Horrorcow Jason Mackintosh / MsHarleyAQuinn - Edgelord, virgin-slut tranny with cutting and humiliation fetishes

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In my cycle, we did not have fat autistic rapists
Jesus it's like he looked up a list of the cringiest, most fucked-up fetish on the Internet and decided to tick all the boxes.


Wholesome, deep fried cornmeal goodness
There must be some unexplained attraction. Like why do autistic people love Sonic the Hedgehog?

Some things may never be explained.
Spergs are attracted to Sonic’s bright colors and simple design, tubbies are attracted to Harley Quinn’s status as an attractive female character and wish to be her.
Simple tardology tbh fam


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That explains some shit.

I’m thinking it was the same home school that Harry Potter attended... kept locked up under the stairs.

Uncle Warren

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So a few weeks ago I was gonna fap and this person showed up in my suggestions.

View attachment 336357

I was intrigured, so I checked their profile and came up on this...

And this...

Then this...

This is Jason Mackintosh, a "Bi, Poly, Autistic, Needy, Clingy, Broken, Masochist, Sub, Crazy, Twisted, Slut, Sex Worker" from Kingussie, Scotland. Much like our other autistic tranny friend from Scotland @Autphag, Jason has several deviant fetishes that he makes absolutely no effort to hide. And when I say he makes no effort to hide them, I mean he has his mother and sister on the same facebook profile where he shares this deviant shit

View attachment 336340
http://archive.md/QyMYP (Mom and sister's profiles - http://archive.md/POQ2u http://archive.md/2Dwfa)

Apparently his sister is a huge slut who got knocked up early.

Anyhow, Jason has a robust social media footprint and isn't shy about being open about who he is and what he does.

View attachment 336346

lol he's not wrong
View attachment 336347

He's one hell of a griefer
View attachment 336348

Their instagram header shows a boatload of self-awareness.

View attachment 336359

Did I mention they're edgy?

https://msharleyaquinn.tumblr.com/ (archive)
https://www.instagram.com/harleyaquinzel/ (archive)
https://twitter.com/msharleyaquinn (archive)
https://xhamster.com/users/harleyaquinn (archive)
https://www.facebook.com/msharleyaquinn?lst=100012605261668:100022593241962:1513455518 (archive)
https://www.facebook.com/ThePurloinedLetter?lst=100005676872570:100002507464680:1513456271 (archive)
At least they are artistic wirh their cutting.

Wait no. I mean autistic.

Tim Buckley

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His desperate crave for attention eclipses his "edgy perversion", he's just another lazy blob that lives way to comfy yet he tries to glorify his so called "darkness" in public.

If really loves abuse and despair so much he should try laying off the pie a little bit.
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Why do fatties love Harley Quinn so much?

Could be her binary colour design and moods. She seems to either be fucking shit up or plotting to. The Sonic thing could be his easy-to-read moods and emotions, because of his facial design. Could be the same reason young spergs like Thomas the Tank Engine.

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