Artcow Jay Geis / The Golden Knight / The Platinum Paladin / Dick Pierce - The Glorious Return of a Legendary Artcow and Spergilicious Psychopath

Replicant Sasquatch

Do Lolcows Dream of Electric Hedgehog Pokemon?
I can't help but think he's going on some megalomaniac Kurtz rant about snails and dismembered children

Mr Snek
I really can't believe that this guy thinks that his artwork is anything other than horrible. He actually thinks that it's attractive and cute, when in reality it makes Dobson's art look great by comparison.

Apologies in advance if you find any of this stupid or childish.

1. What happened to his computer in the first place? Last I recall it was an ancient piece of shit he wanted to shove a fucking TITAN graphics card into and believed that, plus a liquid cooling system, would somehow improve things like his internet connection.
According to him it just broke down randomly and the liquid cooling system started leaking.

Apparently someone not only nuked Jay's servers but they've also been sabotaging his South Park deviantart page too?
There was more to it then me nuking it.
Me and a group of users who were in Jays 2 servers had finally been pushed too far by his North Korean style dictatorship and him making us feel and look like peasents.

Of course you can only take so much shit from him before enough is enough.

We decided to make our own group and planned how we could overthrow him.

What we did was we waited untill he went offline, then we struck his servers.
I deleted an entire server (He had gave me permission to do stuff on his servers as he trusted me very well) then i deleted 99% of his public server and me and some others involved left some goodbye messages towards him.
(Which im pretty sure he didnt read) Then i kicked everyone from the server.

He then proceeded to absolutely crack it and complain to everyone else.

We spoke to him on another server where he tried to blame others for what i mainly did and "force choke" everyone, soon after he cracked the shits because he played an rpg and his character died or something so he made a new one hoping for inheritence from the previous character and spent the fake money.
The owner was not very happy and removed his stuff and money.
He cracked it again and left leaving a video of Cartman mocking.

After that me and the others (Jays most trusted "friends") made a group called Augmented Authorities Inc., the purpose solely to make his life a hell hole.

We created a DeviantArt account originally called WellHeated (Auria) in hopes to bait him as the account was actually posing as underage secretly and use it against him and gain access to his server and also to get some lulz out of him. (Which unfortunately failed because he realised one art post was the same style as one of the old members who left Jays server to help with this.)

I also decided to make a joint account by the group name Augmented Authorities Inc. to leave comments on his page that would hurt him and spread to others who like him that he is a peadophile. I managed to turn someone against him and found a group also trying to spread awareness about him hitting on people and shared info.

I had screenshots by someone who turned against him with Jay talking about how hurt he was on his discord server and he also commented to me on DeviantArt.


Credit to Sacrilege (Link to image about Jay Mourning)

A couple weeks ago somebody in my server involved with this invited Jay to our server (Meant against him where he proceeded to try and act nice and make friends with everyone, probably being desperate for friends like normal)


Making himself look like the innocent one.

We also had a chat to him and tried to get him to pull his head in. (Being a lolcow and such, obviously didnt work)

We also invited someone who he gets ticked off by and I spammed him with Pepe memes to piss him off. He ended up blocking me in DM's. I also gave him a role to shame him for his hatred of memes and stuff.

He just ended up saying he isnt welcome here. I simply told him to fuck off and i banned him.

Also him being a creep as usual.

He has also started streaming again under the name Heroes Reforged.

Sorry for the long post (Might need to add more)
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No secret, it's the meat. Don't skimp on the meat.

think there’s more than anatomy that’s wrong. One of them is the wonky perspective shit that’s going on.
Its so bad that its just inconsistent and skewed. Brings a real fucked up sense of reality to it.
Like being a ship in rough waters.

Jay is just too blind, visually and mentally to see any of mistakes and/or learn from anything what so ever.
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WW 635

Apparently Jay brought his Scarlet plush to his workplace.

This just makes him look even more pathetic and more of a degenerate. No surprise.

What I'm surprised with though is that no one else thought it was weird for a 20 year old to be bringing in plush's to work.
(On the contrary, they would probably keep that to themselves)
2007 notifications
Holy shit, just clear those already

Syaoran Li

Disney Delenda Est
So, when do you think Jay Geis will become a registered sex offender and how do you think it will happen?

Because we all know it's not a matter of if, but when.
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I didn't know he was no longer working at the firing range. I thought the owner gave zero fucks about what his employees are like so I wonder what happened. Regardless whatever this new job is, assuming he's not lying he'll probably fuck up and reveal it eventually.

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