Japan governors wear ‘pregnancy’ vests to urge men to help at home -



In Japan, where women do five times as much housework as men, three male politicians have donned “pregnancy” vests in a campaign urging men to help out more at home.

In a video titled “The Governor is a Pregnant Woman”, the three men, who are all governors of southwestern prefectures, put on a 7.3 kg vest that simulates a woman who is seven months pregnant.

The video, launched on Tuesday, is the brainchild of the Kyushu Yamaguchi Work Life Promotion Campaign, which hopes to encourage the nation’s notoriously workaholic men to adopt a more balanced life and share household chores.

Accompanied by uplifting music, the politicians groan their way up and down stairs, clutch their bellies as they ease themselves into cars and struggle to bend over.

One man tries to pull on his socks and finally gives up in exhaustion. Another is offered a seat on a bus.

“This really drags at your shoulders and back,” Shunji Kono, governor of Miyazaki Prefecture and a father of three, said about wearing the vest.

Japanese men were the most unhelpful in the world, a 2014 OECD survey found, doing only one hour of unpaid chores a day compared to five hours for their wives.

“I really didn’t understand,” said Tsugumasa Muraoka, governor of Yamaguchi and a father of three. “Now that I understand what my wife put up with for so many months, I’m full of gratitude.”


here comes dodo
sorry honey, i can't go to work and make money.. this pregnancy vest is too heavy. I guess you'll have to go out and work now


Is this SJW shit though or just acting out an mpreg fetish? It is Japan, after all.
Might have something to do with this article about men trying to learn to care for babies, saying it will help them get ready for marriage and possibly attract women or something.


Bachelors looking for love can now learn child-rearing skills to boost their chances of finding a partner.

The all-male ikumen course teaches men how to bathe and dress a baby and also helps them understand a woman’s perspective on child-rearing, according to Ikumen University, the Osaka-based company behind the course.

Ikumen is a made-up word deriving from ikuji (child-rearing) and the English word “men,” and usually refers to married men who take up active roles in child-rearing.

Participants in a session Sunday in Tokyo wore a 7-kg pregnancy jacket, were taught how to improve communication with a potential spouse and filled out a worksheet stating traits women are deemed to dislike in men.

“I wanted to create a form of certification proving a man’s child-rearing skills and support for married life,” said course instructor Takeshi Akiyama. “Matchmaking agencies can advertise such men as having ‘extra value’ by letting potential partners know he will support the marriage.”


True & Honest Fan
There aren't that many kids nowadays in Japan anyway, what with the low-birth rate and Otaku culture. Best to raise the ones they have right, with both mom and dad actively involved. There's also a stereotype that men in Japan work 100+ hour work weeks, and their life goal is to go from assistant vice-president to vice-president of a wheel flange lubrication strips industry. (there's not much upward economic mobility there sadly) Might be part of the reason fatherhood needs to be emphasized more over there.

RJ MacReady

cheating bitch
True & Honest Fan
This shit never works because every salaryman understands he'll be looked down upon by his boss and co-workers if he starts cutting corners for family time.

The Japanese government is just too pussy to directly attack the corporations that enforce these social standards. Mandatory regulations are proven to work but they get cowed into useless opt-in schemes.


True & Honest Fan
Isn't one of the problems that japanese women don't think japanese men are manly enough? How does this help?
I think men should help out more but if you don't have kids and you're a housewife then that's your job, your spouse shouldn't be forced to do it too


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
Whatever the fuck Japan is going through (population - shrinking issues-wise...), this really does feel like placing a band-aid on something that needs serious and immediate surgery. On top of that - the feds there are just acting like clowns doing this. What else is there to say?

And... yes, I claim no idea of the real way to truly address or fix this issue - But not dressing like pregnant women for attention is a good start.

RJ MacReady

cheating bitch
True & Honest Fan
Mandatory parental leave is something civilized countries do.
Japanese society is enforced by shame. By making regulations (maximum overtime, mandatory breaks, etc.) involuntary and universal, you absolve men of shame because it's not their choice and there's nothing they or the company can do.

You could argue it'll only lead to young Japanese men more stridently avoiding marriage and fatherhood, but I think normalising the benefits of family life to working-class Japanese will eventually make them chill the fuck out.

It'll still take generations to undo the culture of "karoshi" but something decisive has to be done now or else Japan will further stratify into miserable work slaves and useless virginal otaku overburdened by the costs of caring for so many old people. That would be the coup de grace.

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