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Feb 5, 2018
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Jason Yungbluth is a cringey comic book writer/artist who a-logs obsessively about a # on twitter.

He owns his own publishing company, DeathRayGraphics, where he makes poorly done parodies of popular nostalgia characters.

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Jason talking about his OC comic creation, Weapon Brown (A.K.A. Post-Apocalyptic Charlie Brown):

Kickstarter video of Weapon Brown:

One of his more well known creations is Clarissa, a dark humor comic about a young girl getting sexually assaulted by her father:
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He first got on my radar while looking for content for the #Comicsgate thread, on this article by Bounding into Comics talking about troon colorist Tamra Bonvillain:


Since that article he’s been obsessed with John F Trent (EIC of Bounding Into Comics). Even mentioning him in stories that weren’t written by JFT:

He has a particular obsession with Pro-Trump artist Tim “the Mary Sue called me a White Supremacist” Lim’s promotional work.

He would take Lim’s promotions, alter them and use them as his own to market himself. The most pathetic part is that Tim’s promotions are made by himself to promote his own IndieGoGos and series from Antarctic Press:




For ease of comparison:
18.5.jpeg 18.jpeg

When he’s not acting like a sped on twitter he’s also acting like an asshole on the Wikis. On the Comicsgate wiki he got into an edit war with one of its contributors.

Here's the part where we make fun of his appearance:


Jason "owns" Comicsgate:

Jason Yungbluth

Provided by @emspex
DOB: September 30, 1971
106 Laburnam Cres
Rochester, NY 14620

Thanks to @neural and @emspex for the help making this thread.
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Aug 9, 2016
@Bunny at Law I feel the same way, I found the clarissa comic about a year ago and it actually horrified me to say the least, putting a face to the comic i'm not fucking surprised he looks like the kind of guys that have to go door to door in the neighborhood and announce their presence legally...


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Sep 26, 2017
I always thought gaming had the biggest lolcows with all the Nintendo mandchildishness, indie and Youtuber ego trips and all that, but you know what? Comics sure have some incredible extra special people involved.
Worse, comics has the lolcows that every other medium rejected. You take one look at people like Mark Waid, Gail Simone..etc, and you can immediately tell that they're not gonna walk into a TV show's writers' room or be able to sell a spec script to movie studios.

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Oct 18, 2018
That's not quite the same as what I was saying, but still that's a demonstrably weak argument for Yungbluth to have made because because, one, Meyer and Van Sciver are clearly not offended by the idea that they are in it for money (and I don't think anyone else not on the anti side is either), and two, selling a product to a voluntary consumer is not a "scam" by a reasonable person's definition, so long as the books actually get sent - and the jury's still out on that regard, but so far Stardust and Iron Sights have shipped, right? Any others yet?

Probably a better analogy is if, every time someone called Van Sciver a nazi, he posted a thirty-tweet-long thread about how much that word hurts him.

I don't believe I have ever called ComicsGate a "scam". The term I use is "racket".

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Oct 18, 2018
I will still stand by my comment with the word "scam" replaced with "racket," but I'll humor you; what, in your opinion, is the difference between the two?

"Scam" implies that the citizenry of CG is being ripped off through their purchases. "Racket", as I use the term implies a business that may be legit, but is still dishonest or lacks integrity.

Why do you associate lesbians with blue har? Kinda narrow-minded don't you think?

Also, ease up on your potty mouth here, we allow a bit of cursing in this Christian forum, but don't call people a bundle of sticks too much.

Yes, I understand how snowflakes talk. I will be good.

Okay, but a newbie like Meyer - even after tortious interference - got his comics out on time and Richard Pace still hasn't delivered his artbook after five years.

Wanna explain that one?

Why would I? My name isn't Richard Pace. All my Kickstarters have shipped on time.


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Aug 8, 2017
Why would I? My name isn't Richard Pace. All my Kickstarters have shipped on time.
Yes, but Richard Pace is Anti-CG and supposedly a professional. How can you claim Meyer is participating in a racket when he's delivered -- without bribery or extortion, but Pace hasn't and so far has only updated his Kickstarter because Meyer has fulfilled his end of the deal.

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