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So the overweight child rapist calls this Tiffany person an idiot for having depression caused by not living up to some sort of ideal about one's body.

Somehow he doesn't realize that this means he's calling himself an idiot, since this was only a few hours after he went on r/SmallDickHumiliation and talked all about how depressed he is over having such a small and unsatisfying penis.

I don't know why I keep getting surprised by this kind of exceptionalism.
It's a Contrapoints video that completely went over his head. He didn't even understand the basic premise of the video, so instead he rambled about a plot point he noticed and randomly overshared how he wants to fuck men (which comes at no surprise, considering he raped a little boy).

This is a man who sincerely believes that he's brighter than average and politically informed. He can't even grasp YouTube political discourse. Coming to think of it, he's never discussed politics without also discussing sex (something he also doesn't know much about, but is more obsessed with). When was the last time he made a remark about Trump that wasn't just obsessing over his penis size?


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I bet he spends a fortune on those online dominatrixes who specialize in humiliating guys with small dicks. There's some single mom who's sending her kid to a good private school on Jimbo's dime.
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heres map shit #1 - BTW James, MAPs are not LGBT.


Map #2 - Actually, they are all pedophiles. You still wanna fuck kids.


Jimbo creeps on a woman. Notice how hes the only other note on the post.
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yeast god

when your pussy pops severely
If any of you are looking to kill your appetite for the next few days, here's James reviewing his shit covered dildo.
So he bought a dildo and fucked himself in the ass with it so that he could have "peace of mind" about the size of his dick because he thinks that his dick is the same size as that dildo. As if complimenting strangers' dicks on Reddit didn't make him gay enough already.


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I think that last one was him trying (and failing) to make a joke. Jimmy, dude, you're only good at one thing, and that's reassuring other people that things are ok, because at least they're not you.

AF 802

James begs for tits on /r/Muncie in a "potentially nsfw" post. People tell him to go to a strip club, and he whines about how he can't afford the cover charge.
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I thought Muncie was all strip clubs anyway. The only notable thing is BSU, even then you don't want to go off-campus.

Also, this rubs off like Chris' desperate search for a girlfriend, except the girlfriend is a stripper to fuck. Classy.


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He's been reported, but from what I gather, his victim won't cooperate. His confession is not the slam dunk people think it is, because if they tried to convict on that alone, he'd pull the "I was only trolling" card or something similar. That's why Nick Bate wasn't charged until his sister bravely spoke up and told her dad. Her dad didn't let his mom and aunt intimidate him into sweeping it under the rug, and that's why Nick is in jail. Without his victim testifying, nothing's going to happen. He might have been picked up on CP possession, but stupid fucking wannabe-vigilantes spooked him enough that he assumes he's under watch and does nothing he can get arrested for.


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He's been reported, but from what I gather, his victim won't cooperate.
The victim may have been "groomed" into believing it wasn't rape or intimidated into silence -- not necessarily by Jimbo -- which allowed 124 IQ to waddle away free.

If Muncie is a pedo haven, that may not be an isolated incident.
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