Lolcow Jared Plantier / DeadlyFoez - Unhinged, autistic, alleged pedophile, misogynist, bisexual father of six, modder/hacker, gardener and internet sperg

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This thread would've probably cooled after a couple of weeks yet here you are begging people to find coal to fuel it.
Like I said, you guys are bringing me more viewers.
I have told you all, this does not bother me one bit. I am enjoying the attention, the fighting... all of it. I thrive off of this shit.
apologize for double posting
lol, no. GO ahead and ban me or whatever for such stupid things.
P.s. Blow me.

Its amazing, in one comment I get "where did he go", but then another comment "See, you can't stay away".
No matter what, you guys twist everything into a bad angle. I really don't care.
I got shit to do. I will check back later.
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Every page has a post of going back to real life and then come back in less than a couple of hours to waste 12 more here
He's just trying to make it sound like he's got something going on. He doesn't. He can't even do the one thing his successful non exceptional wife wants him to do. Watch the kids and make sure they're not sexually assaulted.

He'd rather suck at his hobby and burn Wii boards.