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Who is DeadlyFoez?
In real life, his name is Jared Plantier, son of the late Dick "Beaver" Plantier who took his own life in 2013. This is interesting considering Jared seems to encourage people to kill themselves is online arguments. Jared is an unassuming 39 year old gardener and electronics enthusiast in Dracut, Massachusetts. It appears that he is a stay at home father.

Jared has a long history online trying to find his niche that he can share with the rest of the world. He can be found over on his Facebook page.

Mr. Plantier is apparently and admitted to being bisexual (


He's a family man with kids. He's married to Michele Plantier (formerly Michele Kula). Michele is apparently a biopharmaceutical engineer at Homology Medicines and she brings in a majority of their income.


Here's Jared and his lovely family. He can be seen holding his wife:


He lives in a house owned by his Hawaiian mother in law Linda Kula in Dracut Massachusetts which he lovingly refers to as "The Crazy Farm" (aptly named).

You can read all about the Crazy Farm on his blog. He even has a YouTube Channel for his garden and hydroponic hobbies (He also has unlisted videos on his primary electronics channel here and here). So what goes down on the Crazy Farm?

Jared innocently spends his time tending to his garden and maintaining his hydroponics and tending to his animals like his pigs, chicken, and peacocks. Jared enjoys spending time in online discussions about his gardening and farming. He's very passionate about it! So passionate he's gotten into numerous arguments over at International Cannagraphic message boards with other enthusiasts and small business owners. He's quite well known there apparently. Jared apparently got banned on the forum and accused its moderators of working against him.


This site as you may notice is for home marijuana growing enthusiasts. Jared claims he grows it in his garden as well. He has a long history with wacky tobacky and Johnny Law:


Just a few short months later 19 year old Jared was busted.


What are his other hobbies? Well, this is where things start to get interesting and lead up to how I discovered Jared. Jared has a rather noticeable online footprint in the modding community for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Jared has a tendency to engage in questionable online social outbursts divulging way too much about himself. He attempted to apply to be a moderator on modding website GBAtemp ( He claimed defeat and went on to divulge very personal details of his life, the most notable being that he has:*sigh* A U T I S M *sigh*


He took it upon himself to explain his hatred of women to a group of people appalled by his ridiculous post (

Jared the Father:
Jared has a few biological children of his own but is a beta cuckold raising his wife Michele's children. He and Michele are expecting a newborn very soon.



He has an odd relationship with kids and views them as slave labor.


He's fathered some autistic offspring of his own (yes they're actually autistic)

He also has a unique parenting style and does not hide it.

Jared runs a website called (Archive) he built in Wordpress to out and label Michael Kula (his nephew) as a scumbag along with his ex wife Elizabeth Hutchison (since redacted). The website appears to have been built in an attempt to expose Elizabeth's church and her father for running a "pedo-ring cult" from their church:


Who is Michael Kula?

Michael Kula is the "retarded nephew" of Jared's wife Michele who was featured on this site. Jared and Michele are apparently Michael's caregivers. So instead of getting the troubled kid professional help, Jared being the great father figure he is decided to blast him on Jared's scumbagpeople website.



Jared like many parents is protective over his children, especially his autistic ones. Michael had apparently masturbated onto his autistic panties and it looks like he was forced to write an apology for his misdeeds.

Crime scene photos:




To prove he did not write the note and to clear his name @DeadlyFoez submitted a sample of his hand writing to the lolcow council of judges. The way he writes his "S", "I" "C" "A"s and other letters are unmistakably the same. So tl;dr Jared framed his retarded nephew for masturbating over a childs belongings....


Incidentally, Michael Kula and Elizabeth were featured in an edgy video Jared slapped together and spent 30 seconds to edit and uploaded it as an unlisted video on YouTube. He referenced the video at his Twitter trolls as a way to threaten their trollish behavior:


Who is Elizabeth Hutchinson?

Elizabeth "Liz" Hutchinson is Jared's ex-wife. He's accused her of horrible things. I'll update as I digest this lunatic's autistic novel found here.


Outside of that she is also noteworthy for being a suspected arsonist (Archive). "It wasn't me".


DeadlyFoez Shenanigans:
I recently found out about this guy through Voultar on Twitter and Youtube. He has a tendency to have violent and anti-social outbursts when things do not go his way. He's an F-rank modder with a focus on Nintendo Wii consoles. He has a YouTube channel and hosts a website ( with a whopping 551 subscribers where he streams and posts console teardowns and his mods. His videos and streams start with children laughing and playing...

These are all older outbursts and a bit of history of Mr. Plantier. Let's take a look at some of his outbursts in the modding community. His most noticeable one was from about a year ago when he lashed out at a creator who reported his posts and was promptly banned over on his Twitter account ( I wonder why?)


This all came to light when he recently purchased a board from an independent electronics specialist Dan Kunz aka Cirtrus3001psi. He purchased a board from him and due to his lack of skills burnt it

He proceeded to berate and harass Dan on Twitter and apparently sent him a very threatening email:




He proceeded to engage in a Twitter fight with other members of the modding community and resorted to threatening people to DM him so they could fight in real life:


Between arguing and yelling (threatening people on the internet) he's busy trying to remind people that he's a satanist and most likely is an exceptional way to intimidate people:



Jared has been spending the last couple of days trying to play damage control on his own YouTube channel by removing comments alluding to his KiwiFarms run in as a pathetic attempt to "save" his channel. So please, make sure you are archiving any of his internet fuckery!

Before 9/11:



AFTER 9/11:


Jared goes to extreme lengths to prove he knows what he's doing. He lurked around on Linus Tech Tips (Archive) message board until his posts got flagged for promoting his own videos and by showing off his atrocious soldering work that others were critiquing (this seems to be a REALLY touchy subject for him).


He posted a picture of his home "office" to prove how much of a pro he is which only revealed how much of a disorganized clusterfuck his office is.



He has a tendency to find certain tech that he latches onto, very passionately, and asserts his expertise over other users in those communities as seen on the mobile phone OnePlus forums (Archive).

Mr. Plantier has a Subreddit for his YouTube channel which can be found here.

I'm fairly certain this fine gentleman isn't going to stop with his unintentionally hilarious outbursts and antics despite being banned for his outrageous posts:



I feel he's got a lot of hilarious social outbursts in him to keep laughing at. He does not back down from Twitter arguments, he's creepy as hell and has edge levels through the roof.


@DeadlyFoez has recently created an account and spent almost every hour sperging out in his own thread. Included is a confession disguised as his side of the story. WARNING it's a small autistic novel but he powerlevels himself so much in every post that it's not really note worthy, just more embarrassing, sad and pathetic really. He does admit something startling: HE REFUSED A DNA TEST WHEN ACCUSED ABOUT MASTURBATING ON HIS YOUNG AUTISTIC DAUGHTERS PANTIES.

"Remember my words: He will get banned". - Missingphy





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Damn property taxes f**k up everything.
My favorite part is when he asked people to DM him so he could fight them IRL and promptly turned off DMs after Voultar responded to him while showing off his skills like the Chad he is:

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That’s the least Chad thing ever to do. Uber autistic.

Plus How the fuck do you fuck up a Wii mod? Isn’t Wii modding more easier than a Xbox 360 mod?


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Soyboy spergs and reeees at the Internet because he got assblasted over a modded Nintendo Wii. Then goes on to show how much of a Chad he his by taking picture of himself doing MMA and worshiping the Devil.
He threatened people criticizing him and told them to DM to fight him so Voultar responded with him kicking a punching bag. DeadlyFoez (the Satanist modder) saw the response from Voultar (not the same person) and retreated like a scared child and claims he did not threaten anyone.


Damn property taxes f**k up everything.
He apparently reads from his Satanic bible in his videos. I'm not about to watch dozens of hours to find it but I'm sure it's hilarious.

View attachment 1580300
You have to be a big brained individual, so big brained that you’d make a Rick and Morty fan look better by comparison to ever think that reading the Satanic Bible makes you look cool and dominating.

Reading the Satanic Bible and doing Wii mods at the same time screams that you do this because “fuck society”.


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You have to be a big brained individual, so big brained that you’d make a Rick and Morty fan look better by comparison to ever think that reading the Satanic Bible makes you look cool and dominating.

Reading the Satanic Bible and doing Wii mods at the same time screams that you do this because “fuck society”.
He basically told people how smart he is compared to them. All that's missing was a Rick and Morty reference:


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Recipe for Board Browns


1x Hot Air Rework Station
1x PCB cooktop griddle
1x Modded Wii logic board
1x Edgy Satanist Idiot

1. Pre-heat your PCB griddle to 300 degrees.
2. Place the logic board on the griddle.
3. Hold the rework wand over the logic board for an hour, being sure to heat everything but the components you’re trying to desolder.
4. Cook until evenly brown.
5. Enjoy your caramelized logic board, cunt.

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Lot of this feels unironic. Considering how the internet has turned some people, I wouldn’t be supprised if he has some skeletons in the closet.
I felt the exact same way until I saw his insane psychotic responses to people. I'm waiting until he explodes on one of his streams in that soft pansy-ass voice of his.