Horrorcow James Terry Mitchell Jr / violetlanternwerewolf / werewolf2814 / 2814werewolf / Ouchdaddy - child rapist incel with a micropenis, Hitler whiteknight, 2004 S Walnut St, Muncie, IN 47302

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Who is James Terry Mitchell's patron god?

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Hey @Brackets? Can you archive that? It might be useful if he ever does get busted for a sex offense, it could speak to frame of mind.


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He's been reported like ten times now to Tumblr and fuck knows how many times to the FBI to no result, despite endless evidence and the fact that he still literally lives near a school.
I hate to say it, but if nothing's been done by now I doubt it ever will, unless he fucks up majorly or his victim finally decides to go to police.
The feds are having a renewed crackdown on child exploitation because of the serendipitous effects of the #MeToo movement. More people are coming forward, include child victims of ongoing abuse. I maintain that Jimbo won't get popped for his rape, but for either possession of child porn or solicitation of a minor. The most likely scenario in the latter case is that he sends a dickpic to an underage girl and she tells her parents. He's done it before without asking the person's age and so far he's been lucky.

EDIT: Tumblr just announced they're banning porn entirely, so I eagerly await Jimbo's screeching.
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