Skitzocow Jan Harmond Dacion / Yoshi / Jan_D3 - Blacklisted from feminization training (wtf?), gangstalking victim, maybe pedo

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Jan Harmond Dacion is a very strange Aussie. (they all are, I know) For at least the past year he has been shitposting on one of the most autistic corners of the internet: Yahoo Answers. He's been telling the same, very strange story (supposedly from 2010) for a while now.

He was apparently going to go to some sort of feminization training at the behest of his mother (wtf?) and he missed it due to work. He then went on to spread lies about himself online calling himself a pedo to somehow relieve stress. This has all led to him being blacklisted from... something? Everything?



There he is chimping out on some random person, accusing them of conspiring against him to blacklist him from feminization training.


Here he is on Facebook asking a private investigator to investigate his defamation (that he perpetrated against himself?) and gangstalking.


His local police are also apparently looking into him.


Freemasons are involved too I guess?

I can't seem to find much more about this guy, besides hundreds of posts exactly like those above. Maybe this guy is trying to defame someone named Jan Harmond Dacion, why else would he keep saying his full name? (autism, I know) Still, I haven't been able to find anyone else using this name so I just don't know. What do you guys think about this?

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So his mom wanted him to be a sissy, he missed ONE class, and so he had to start lying that he was a pedo so she wouldn't think he was a normal guy, only that backfired so blatantly that he's aware he's on a watch list by name and about one step away from jail?

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Jan Harmond Dacion is a very strange Aussie. (they all are, I know) For at least the past year he has been shitposting on one of the most autistic corners of the internet: Yahoo Answers.
I guess it makes sense the only person in the history of Yahoo Answers ever to ask a serious question expecting a serious answer would be utterly insane.

I wonder if anyone here has ever given a legit answer on Yahoo Answers. I always just thought it was fun to go there and give out utterly bogus answers.

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He says he's 16 here. If he's telling the truth then he spread rumors about himself being a pedo when he was only 10. Of course, he seems to have a hard time with this whole "telling the truth" thing.

Also he missed sissy class because of work so he had to have had a job at age 10? Somehow I don't think he's like that genius kid who started working for NASA at age 13.


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He has a Twitter (@jan_dacion) with one follower and lots of very uninformed tech spergery. A LinkedIn with no info. Has this gem been posted yet? This is also pretty weird. Also classic, and gives some leads on potential pseudonyms.

Poor dude is clearly very seriously mentally ill, but the reactions he gets are pretty funny, from exasperation to I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME to genuine but pointless helpfulness.

Edited to add: Oh, fuck, he went on PrisonTalk. They were very patient with him, so kudos to them.

Edited to add again: even shoes blacklist him now.
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Oh man, sorry if this would derail, but it can be an explanation as to what this guy's problem is.


My friend went to a school for kids with autism and there was a kid named "Bob", and Bob's special interest was buses. And for some reason, his mind just exploded that a 2017 bus model would be released in 2016. But then the questions would start.

This kid nonstop would post questions to Yahoo! answers like Jan is doing here, even though he knew the answer, and would ask "Why?" despite it. He'd post at least 20 questions asking the same thing, everyday. No kidding. Jan here is similar - he knows the answer, but now his special interest has warped around asking the Internet if he could join a group despite claiming to be a pedo. Where great minds with autism can learn many languages, or become a great mathematician, others like Jan exist for nothing more than to play vidya and waste everyone's time.

His Yahoo! answers profile says he's asked 302 questions - how many do you bet about about being a pedo?

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Here is a post that seems to answer a bunch of questions regarding him. It's from 2011, so I think that makes it the earliest of his content that's been found so far. It's honestly really depressing. No mention of the famous "metrosexual" meeting - did this post predate it?

Edit: So the website he posted this on appears to just harvest messages posted to Yahoo! Answers and spits them out onto their forum - that's why he is confused about why the post ended up there. It also tells us that "Ken" was the name he went by on Yahoo Answers in 2010.

Further stuff:

Here is a post from his Facebook in March that hits all the usual notes of his Yahoo! Answer questions - but seems a bit more coherent.


This was in March, and just a month earlier in February he made this "confession:"


This appears to be an example of the "self-defamation" he frequently says he committed. However, it's the only example I can find. I don't know if there are more examples or if he truly thinks this random FB comment is the source of his issues.*s
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Sorry to intrude on the conversation here but I have been told by some of my workmates at my office that I have been mentioned on this website that may have also been collecting old posts I made over the years that I could have sworn I terminated. I can admit that I have posted some horrible lies about myself like me being a paedophile (they're lies) and some other things that would sound funny and weird like missing out on a "feminisation program" (I only called it that when it may be called something else) when these posts were made back when I didn't really think my posts through.

I would also like to point out that my real age is 22, not 28! It so happens that one of my previous phones had issues with its stupid (yes, stupid) swipe texting feature that would sometimes misinterpret my touch gestures for a different character or number when visiting/registering on some websites back in 2012 (I even got cautioned by my manager when sending work-related text messages with autoerrect and swipe texting enabled) .

I am currently taking psychotropic medication to help prevent me from slandering myself.

If you have further questions you would like me answered, feel free to post them here.