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I want Kiwi Farms address please.

The original thread got fucked by some retards, so I'm making a new thread for us Jamie fans. Start with Jamie's intro post if you're new to Jamie.

KIWI FARMS ACCOUNT: @youtuberjamieleighfischer

Turns out Jamie is a fatty who doesn't know how to use photoshop, buys twitter followers, writes letters to herself pretending to be fans and lies about every aspect of the scenario.

Initially, Jamie came to our attention after her post due to her amazing photoshop abilities:

wtf is even happening here

After that, we found her website from 2003-2009ish. This website is entirely a love letter from Jamie to Jamie about Jamie. Jamie's writing style is full on wall of text/stream of consciousness. Despite being incoherent, it was discovered that much of the website and poetry contained was plagiarized.

The website contains guestbooks and letters supposedly written by fans, however time stamps and writing style reveal that Jamie spent hours at a time writing complimentary letters to herself:

Then we found her coo-coo crazy resume from 2005, which is attached below. On this resume she claims to have worked for all of the following organizations:
Position Title: Humanitarian, Donor, Volunteer, Affiliation, Partner

Make A Wish Foundation
Dream Street
K-9 Animal Rescue
9/11 Rescue And Volunteer Efforts
Humanity, Charity, Philanthropy And Activism
American Red Cross
The International Red Cross
Animals Voice.Com
Childhelp U.S.A
Disney Hand
Dreamstreet Kids
Dreams Come True Charity
Free Arts For Abused Children
Heart And Soul Animal Sanctuary
Love Match
Make A Wish Foundation
Minority Aids Project
Natural History Museum
Parkinson's Disease Society
Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary
Puppy Mill Rescue
Royal Academy of Music
September 11.Org
Stop The FCC
Starlight Foundation
The Creative Coalition
The Trust for Sick Children in Wales
Volunteers of America
The Living Legacy Fund
Wishing Well Appeal
The Work Continues
Save The Whales
The Work Continues (Princess Diana Official Foundation, Donor, Volunteer
Official Affiliation With Countless Other Charities To Personal Website:

some other choice quotes from the resume:
-" Internet “very friendly” in all aspects and unknown areas

Honest, Loyal, Passionate, Hard Working, Compassionate in all areas of work Highly Imaginative And Creative, Works Best On Own Initiative And Loves Seeing Those Goals Accomplished and Pushed Wider And Further Than Original Goals, Passionate, Strong Ability For Independent Work, Accurate, Perfectionist, Driven, Hungry, Responsible, Meets Goals With Limited Staff And Resources Through Innovation Of New Ideas And Possibilities, Persistent, Confident, High Enthusiasm, Love And Strong Desire For Global Travel And Cultural Experience, Great Ability To Sell And Express Oneself, High Level Of Goal And Accomplishment, Ambition, Curious And Constant Desire And Love Of Learning And Taking In New Practices And Ways Of Approaching And Sharing Ideas And Information"

-"Designed, Created, Organized, And Watched Succeed Several creative groups whose main objectives were to bring awareness and voice to different plights both economic, global, and humanitarian"

-"Developed and presented a seminar on the importance of expression through creativity senior year to an audience of over 1,000 which included musical performances, dance, poetry reading, and much more starting a new trend which now takes place every spring due to it’s overwhelming success and reception"

-"Personal website ( recognized as one of most popular and most visited non-profit websites created by a female currently and over the past 5 years; most direct and diverse traffic generated and maintained on steady and increasing basis reaching over an unheard of and outstanding 22 million unique visits from around the world since it’s creation 5 years ago. Presently, continues to remain one of the most daily visited non-profit personal websites ever created maintaining a loyal fan base of supporters from every corner of the globe."

-" Appeared and had work featured in several publishing’s and media including, USA Today, YAHOO! Internet Life Magazine, MTV, VH1, Much Music Canada, SKY News London, Madonna "The Re-Invention World Tour" Documentary 2005, WorldOfBritney.Com, Parade Magazine New York, Entertainment Today, Nickelodean Kids Choice Online Nominee, Montgomery News, WIRED Magazine, The Princeton Packet, E! Entertainment News, Granada, and many more."

-" 1st Place Ranking in all High School Bands for yearly Festivals including Boston, Baltimore, Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida, and Canada among many others"

-"Selected as only female morning announcer in high school for entire 4 years"

-"Humanitarian Of The Year” Award for local and global service both online and through various community campaigns, Performances, Special Nights To Honor Various Causes, “WIRED” “YAHOO! Internet Life Magazine”, Recognized and inducted into Disney's Legends Program 2002"

Current list of Jamie's lies:
she's a youtube star
-she was in 9/11, and survived
-was at the boston marathon bombing
-she doesn't, and has never had, a penis
-she was friends with Michael Jackson
-she's had pro 9/11 work published in Wired and TIME the month after the attacks.
-she has 3 masters degrees including one in "humanities", which she obtained BEFORE receiving a BA from a diploma mill
-She's an artist and doesn't steal art
-she founded a (nonexistent) charity called 9/11 K9 Rescue Foundation
-she's been a spokeswoman for Humane Society, Make a Wish Foundation and the Red Cross
-she's a "phenomenal woman of the web"


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was she a great big healthy at any size person?
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Haven't you guys seen someone who manipulate spacial distortions before? I recommend the Oscar winning documentary 'Jumper', starting Oscar winner Hayden Christiansen, to learn more about this remarkable ability.


I want Kiwi Farms address please.
Ok heres some shit before she deletes everything

She photoshops her hands to be skinnier:


She does a fun thing where she hates her nose so much she just blends it in or photoshops it to shit

misc other fails

oh yeah and her wiki. Haha even the ad on the wiki knows this isn't going to go well for her.

The edit made by "A Fandom User" was change the phrase "Popular Youtuber" to "Youtuber"
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Reposting with more links from the earlier thread. Reviewed her plastic surgeon on two sites, complete with her own social media links. ( (
Also put the same review on her Facebook: (
Says he "has worked together with me now for a few years".


I want Kiwi Farms address please.

She has one fake degree from a diploma mill and one flat out lie. If you're gonna lie you might as well say you have THREE masters degrees after your one year bachelors program.

Also it says she's a special needs teacher. I wonder how long until they start receiving emails from you know who. :)

Edit: ahaha she's trying to say she got her 3 fake masters degrees BEFORE her one year diploma mill bachelors.
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This reminds me a 15 year old trying to brand himself as the next Pewdiepie but fatter and less hope they will learn better.

I tried warning them over and over to snarky replies. You brought this on yourself Jamie.

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