Artcow Jay Geis / The Golden Knight / The Platinum Paladin / Dick Pierce - The Glorious Return of a Legendary Artcow and Spergilicious Psychopath

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Uncanny Valley

pocket goddess
True & Honest Fan join here and look for somebody by the name of Scarlet Plushie, Yes, Jay did buy a plushie of the character he made and to be honest, he probably won't fucking sleep without it. I recently had my friends nuke both his servers, so he's sad rn

And honestly, he named this file Awesome_Jay this is so fucking sad. Help me.
he looks like a background extra from Doug

Not sure if anyone remembers who I am. I'm BelgiumIsanAwesomeCountry. I searched this guys name up again cause I was bored and when I looked through this thread it even shows months after I left a friendship with this guy he hasn't changed. I'm not very surprised that he hasn't changed though. I feel to say that Jay Geis is really fucking disgusting. But I'm just not surprised I don't have any emotions towards this guy rather than disgust.

Hey guys, it's me again. That friend I have allowed me to look through her's discord DM's while looking for a specific chatlog I found her and Jay's DM's and she let me go through them. Here's some interesting snippets
Apparently someone not only nuked Jay's servers but they've also been sabotaging his South Park deviantart page too?
He's still weirdly thinking of her as his GF just because she roleplayed once with him and drew that one picture back in july or whatever, before I told her about all the stuff he's done. (keep in mind, he's 26 years old apparently and still doesnt really know her age which is kinda predatory??)
It's really strange because he seems to get jealous or clingy when she's not talking to him 24/7 he also actually gets off to her art which is...gross lmao. but here, I'll post more screen shots if anyone is interested but this is all I had access to
As gross as this guy is I find it more interesting the more I learn about his fucked views of both himself and the world. It's like some psychological study


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