Lolcow Jared Plantier / DeadlyFoez - Unhinged, autistic, alleged pedophile, misogynist, bisexual father of six, modder/hacker, gardener and internet sperg

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Damn property taxes f**k up everything.
Sure is! He's honestly obsessed with abortion and sexual abuse. I need to add that to the front page. The dude wrote a novel's worth of info and there's still a lot to process/discover.

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Edit - Added the pic from @zedkissed60 who pointed this out. A lot of it is here-say and speculation to be honest. If there were any official cases we may not be aware since New Hampshire and Massachussets have fairly limited public documents unless anyone has any other information to the contrary.
Christ all mighty how fucked is his surroundings!?

@DeadlyFoez Care to verify your account? You can just post a pic of yourself holding up a piece of paper with the current date and time written on it.
Nah. Lets see smart people like you figure it out for yourselves. I will leave a sign somewhere. Lets see if you can find it. I will let you know when it is up.
I really do have fun leaving easter eggs. Even if they are lame ones, it is still kinda fun.
The cunt refused do prove himself properly when asked to. The worst part is that lolcow is autistical enough for this to truely looks like something he would do.

Six kids, moving on to seven? Good godbear, why are the least competent parents the most likely ones to breed? I feel sorry for all of them, especially the daughter with the coom in her underwear.