some other stuff from James he commented on (source):
James posted a photo of underaged twins to r/pedobear, gets called out
James, being advised not to be a creepy idiot

Just tweeting asking seemingly nobody or everybody to post their tits.
Posts about babies born in 2000 becoming "legal" in 3 years. Disturbing.
Asks his followers to "find or make" him a video of a nude woman playing with a cat.
Follows Sarah Nyberg, known pedophile:
Asks girlideas Twitter (a joke account) for pictures of their boobs:

Random reddit postings as 2814werewolf
Complaining why women are protective over sex, going full loveshy: https://archive.md/rFz7d
On saying all random women should just shack up with random ugly guys: https://archive.md/M8gtN
Showing maximum tact, asking nudes of a stranger's sister: https://archive.md/gciZA
Asking the age gap if the age of consent was eliminated (keep dreaming faggot): https://archive.md/TfKKk
Soliciting sex, random shit no one gives a fuck about: https://archive.md/MfQJP
On getting past a 12 year old: https://archive.md/jEMy7
How many generations before all children from one man can avoid incest: https://archive.md/4KNk3
Asking for pics of pregnant little people, unsatisfied with google results: https://archive.md/Ukbd7
Creeping on a young girl: https://archive.md/GsQ0K
Optimistic James saying that for each ugly girl you bang, you increase your chance to have sex with a hot girl: https://archive.md/IQT6u
Going full loveshy and lowered standards: https://archive.md/oJBOX
Raging about downvotes from a deleted comment: https://archive.md/DeyFD
Using uneddit.com, deleted comment turns out to be:
No insult intended, if you would like to grow some breasts that are soft stop doing upper body work and eat a high fat diet. But still do cardio and any other exercise you currently doing with the rest of your body and they should balloon up. If you want them perky do curls but only enough to keep from being weak.
This one I have a little problem archiving, but James made a joke on little girls on a porn casting couch: https://www.reddit.com/r/ImGoingToH...oom_casting_couch_is_starting_a_little_early/
UPDATE: James' 2814werewolf reddit account has been suspended following this recent drama (June 5 2017):
Summary: James said that dressing 8 year oldslike backup dancers are okay, gets called out for being a pedophile, and he defends fucking a 9 year old girl.
2814werewolf said:
I said that [disabled children] (myself included because of my autism) deserve to be eugenically either killed or if the genocide of the lame crippled and retarded is unacceptable then they/we should be used as concubines and that if sex was more readily available to the angry men that are usually denied it by society then there would be fewer mass killings. Unless you can show me a scenario where a man is sexually fulfilled and still perpetrated a mass killing for anything but ideological reasons I will recant that belief but I doubt you'll find one.

UPDATE: He has either deleted his uglybagofmostlyh2o account or it get suspended, after this post where he got called out by other pedophiles: https://archive.fo/ibWBc
James Terry Mitchell Jr said:
Please reply privately. You say you have seen pro contact podcasts however I have never seen anything like that. Even when I find pedo podcasts they are anti contact no matter how gently they say it. Also most of the time they vilify pedos whether we’re pro or anti. Personally I’m anti unless they legalize it and even then I’m only pro if the child instigates
Hi, quick question, you seem to have done considerable research into the field and I’m curious if I’m a very rare anomaly, I was in a relationship with a 9-12 year old girl from 16-17 (she was a few months until 10 but I was very early 16 and it ended shortly before I turned 18. The math checks out trust me) and we were very happy and if not for the age of consent laws we probably would have been public with the relationship because other than the fact of law she gave informed consent to everything we did and after we were found out and separated I was celibate until I was 24 and only had legal age appropriate partners after that.
I enjoy seeing little girls naked because it is just nice and I have romantic nonsexual fantasies about little girls y'know taking care of them and nurturing (my paternal instinct is ridiculously high) but I have no desire to pursue a relationship with a child. I personally morally oppose the age of consent but even if it were abolished I would probably not fuck a child unless she hit on me and I talked to her parents and warned them about her and they gave permission and even then it would probably only be light groping unless she specifically asked for more. Now, from your standpoint as a no contact map would you think that I’m a vile disgusting villain or simply just honest about my feelings?
If I had my ultimate fantasy I would be married to a woman that already had a daughter and I would be affectionate with the daughter and teach her about the world both sex stuff and everything else I would not fuck her because I would have my wife to make love with but I would hug and kiss the daughter and maybe fondle her a tiny bit like non penetrating rubbing her crotch and teaching her how to masturbate and I would squeeze her butt sometimes but not anything more than that. Am I disgusting or just a little bit perverted but mostly harmless. I don’t want to hurt anyone I mainly just want to love a child the way I desperately wanted when I was a child. My parents were affectionate and luckily never touched me sexually but I wish someone else had. I really think that had an adult woman had touched me as a child I would be a much better person today.
Answer said:
Normally I don’t post what people send me publically. In fact, I never have when requested, but this? This is dangerous. You are dangerous and people need to know where you stand so they can stay away from you.
You are not anti-contact. You are what is known as a “conservative pro-contact” - someone who abstains from sex with kids because they believe society is the reason they’re harmed by it or they just flat don’t want to go to jail. That said, you’re not even just pro-contact, you are literally an offender. You have molested a child and probably ruined their life. Words cannot express how fucking upset and appaled I am having to read this message. I sincerely hope you are found out and sent to jail.
I’ve found one pro-contact podcast, pedologues, and a pro-contact radio show that I’ve since forgotten the name of. They are conservative pro-contacts, but pro-contact all the same.
> and even then I’m only pro if the child instigates
Children cannot consent to sex. I don’t care what absurd boundaries you set up, a child can never meaningfully consent to sex. Kids are stupid and they are hard-wired to do what adults tell them and to want to please adults. No child would willfully want to do anything sexual with you, or any adult, without having first been groomed (which you’ve already expressed a disgusting interest in doing). A kid “instigating” such an activity would only be the result of your calculated grooming to make them think that way.
Being tricked into sex is not consent. Willingness and eagerness are not consent. Consent is the ability of a person to know the full social, physical, and emotional ramifications of sexual and romantic acts. That is something that children will never understand because they don’t have the mental capacity for it.
> Now, from your standpoint as a no contact map would you think that I’m a vile disgusting villain or simply just honest about my feelings?
You are beyond disgusting and so far benieth my contemt that I simply cannot appropriatly express how fucking low you are in my eyes. You’re repulsive fucking scum-shit garbage. You’re a rapist. Having thoughts is fine, everyone has thoughts. Having feelings is human. Activly raping a child is far beyond where the line between accepting your feelings and being a fucking disgusting piece of human garbage is drawn.
> I would be married to a woman that already had a daughter and I would be affectionate with the daughter and teach her about the world both sex stuff and everything else I would not fuck her… but I would hug and kiss the daughter and maybe fondle her a tiny bit like non penetrating rubbing her crotch and teaching her how to masturbate and I would squeeze her butt sometimes
So you admit that you would take advantage of a grown woman’s trust and love in order to sexually assault her already emotionally vulnerable, fatherless daughter for your own sexual gratification.
If I met you irl I would knock your fucking teeth out. You don’t deserve comfort, acceptance, support, or even your miserable fucking life. I hope some rogue pedo-hunter blows your fucking brains out. I hope you fucking kill yourself you piece of fucking garbage. Fuck you. People like you RUINED MY LIFE. Disgusting molesters who would take advantage of a vulnerable, hurting child don’t deserve freedom or life.
His ex-roommate has also spoke against him, this video is the most recent:
New Mike video! He's angry.


Description says James' phone number is 765-881-2385, in case the video somehow goes down.

Edit: Summary. This is some seriously fucked up shit.
  • James somehow got Mike blocked from Facebook for "exposing" him.
  • Mike might just beat the shit out of James.
  • Mike and friends catfished James and made him run all around town in pursuit of sex.
  • Mike's sister is reporting James' creepy behaviour toward her child.
  • James has Mike's PS3 and Mike says he'll have him charged for theft if he doesn't send it to him with intact cables.
  • James is paranoid about postal workers visiting his house. He thinks they're the FBI or something.
  • James showed Mike his poetry. Mike says it was "one of the worst poems I've ever heard because [he] tried to get so edgy with it."
  • James made a woman fear for her life by pursuing her.
  • JAMES WANTS TO FUCK HIS SISTER. He also "plays" with her kids, which Mike is suspicious about.
  • James flirted with a neighborhood kid, saying "call me when you're 18." She's apparently around 4 years old.
  • James hit on a mentally challenged 13-14 year-old.

Lastly, Mike says to leave a comment with any question, and he will answer it immediately.



He also thought that Hitler isn't that much of a bad guy


Address: 2004 South Walnut St., Muncie, Indiana 47302

His current tumblr:
http://uglybagofmostlyh2o.tumblr.com BALEETED

His past tumblr (archives):
http://archive.md/7TSy6 (iamincapableofdeath blog)
https://web.archive.org/web/20150612222156/http://thisismythirteenthblog.tumblr.com/(thisismythirteenthblog blog)

Another tumblr dedicated to archiving his old antics:
(contains info on his stalking tabbitcha and other antics)

His reddit:
https://www.reddit.com/user/Ouchdaddy (archive)
https://www.reddit.com/user/Throwawayformorbid (sock)
https://www.reddit.com/user/2814werewolf LOL SUSPENDED (archive)
https://www.reddit.com/search?q=author:werewolf2814 (past reddit account)
His facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/werewolf2814 (archive)

His Instagram:
https://www.instagram.com/werewolf2814/ (archive)

His twitter:
https://twitter.com/werewolf2814 (primary) (archive)
https://twitter.com/qanda666 (archive)

Connecting his 2814werewolf account to his primary account (for the sake of completeness):


YT channel (and G+ account):
https://www.youtube.com/user/cooldaddyjames2814/about (archive)

Known emails:

Apologies if OP is shit, as this is my first OP I have to write here ever, C&C is always welcome. And in the tradition of Kiwi Farms...
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Domo Arigato
Oct 1, 2013
This guy is making me uncomfortable. I don't know if its the "perving over young girls is a good idea" thing, the "WAAAAH! THIS PERSON I LIKE JUST GOT HER BREASTS REMOVED!" attitude, that smug, unkempt look on his fat face, or all three.

Oh wait, I think I know why, it's because he "legally" raped a 9 year old and brags about it like someone wining a football game. And being supported by his fellow pedos. Man, I though Sick Nick was bad enough as it was. How has this guy not been caught?

Yawning Bulbasaur

Smoke bulb erry day
Feb 15, 2013
Him merging with the wizardchan thread is somehow appropriate, although I think an anon asked him about it once and apparently he tried it but didn't like it. I'm not sure which side comes out better from that.
I'm surprised he didn't get moved to the Loveshy board, he shares quite a few traits with them, e.g. Bitches and moans over being too ugly to get laid with a consenting adult, accuses women of being Feminazis when they tell him off for "complimenting their boobies", thinks what he did to his nine year old victim wasn't rape because "you Tumblrinas think everything is rape"


Domo Arigato
Oct 1, 2013
I'm surprised he didn't get moved to the Loveshy board, he shares quite a few traits with them, e.g. Bitches and moans over being too ugly to get laid with a consenting adult, accuses women of being Feminazis when they tell him off for "complimenting their boobies", thinks what he did to his nine year old victim wasn't rape because "you Tumblrinas think everything is rape"
Well that's just it- the fucker raped a 9 year old. I'm sure if you showed him to that group, they'd shit themselves in fear.


Founder of the Russell Greer Appreciation Society
True & Honest Fan
Feb 7, 2015
For those of you just joining, there's some addition information about his victim to be considered. She was already being molested by her father when James began raping her. He raped her on multiple occasions over a three-year period if I recall correctly. When he finally got caught, her mother was reluctant to report him to police because, we speculate, that she didn't want the police looking at her husband. The girl's grandmother apparently forced the issue, but charges were never filed.
James claims he confessed, but they let him go because he told them he wasn't going to do it again. I find this utterly unbelievable. I suspect his parents told him to keep his mouth shut. No cop in the country is going to let an admitted child rapist walk. Later, when his victim turned 18, James contacted her and tried to restart their "relationship" but she wasn't interested, and stopped talking to him.
She's made it clear she wants nothing to do with him, and that includes reporting him, so unless she changes her mind, James will never be charged for what he did. The statute of limitations in Indiana doesn't run out until she turns 31, and she's in her early 20s, so there's time for her to reconsider, but I doubt she will. However, for those hoping James will get hauled away in handcuffs, hope is not lost. He's posted what we're pretty sure is child porn to his Tumblr, so if he gets caught, he could still see charges.


Nov 10, 2015
Ariel Winters was already in acting roles when she was 8. She even played Marlene in FF7 Advent Children. Did she get those roles cause of her boobs then? Shes going to have a long acting career and her boobs arent why she got roles. Also 34D is still huge.

He's posted what we're pretty sure is child porn to his Tumblr, so if he gets caught, he could still see charges.
When did this happen? We got records of this correct?


Founder of the Russell Greer Appreciation Society
True & Honest Fan
Feb 7, 2015
Ariel Winters was already in acting roles when she was 8. She even played Marlene in FF7 Advent Children. Did she get those roles cause of her boobs then? Shes going to have a long acting career and her boobs arent why she got roles. Also 34D is still huge.

When did this happen? We got records of this correct?
James is actually the feminist nightmare of the objectifying male brought to life. To him, the value of woman is determined solely by her physical characteristics, especially her breasts. You think he was creepy about Ariel Winter, you should have seen his tweets at a porn star who got breast reduction surgery. They were downright brutal. He took it as a personal affront to him.

As for the child porn, if you see it, report it to the cyber tipline. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT archive it. If you do, you're technically guilty of distribution of child porn, and the feds will come after you, no matter what your intentions were.

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