Artcow Javis Ray / Legacy Control - Author of Legacy Control, a rapey "geek" webcomic. His ability to draw nipples is questionable.

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I'm surprised he doesn't have a thread yet, he's been all over various cringe pages on the web.

He's known for his webcomic, Legacy Control, that was once about video games and "geek humor", but turned into his wank-fodder, detailing sexual escapades with his (surprisingly not-fictional) wife.

Seen this from back in the day?

That's a classic from our dear Javis.

His work tends to focus on masturbation, semen, and poorly-drawn nipples everywhere.

(When was this comic ever really about video games or geek humor?)

Earlier this year, though, he published a strip featuring him and his wife that got him in hot water due to the implication that he wanted to rape her while she wasn't conscious:

Tumblr of course caught wind of it, and he issued an apologetic statement:

"I feel compelled to write a little disclaimer about this comic as it seems to have rubbed folks the wrong way. I do not condone rape. This comic, wasn’t, in my mind, about rape at all. It was dumb comic about the main character thinking his wife was dead and wanting to sleep with her one last time. Clearly not my best work (I’m not sure I have any “best work.”) Clearly this is a dumb comic about dumb things that are entirely unrealistic situations and I apologize if any offense was taken. I wasn’t trying to be edgy or anything, just dumb, real dumb.

Sincerely Javis"

It's true that he doesn't have any best work, but I'm doubting the sincerity of him not having a rape fetish and just wanting to be edgy.

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This is probably a better fit for a comics megathread. Is there any real content here? Make a TTS or someone PM me if I am in error.
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