Jared Knabenbauer / ProJared / SinJared, Heidi O'Ferrall / AtelierHeidi & Holly Conrad / CommanderHolly - Divorce Fiasco, trashfire extraordinaire

Who is the most "specially gifted" member of the gang?

  • Jared

    Votes: 1,018 39.2%
  • PBG

    Votes: 544 20.9%
  • Holly

    Votes: 620 23.9%
  • Heidi

    Votes: 402 15.5%
  • Null

    Votes: 1,201 46.2%
  • Ross

    Votes: 117 4.5%
  • Nulyu

    Votes: 44 1.7%

  • Total voters

Very Honest Content

(Formerly a) Niggo(?)
Heidi still didn't get the memo that nobody gives a single fuck about her poly marriage rules being discarded because they only mattered to her and her ex. Her autism must be showing in this manner seeing as how she's so resistant to change on that thinking front.

Jared still a closet case adult vidya addict, good luck with that shit.

Holly, still looks like she smells and is gross.

They are all so painfully boring unless they can't cease flinging their latest shit they deposited into their hand at each other, good thing that find that nearly impossible, I guess?

Cemila Mandes

I am honestly shocked none of the involved parties has started an OnlyFans.

What's Jareds way to get groupie nudes ... err I mean 'promote body positivity' now that his tumblr is gone?
It's probably in his best interest to not request any nudes when his divorce isn't finalized.


Flamboyant Kraut
Has someone been autistic enough to take an in-depth look into their income and expenses?
I would do it myself, but I don't know enough about the cost of living in the US.

Holly gets roughly 1000$/mthly from her Patreon (+ whatever her online shop makes). I can't imagine that's enough to pay the upkeep of a house + garden and two dozen birds.

Jared is probably doing fine: He has 2 Channels with regular uploads.

Heidi is getting what? Alimony from Jared and ...?





Pretty funny that only the people directly involved in the drama (Jared, Holly, Heidi) are keeping it alive at this point. Stop mentioning it, nobody cares anymore.

Also funny that she'd accompany this post with clearly professionally taken and posed pictures.

It's true that I remember a bunch of posts on twitter making fun of her appearance. Mostly by SJW's. Which is so typical, as soon as someone they consider one of their own does something they don't like, they're fair game to be mocked for their appearance, mental health etc. Holly still very much supports SJW causes like BLM, so I guess she didn't learn.

I think the posts on here were way nicer than the ones on twitter lol. I think Null said she looked like depressed Harry Potter which is pretty accurate if you ask me.


Although to be fair, Jared's career is still graveyard mode compared to where it was before its troonicide.
Yeah, that's also true. His gameplay channel is pretty dead.

His main channel videos still get a decent amount of views, though. And his twitch channel is also doing relatively good. Not as good as before, but hey. At least he's still here.