FIGGIN [Jan 28 2019] Phil is reading our threads, threatens KF - Also uploads (old) drawing of antiFAs chasing kiwis


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Phil, stop posturing, you're not a tough guy, you're not intimidating, and hell, you're not even a guy anymore because you decided to lop your tiny penis off to spite your father and a forum full of people who insult you on a daily basis. I have a question for you Phil, since you read this. What would you do if we one day decided to hide your forum and block your IP addresses to make you believe you won (because you're delusional and stupid enough to actually think that)? Would you end up saying that you killed us all when we tried to invade your hovel and that's why the forums are gone?? If so, what would be left then, who would be your new imaginary enemy? You posting this shit to Twitter means jackshit to everyone, no one cares, not even your antifa playmates.

I've seen this doodle before, but never asked.

Phil, just what exactly is this?

Looks like a butt plug.

Is the nuclear option him opening his legs all the way?
That or threatening us over a recorded video. I would love to see Phil post a screenshot of this so called "home invasion phrets" he claims to have seen....oh wait, that's right, it doesn't exist.


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I'm mostly shocked he lied about being able to read.

No one is scared of Phil. He was ran out of a very LGBT city and looks like hes isolated in another.

People not wanting to be around you isn't a threat. Laughing because you do dumb shit when we talk about using privately owned jdams etc just gives us more reason to keep doing it.

I'm not spoiling the punch here Phil knows we are joking and do it for reaction. hes so dumb he still reacts. It's amazing.


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Oh, Phil, you silly, silly eunuch--we don't need to stage something so primitive as a home invasion.

You think about us all the time. You obsess over us. You tell everyone who will pay you the slightest bit of attention all about us, and what a bunch of violent, tranny-hating fascists we allegedly are. You've set us up as an enemy that is so violently opposed to you, you might have to use deadly force to defend yourself from us (despite the fact that nobody here has ever made a serious threat against you, and none of our Portland-area members have stalked you in public and come back here with pics of your (non-)involvement in various protests.

Phil, nobody here is going to conduct a home invasion against you, because we already occupy that misshapen potato that is your head. We didn't even have to invade; you've rolled over and let us right in. You've allowed us to occupy your head so completely, we've colonized it.


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Nice to have confirmation Phil still reads his threads here. Usually he only postures like this when he touch on one of his "hurtful truths," so I wonder what it was that set him off this time? Was it us not believing he has a gun, us making fun of his derpy feral alcohol syndrome eyes, us laughing at his claims he got his dick sliced off, or critiques of his fake country? It must have been something recent, since Phil has the memory of a goldfish. Actually, scratch that, a goldfish would have better memory than Phil. They know where to find food on their own. And how to mate and reproduce, something Phil won't ever do (thank God!).

But no, sorry Phil, we're not interested in invading your filthy shit encrusted apartment. I'm almost 1,800 miles away from you, give or take, and find the idea of even being in the same room with you to be disgusting. No way in hell would I drive nearly half way across the country just to steal some shitty maps of an imaginary country or mall ninja shit I have no use for. Sorry Phil but you're not important. I just enjoy laughing at your antics over the internet. As I said before, the easiest way to get people to stop laughing at you is to either stop doing dumb shit (which given your intellectual handicaps, you probably can't help) or at least stop broadcasting it over the internet.

Oh, and you're not Palestinian Phil. Nor are you Latina. I know you like to claim we're all "fash" and white supremacists, but as an actual brown person, I find your racist play time fantasies to be ridiculously stupid, and a bit offensive. Keep it up and someone will probably kick your ass, even in a lily white yuppie town like Portland. That's not a threat, by the way, it's me telling you to stop doing something stupid so you don't piss off actual Latinos who might actually kick your ass. As I said, I dont want to be near you or anything you've touched with your shit encrusted hands. I have a thing about avoiding germs.

Next Task

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Phil to imaginary prospective housemate: "Are you a member of KiwiFarms?"
IPH: "What's KiwiFarms?"
Phil: "Just checking you aren't one of my stalkers."

In this case, said imaginary prospective housemate could use one simple trick to get past Phil's ability to detect whether they were an operative or not - lying. He'll never know whether they're telling the truth or not, because he has no real way to find out. You don't even have to outsmart him to lie convincingly, so it literally could be anyone.