Jay Geis confirmed for the living. -


Do you like Christian and the Hedgehog Boys?
Oh yea, not sure if I told you guys this, but Obamatron has received the copyright claims by Jay and is countering them. Last time I checked Obama said that if Jay doesn't respond in like 14 days the videos go back on youtube
BS copyright notices are actually a pretty common way of trying to regain control of a narrative. Shitty/shifty video game devs do it to Let's Plays and video reviews that are negative about their game all the time; Slap the video with a copyright notice and then let it sit there. They generally hope that by the time the notice expires (14 days) that they'll have sold a bunch of copies or people will have forgotten about the video.

Of course it doesn't work for them any more than it's gonna work for Jay. For one thing, the youtubers in question usually have other ways of communicating what happened to their video, and due to the Streisand Effect, people will be more eager than ever to see it. And in Jay's case...well, people here have a long memory.

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