Jason Ethier / JayStation / ImJayStation - Unapologetic hack producing nonstop clickbait, exploits dead people for views

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Jun 3, 2018
Jason Ethier, aka "JayStation", is an insufferable content creator possessed by dark and mysterious forces summoned at 3 AM. His fanbase, the "JayNation", consists of over 4.5 million 12 year olds that bought into his spastic jump cuts and clickbait thumbnails. Jason has hundreds of videos all capitalizing off the same formulaic bullshit themes, with most of them receiving at least a million views. To spare you from experiencing his videos in their entirety, here is a summary of how a typical JayStation video plays out:
  1. A poorly edited found-footage style clip or montage. Jay abuses vignette filters and CC sound effects, screams incoherently, and is attacked by the video's subject (usually a pop culture character gone evil, a doll, a ritual demon, or a black man).
  2. Jumpcut to Jason yelling "WHAT'S POPPIN' GUYS - WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER 3 AM CHALLENGE" from an awkward camera angle.
  3. Jason redundantly explains the video's convoluted premise, and then reminds his child audience to like and subscribe.
  4. 3 AM challenge bullshit begins, with Jason and friends constantly repeating lines like "What the Hell guys?!", "Oh Moy Gawd!", and "This is so crazy!".
  5. Shit escalates with plenty of jump-scare sounds and overly exaggerated screaming over a nothing.
  6. Jason and friends miraculously survive the spooky thing, only to remind you to like and subscribe right before the very end.
  7. And of course, video gets uploaded with some of the most poorly designed thumbnails imaginable:

I personally like to call this one, "(GONE WRONG) DO NOT USE THIS FURRY DATING APP AT 3 AM!!"

Compared to other YouTubers producing such shitty children's content, Jason tends to stand out by being the most controversial and unapologetic. This has made many people, including other popular YouTubers, come to truly detest the guy. Yet despite all the backlash, his channel somehow continues to remain up and receives ads.

History (as a Petty Criminal)

Jason hails from Ottawa, Canada, and is currently in his late 20's (born February 14, 1990). He got his start producing 24 hour challenge videos, involving him trespassing into various locations at night. One of these videos caught the attention of local police, as he chose to film himself trespassing into a vacant home. While that video turned out to be a complete hoax, police continued to investigate into his channel and found other videos that weren't staged. Jason was then charged in late 2016 with five counts of trespassing in connection to the videos. He was no longer able to create 24 hour challenge videos, and thus abandoned the channel completely.

His run-ins with the authorities would not stop there. In 2018, on a trip to Disney World theme park with another content creator (JamesTheFam), a bag filled with Jason's video equipment and cash went missing at a security checkpoint. In addition, security asked the two to stop recording footage at the checkpoint. Jason would allegedly become aggressive towards security, only to then find himself on the ground in handcuffs. He was arrested on charges of resisting arrest without violence and trespassing. After he and his friend got banned for life, the two advocated for a boycott of Disney, believing that it was all some kind of setup.

While Jason tried to paint himself as a victim, there were reports of Jason claiming to be "very powerful" and threatening to sue one of the deputies:
“Mr. Ethier stated to me multiple times he was going to sue me and I was a [peon],” a deputy wrote in an arrest affidavit. “He then went on to ask me how much money I made and [said] I couldn’t afford to be sued because I have nothing.”

Ethier then told the deputy that “this was going to come full circle and he is very powerful,” according to court documents.

When asked about those comments Tuesday afternoon, Ethier didn’t deny making them and said he doesn’t regret his actions.

The face of a real winner.

Suicide Forest Hype-Train

With his former channel (JayStation) abandoned, Jason went on to create a new channel under the name "ImJayStation." This time however, like a fly all over shit, Jason would chase after any trending topics with the sole intention of fully capitalizing off it. So when Logan Paul's suicide forest video broke headlines, Jason made sure to buy a plane ticket that very day in order to go film himself there. On top of this, Jason created a thumbnail similar to Logan's: Surprised expression and blurred out corpse hanging from a tree.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 7.54.03 PM.png

The video has since been deleted off YouTube. That hasn't stopped him from uploading it to Vimeo, where he's set up a paywall to view it.

Many people flagged his video and called him out, including Keemstar. Jason fired back on Twitter, claiming in a video response that Keem and others were just jealous of his success. He followed up by refusing to admit any wrongdoing, and instead blamed viewers for being gullible:


He made an additional response towards Keem, along with some more videos to further capitalize off the Suicide Forest throughout January:

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 8.33.47 PM.png

Jason vs Black Santa and Homosexuality at 3 AM!!

While I could have left these out, I feel like it would be a disservice to not shed some light on these two videos:



Black Santa: Jason and friends learn that there's not one, but two different Santa Clauses – one that's white and one that's black. They call up Black Santa on his phone, only for Black Santa to demand fried chicken from the trio. Unfortunately, all of the local KFCs are closed at 3 AM. Angered by their failure to deliver, Black Santa breaks into the house, throws shit around the kitchen and gives the boys coal. After leaving their house, Jason tells his viewers that if the video receives enough likes, they'll be visited by White Santa Claus.

Gay Potion: Jason and his friend buy a "gay potion" off of the dark web. After his friend drinks the potion, he immediately starts acting feminine and becomes attracted to Jason. Things escalate as Jason's friend keeps trying to kiss him, to which Jason runs around the house acting hysterical. After being pinned to the ground and nearly buttfucked french-kissed, the potion wears out and Jason's friend returns to normal. There have been two sequel(?) videos since then:

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 2.38.46 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 2.38.56 AM.png

If you want to watch more of those two videos above, I recommend watching commentary videos from other channels as to not give him traffic nor fuck with your recommendations:
Given his past admission about his Suicide Forest clickbait, it's pretty obvious that he's trying to bait people into calling him a racist and homophobe. The comments and viewcounts of each video pretty much confirm it. That being said, I would not be surprised to see him go for God's Chosen People in the near future.



The Boy Who Cried Home Invasion

On June 11, 2019, Jason uploaded a video titled "I almost died last night...". He claims that three men had entered into his house with the intention of stealing his valuables and killing him afterward. As he recounts the events that took place, he walks around his house pointing to evidence left behind, including dirty bootprints, his blood on the furniture (still wet), and two weapons that he presents without any gloves. He continually asserts that the injuries and incident were both real, making sure to let you know that he's the victim of such a horrific crime. Most people with common sense weren't buying into it.

Charlie (Cr1tikal) put out a video that goes over the flaws in his story, all while tearing into him:

I had @Okami Green look into Jason's story. She uncovered how two years ago, Jason put out a video titled, "IT'S ALL FAKE // SCARY GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA FOOTAGE (GHOST DESTROYS ROOM)". Jason claimed that his bloody wound was completely real and not self-inflicted:


But from her perspective:
Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 11.29.39 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-07-11 at 11.26.48 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-07-11 at 11.30.13 PM.png

TL;DR: A wound that hasn't been treated and is continuously bleeding would be a death sentence, so it's 100% fake in that instance.
Going back to the home invasion incident, this leads to three possible conclusions:

Okami Green said:
  1. Legitimate injuries, he was robbed by the three weakest assailants ever. I want to see a follow up of the police reports filed against them and the photos they allegedly took. If this is the case, it was probably teenagers and he's a bitch.
  2. Injuries are exaggerated, mechanism of injury is not assault. He fell off of a bike (explains the one side of the body only part), got in a minor wreck (doesn't fit, he's in his car filming), had some other incident occur. This is believable and fits his MO. He has what appears to be a legitimate med band but it could have just been repurposed. The hospital staff treating him did a real bangup job with him and he should sue for malpractice. It's completely unsanitary to leave open wounds on the face and hands due to the risk of infection. While not required to clean all of the dried blood away, it's good practice to do so.
  3. Everything is as real as he presents it. No, not that the injuries are legitimate, just that this is another one of his ridiculously fake videos. JayStation has no credibility. His videos normally feature other deceased celebrities or fictional characters, but I wouldn't push it past him to wrap himself into the chaos.

A Celebrity Dies: A New Meme is Born

Beyond all his other controversies, most people know Jason for his infamous videos exploiting the deaths of celebrities. The gist was that days after a celebrity died, Jason would pretend to summon their ghost in an attempt to get answers out of them. His two main videos involved Mac Miller and XXXTenacion:


His third video would exploit Etika's suicide, yet only the title and thumbnail would be similar to his prior ones. The video itself consisted of him accusing other YouTubers of faking their sympathy, bragging about how he donated thousands of dollars charity, and arguing that depressed people don't exist unless they're suicidal like Etika. Unsurprisingly, Jason received a ton of pushback from the YouTube community like never before:


The video title has since been changed to "I'm Sorry for what I did. RIP Etika"

D9_rsQKXYAAUEpp.jpgScreen Shot 2019-06-26 at 7.06.08 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-06-26 at 7.06.29 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-06-26 at 7.04.19 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 7.03.18 PM.png
People mistook this poor soul for Jason who just so happened to be banned from Twitter long before this went down.

Charlie once again went after Jason, at this point fed up with all of his bullshit:

Jason would put out a response where he paints himself like a victim that's undeserving of all the hate. The video is practically filled to the brim with emotional manipulation and guilt-tripping towards the viewer:
  • He starts by addressing how the ad-money from his Etika video (and this response) will be donated to Etika's charity. Cause as we all know, Jason would never go out of his way to profit off people's deaths.
  • He talks about how he can relate to Etika's struggle and suicide because of his own near-death experience from the home invasion incident.
  • He says that had he actually died, people like Charlie would go up to his grieving mother and call her dead son a "douchebag piece of shit."
  • He then goes back to rambling about how much Etika's truly impacted him, as if Etika's the black Christ that died for Jason's sins.
  • He denounces the fans posting clown emojis in Etika's comment sections* for treating Etika's cries for help as a joke. Jason though is not joking around. He's taking this VERY SERIOUSLY.
  • He apologizes for his past videos exploiting the other two celebs and claims that he's now a changed man.
  • He doubles down on how he almost could have died and that the viewer should feel bad for daring to think it was all fake.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 7.00.15 PM.png
*Jason's own comment sections now get occasionally spammed with clown emojis.

Despite apologizing for making all three of the videos, he has not taken down any of them.

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 2.09.36 AM.png

His pinned comments on the XXXTentacion and Mac Miller videos have also remained unchanged. Remember though, he truly is remorseful for what he's done!

In Conclusion

Jason is undoubtedly an advantageous hypocrite. When called out on his bullshit, he will deflect all criticisms onto others, and only when he receives too much hate does he paint himself out to be a victim. But most importantly:
He will always be known as the guy that summons dead celebrities at 3AM.


Thank you to @Ride for helping me revise the OP. Always appreciate the feedback you give.
Special thanks to @zedkissed60 for finding me the arrest affidavit and photo.
And a huge thank you to @Okami Green for providing me with preliminary feedback + additional insight about Jason's fake injuries.


The Dead Girlfriend Saga

This OP was originally created around the time the whole Etika debacle was unfolding. Since then, Jason had stayed under the radar for a while. There were a couple notable videos, such as him pretending to buy a black slave off the dark web, along with him allegedly traveling to the US to hang out with an underage female fan, though most people didn't particularly care for those events.

It wasn't until the start of the New Decade that Jason put out three new videos, all under the premise of his girlfriend having died in a terrible car accident. The videos were clearly fake, and people were naturally upset that he'd go this far as to exploit his own girlfriend. However, things took a drastic turn when Jason took down the videos and put up a video saying that not only did his girlfriend Alexia leave him, but that Alexia was trying to get him arrested for assault with a weapon. Here is the timeline of events thus far:
1/22/20: Jason puts out a long video claiming that his girlfriend died in a car accident, all while saying that her wish was to get their secondary YouTube channel a million subscribers. Lots of fake crying and is clearly trying to get his children audience to feel sympathetic, with some kids even hoping that he'll resurrect her.
1/23/20: Next video has him go the supposed site of where she got killed by a drunk driver. YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers calls the Canadian authorities and proves that no such accident had occurred.
1/26/20: In true Jaystation fashion, Jason further milks the whole thing with a 3-AM challenge video where he talks to his dead girlfriend via an Ouija Board. Video's up for about six hours (give or take) before all three "Dead Girlfriend videos" are taken down by Jason himself.
1/27/20: New video comes out today where Jason admits that Alexia never died, though also claims that she suddenly left him and has filed a police report against him for assault with a weapon.
UPDATE: Jason has supposedly been lying about the arrest warrants, among other things. Currently waiting for any further confirmation.
1/28/20: Alexia puts out two videos, one trying to give her side of the situation and another telling her viewers to go mass flag one of Jason's channels. Still no confirmation about the supposed arrest warrant.
2/1/20: Jason's back to pumping out his usual shitty videos, though he's now taking the opportunity to fire shots at Alexia + actively paint himself as a victim of false allegations.
There's been a lot of misinformation being tossed around, as Jason's a habitual liar and thus makes it difficult to tell whether or not he's genuine when he says he is. The three main things that can be confirmed are this:
  1. The cops that visited Jason are real, as they were eventually confirmed to be Toronto officers. The person who reached out on Twitter for verification had asked the Ottawa Police Dept, who simply denied that those were their officers and not that they're fake cops.
  2. There is no arrest warrant out for anyone by the name of Jason Ethier in Toronto.
  3. Neither Jason nor Alexia are big-brained enough to have staged this entire shitshow just for the attention.
The whole situation can be amounted to a really bad public breakup, which has outlets like the Washington Post (archive) writing about it.

Update: Jason was in fact arrested for allegedly throwing a cellphone at Alexia. This, however, has not completely deterred the couple from getting back together to make more shitty videos for their Dream Team YouTube channel. Drew Gooden has otherwise put out a fairly competent video that tries to explain the entire shitshow between Jason and Alexia:
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Apr 28, 2018
I remembered how pissed everyone was at Jay for making a shitty rant about Etika after he died. I'm sure he has some lolcowish tendencies, but I don't think there's much to cover for this thread.

Edit: Watched more of his videos and checked out some of the comments, I guess I was wrong, this is a gold mine of lolcowish activity.
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Jun 7, 2019
He looks like Daddyo5 after a decade of hard drug abuse.
I remembered how pissed everyone was at Jay for making a shitty rant about Etika after he died. I'm sure he has some lolcowish tendencies, but I don't think there's not much to cover for this thread.
I dunno. He seems to be spergy as all hell. He's probably the type who'll flip his shit royally when he finds out the thread exists.

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Jun 3, 2018
I remembered how pissed everyone was at Jay for making a shitty rant about Etika after he died. I'm sure he has some lolcowish tendencies, but I don't think there's not much to cover for this thread.

For a guy that continually creates controversies, I feel like it's only inevitable for more shit to crop up.


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Dec 9, 2016
While you did a good job writing this, I doubt ImJayStation will have any new noticeable dram for a while. It was like an explosion in attention, something he craves. He wins by doing this, because people react, earning him money and attention. One can only hope more can come out of this one event. Great work none the less!

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Feb 19, 2018
It's shameful how much he ripped off Logan Paul all the way down to the fucking thumbnail used.
The difference was that Logan Paul found out he had fucked up AFTER he posted the video, whereas Jason did it intentionally.

Edit: I don't give a fuck about Logan Paul either, I just think it's weird that this dude wanted to copy this particular thing.


Jun 28, 2019
I was wondering why this faggot dresses like hes a mid 90s "skater dude" until I realised hes a fucking cue ball. :story:
In all seriousness though I thought these shit tier "prank" channels had all died between 2012 to 2015 after the likes of Sam pepper and other like minded faggots. I'm not surprised that shit like this is still around im just surprised that diphits still give it clicks.


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Nov 7, 2017
I seriously do not see why anyone would watch his content, the guy is full of shit and a flat out opportunists. It's only a matter of time before he does another stupid clickbait video exploiting another person's death.


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May 5, 2018
Jay's content was always a down spiraling crescendo of terrible and irrelevant videos. It's one of the reasons why the absolute scourge of bad content pushes itself into the next level on Youtube and tries as much to sustain by catering to children, just because they're easy to fool.
Using the death of someone popular as a scheme to earn a financial gain, is hitting the absolute lowest of low, What a fucking tool.
Good thread, OP.


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Feb 3, 2013
I only knew of this guy from the shitty 3 AM "ghost" videos, I didn't know he was such an attention whore. He's what happens when that one kid that tries to be the class clown and fails grows up.
All it takes is one looking further into the guy. Cr1tikal did that when looking into Jaystation as OP shown. Getting banned for life from Disney may as well help give one an idea of how Jason is irl aside from his videos of messing with former co-workers at a Costco. If said videos were still around, it'll help giving one an idea of what he is aside from the 3AM videos he churns out to get views from kids.

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Oct 5, 2017
Nice work on the OP.
Need to find something juicy or truly funny he chimps out over. Otherwise this is just a catalog of a scummy nigger taking ad bux from kids.

I bet his past before YT has something, I mean you don't become a clickbait star for no reason.


Nov 18, 2016
A couple weeks ago Cuestar made a video on him and the reply was just him talking about someone else and trying to say that bigger people on youtube "pretend to care".

Also the pinned comment on the Etika video that has been edited at least once

It's weird that he keeps ranting the people who gave him criticism and how he thinks "not even 1% of the dislikes" donated and how he "cares" when he is quoted as saying "suck it up" in the video.