Lolcow Jason Genova - Failed bodybuilder, Star Wars enthusiast and massive sperg

Hydroxylic Acid

May cause death via hypoxia
Jason Genova, the man, the myth, and the legend.
He's a well known "bodybuilder" who has an almost unprecedented amount of fame on, fitmisc, and other bodybuilding/fitness related websites. Unfortunately, it's for all the wrong reasons.

That video should serve as a good introduction to Jason Genova. To put it simply, he is a mildly mentally challenged (although the exact mental illness is unknown) man obsessed with Star Wars, with massive delusions of grandeur about becoming a world-famous bodybuilder and is so much of a sperg that he puts even CWC to shame.

His first video (which is now deleted) was made in 2008 (?) and it describes his dream of one day becoming a bodybuilder. That would seem like a fairly heartfelt video; a man dealt a bad hand in life still striving towards his dreams. Unfortunately, the truth is much less heartwarming than that. In the 10 years or so that he has spent bodybuilding, all he has built is a massive ego.

As you can see in that video, despite negligible gains for someone who has been bodybuilding for a decade, he still thinks that he has a world level physique, and compares his flabby fatceps and moobs to Craig Titus, a world famous bodybuilder.

Jason lies about squatting 5 plates, or 495 pounds. When asked to perform this feat, his go to excuse is that he's had "car accidents" and is getting old (even though he's barely 30).

The biggest thing stopping Jason from making gains is his lack of self control and his horrific training routine.
Case in point:
Note the mixed grip barbell rows with a two inch ROM and the momentum lat pull downs, as well as a lack of coherency in his training that seems to indicate that he's just doing whatever shit he feels like doing at the moment.
He also fucks up exercises in other ways, like doing curls with one arm supinated, but the other with a neutral grip, or never getting even close to parallel on his squats.

As for his lack of self control, this video demonstrates that perfectly:
Here you see one of Jason's more successful bodybuilding/fitness coaches (or "coath", which is how he spells it), coach Adam, finding out that he goes to Dunkin Donuts every morning to consume a variety of unhealthy calorific foods/drinks, including coffee with cream. Note that he is on a diet at this point. Despite this, Jason Genova looked the best he ever did with coach Adam, but once he stopped training with him, his weight increased by a massive 60 pounds (of pure fat) in an event known as the Hindenburg Era. Again, he's not an average Joe looking to tone up for summer, he is supposed to be a competitive bodybuilder.

Jason has even competed in two bodybuilding shows, with obviously hilarious results. I'll post a video of him in one bodybuilding show. He looked a bit better in the other show, but still looked out of place.

Anyway, now that we've addressed that he's an utter failure in bodybuilding, let's move onto discussing why he's also a sperg.

Jason has an autistic fascination with naming all of his muscles while he's flexing. Here's one example of such, although this has occurred multiple times before. Note how he gets some names wrong (e.g "ramboids", rear anterior deltoid) and accidentally names bones rather than muscles (e.g coccyx)

Like all spergs and lolcows, he has a tendency to chimp out whenever things don't go his way.

Jason has his own slangs (like cwcisms) that only he and people that follow his antics on the internet uses, such as pissening and sickening (used to describe something "cool"). The video presents an example of that. For a full on glossary of all the slangs that he uses, check out

He occasionally "order 66s" people, which is basically an autistic call out that gets his "fans" to attack whoever is order 66'd. Earlier this year he order 66'd the wrong person (Rich Piana) and when he met up with him, he was challenged to a "slap box" and was prompted beaten the shit out of by Rich. He stopped order 66ing people for a few months after that, but have since returned to doing so.

That's enough info for one day.
More information is present in and more content is on his youtube channel,


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Excellent find!
I really feel for his personal trainer since he does mean well and it must be a pain in the ass to lecture someone this immature about preventing unhealthy habits.

His voice makes Chris Chan's sound like James Earl Jones with how whiny and unmanly it sounds. Not really helpful when you want to intimidate others in call out videos.
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Phil Ken Sebben

The Potato Whisperer.
Awesome find. Never heard of this asshole but anybody that has done any form of bodybuilding knows somebody like this. Some exceptional individual that gets it into their head that they need big muscles but can't commit to the diet or the discipline or the actual proper training but they continue to half-ass it anyway and act like they're the shit.


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I've been waiting for a thread on the Mangetter for a while now, I would have attempted it but the lack OP skill and confidence is why I've not done it. I've always considered him the Chris Chan of the fitness world.
He may be fat, but he is pretty surprisingly strong.

Hydroxylic Acid

May cause death via hypoxia
Jason can't spell his own name at times

Just let that sink in. A grown adult that misspelled his own name.

Also despite the fact that he's obviously less mentally capable than the average person, he nevertheless has a history of dishonesty and even at times have tried to scam people. For example, he tried to get people to buy his T shirts, then when they have placed their order, deliberately fail to deliver the T shirts (I think, correct me if I'm wrong). Here's a video of his "friends" interrogating him about the "T shirt scandal"



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I first found this cow when /fit/ raided him. he's a riot and another one of those human embodiments of a negative stereotype of strength training. For someone who shames "body building" he surely lapped up the faux culture that was pushed by the media (eg jersey shore) and embraced it.

He's had some rather odd chimp outs when he came to defend himself on /fit/ I think some of the screen caps live on. But weird things like shaming people for mixed grip dead lifts.


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Jason's My Story videos, which served as his introduction to the internet, were widely debated on whether or not it was a troll. At some point Jason was being made fun of on a radio broadcast and the lifter that was being interviewed defended Jason telling them to lay off, the kid is clearly autistic which lead to Jason making this hilarious video: I AM NOT AUTISM


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Jason thinks he's gonna get free shit but his "friends" think otherwise. His friends made a bet: if he gets legit gifts Brad will have to shave his beard. If Jason gets trolled, he would either have to get a reverse Mohawk or get "trolled again" written on the back of his neck.
Brad encourages all trolls out there to keep trolling Jason.
And remember: all that glitters is not gold.
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Jason thinks he's gonna get free shit but his "friends" think otherwise.
Brad (the bearded guy) encourages all trolls out there to keep trolling Jason.
And remember: all that glitters is not gold.
That's another aspect of Jason that has a lot of potential in itself, he has a legion of loyal fans who still desperately want him to reach the top of mount Olympus who act as his personal army and can be trolled themselves.
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Puck of the luck

I've never been all that up to date on Jason Genova antics, but this surprised me. I had no idea he had become such a tub of shit.

Jesus fucking Christ. No wonder people joke about him eating Burger King and McDonalds so much.

Thought this would be fun to post. There is this guy named Big Richard who used to regularly lecture Jason on his bodybuilding habits, and even cared for the guy honestly. At one point, Jason was flirting with his daughter on facebook, and Richard got pissed.

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