Jamie Lynn Marchi / Jamie Perez / marchimark - Wants Vic's head and balls, but not his papers

Zero Day Defense

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I think this is the first time I've seen any of these people's faces in motion as they talk about anything related to this controversy, and I have to say that these are probably some of the most unpleasant people I've had the displeasure of laying eyes on.

How do you manage to be so catty in just seven seconds?

On a side note, I could have sworn that there was a thread on Marchi back when the subforum was made. Also, who's Jamie Perez?


do you see what happens
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I imagine she's talked to an attorney by now. And after that attorney finished slapping the shit out of her they probably said to stop tweeting dumb shit.
This is what we thought about MoRon but apparently, Casey took one look at the stack of soytweets and said "hold my soy latte and watch this."

break these cuffs

hit the three wheel motion
Jamie is one of the biggest tragedies for me, just like Dominique Skye a girl that hot being that much of a dumb scumbag makes me :(
This is the last place you're gonna want to niceguy thirstpost. She is worse than a weeb. She is, may Allah forgive me for using this word, a costhot.
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The Bright Lord

I could maybe give you a pass with Dominique and her fat ass, but Jamie?

Official Thirst Ranking:
-Dominique Skye (EXTRA THICC)
- Jamie Marchi (a MILF that doesn't look middle aged)

*super power gap*

-Monica Rial (looks like a grandmother)
-Marzgurl (her proportions are weird and offputting)
-Jessie Pridemore (flat as a board and not very feminine, almost feels like a trap)
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