Horrorcow James Terry Mitchell Jr / violetlanternwerewolf / werewolf2814 / 2814werewolf / Ouchdaddy - child rapist incel with a micropenis, Hitler whiteknight, 2004 S Walnut St, Muncie, IN 47302

Who is James Terry Mitchell's patron god?

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  • Nurgle

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A dashing and sophisticated young man
True & Honest Fan
In all honesty I don't think he's quite... all there? We've interacted a few times and he never quite seemed like he fully comprehended what was going on. I'm sure he's incredibly easy to manipulate.
It's possible that he's batting below average IQ wise but still above 70 which is the threshold for legit exceptional individualism. He has a very hard expressing himself via writing, and I chalked it up to bad dyslexia. Jimmy is most likely in sped-in-all-but-name territory himself, as child molesters tend to have lower IQs than normal people. Mike might be a borderline case, but it's also possibly he has something else interfering with his cognitive abilities. He might have a severe untreated mental illness (if the walls are bleeding, it's hard to think straight), he might have a serious drug abuse issue. He could just be not very bright, but I'd have to see his test results to know for sure, and that's not happening ever.


A dashing and sophisticated young man
True & Honest Fan
while I generally take everything Jimbo says with a grain of salt, back before he and Mike were BFFs again, he said repeatedly that Mike was a coke addict. that's probably why Mike is homeless 90% of the time and willing to cover for a pedo to get his ps3 back. he spends all his money on coke.
That would explain it.


Idiot child molester spams his dick to SassieCassie on Discord, forgets to block out her name everywhere.
Shit... This is him hard? Wow.
It's absolutely islamic, but guys like him go after bona fide midgets and children because it makes their cocks feel bigger, instead of just doing the sane thing and embracing the SPH scene.

yeast god

when your pussy pops severely
I wonder if these nudes will appear in the Google doc because saying that his hands were "grimy" and "shit-covered" is not unexpected, but a little bit shocking.

And I'll bet it has something to do with the dildo he bought to fuck himself in the ass.


He really does think he's hot. He and Russell Greer could get into a slapfight about which one is more irresistable to the ladies. For once, when Russ insulted someone by calling them fat, he'd be right.
Tell me about it, although the man is an exhibitionist and gets off of showing people his dick, sooooo, that's also a possibility.
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