Jay Geis confirmed for the living. -

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As many of you know, the last two days I've been working to archive and upload many of Jay's streams for you which has put my YouTube into bad standing until Jan. 6th 2016.

Jay himself has been claiming copyright on his videos which has left my YouTube weakened and almost terminated.

I believe I must leave the YouTube forever...I'll be uploading my final video tonight. Tonight I die by the hand of Jay Geis.
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This is some straight up bullcrap online that a loyal soldier would be DCMA'd by a poser pretending to be a dead man.

Sure would be a shame if the REAL Jay Geis created a new youtube account, sent claims against the impostor, and then uploaded all the videos while he was dealing with it...


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I forgot Jay was supposed to be dead, actually.

Now that I know he's alive I'm kind of like "Oh. Oh yeah, he was pretending to be dead."

I feel like if I keep ignoring him he's going to be like a hamster and I'm going to peek into his cage and see that he's gnawed off his back limbs.