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Gosh, I hope I’m safe it this suit!
May 29, 2018
Jayden Sky Desino is a Vlogger (archive), who likes to demonstrate how she's better than other re!tards and lolcows, but fails so miserably, she ends up doxing herself.
I can tell you a lot about her, but who can be a better narrator than a lolcow herself? Here's her biography from Tumblr (archive):

Name: I would like to be called Jayden Sky or Jay for short. I am a transman/FTM. That means I am physically female, but identify as male. I am attracted to men, including but not limited to biological ones, transitioning and post op.

I have mental illness. My diagnosis is Schizoaffective Disorder. In other words, I have the bastard child of Schizophrenia and Bipolar as my mental illness. I do not like to use my mental illness as an excuse to not do something and I am currently seeking part time employment as long as it isn’t porn or stripping.

I believe in gender and marriage equality. I also would like to see marijuana get legalized.

I am 27. (OP's note: She's 30 now)

I have 6 tattoos, but want considerably more. There is one on my left outer forearm of the word Agape, one on my right forearm of a heart intertwined with a treble clef, The logo for the New York Yankees on my left wrist. On my right bicep I have the Ghostbusters’ logo. I have the Slipknot “s” on my left calf. I added the mental health/all cancers ribbon to my left inner forearm. Working on the next tattoo already..

I am an agnostic atheist. Basically that means, I think there is some supernatural being just not God specifically. I do not believe in or worship Satan either.
She changed her name in 2015, deadname is Rebecca Marie Kiley. Thats her photos before and after T:


Attack on ALR and other lolcows

As I said before, Jayden is a vlogger. Most of her vlogs consist of her lying down on a bed, babbling on about life.

No one really cared about Jayden before she filmed an angry video about Amber.
As we all know, if you need to say that you are better than a lolcow, you are not. When she realised her video was posted here, she decided to threaten Null with FBI.
You can read more about her messages to Null here .
TL;DR She filed an FBI complaint:
And used transparent marker to hide her dox:
Amber wasn't the first lolcow Jayden sperged about: Yaniv came first.

Important! She deleted most of her videos about a year ago.
Please archive her new videos, we don't want to lose those gems too!

By her claims, she suffers from schizoaffective disorder, eating disorder, depression, PTSD, BPD and severe allergies. Jay also is physically disabled (she uses a walker).
She was in mental hospital over 20 times since 2009 (archive)
Jayden is in a recovery from alcohol, opiate and porn addiction. (start of this video)
She had an eating disorder therapy in River Oaks hospital, New Orlean (proof)
Also Jay had a bariatric surgery, and she likes to brag about weight loss.
And yes, she is on a disability check

Here she tell us how she got SSI
First mention of Jay's "identity statement" appears on his new tumblr account. She was bi-gender. (archive)
It was 2014, yet she already choosed to be Jayden Sky.

2014-06-20 she announced she is asexual (archive)

Later that year stated that she is asexual, but prefers women (archive)

It's not stated, when she started hormonal therapy. By looking at this (archive) we can assume HRT started at september 2016.

2017-03-17 our girl is a gay man (archive)
Jay has, let's say, difficult relationships with her mother


Link - Archive
She took her mom in court.

Jay had an abusive partner, who gave her some PSTD flashbacks (at least thats what she says).


We would like to know more about Melody, but unable to find any clue who it is.
Jayden was a pitbull apologiser for a long time.
And she was an owner of one beautiful pitbull. Look at this baby:
His name was Dias. What happened to this dog? As Jay said: (source)

Dog had seizures due to unknown reasons and was euthanased. Some kiwis says it was her fault. But we are honest people and won't accuse anyone without proofs. Rest in peace, pup.
Other funny stuff:
Warning: longread.
TL;DR: Rawlins Elementary School of Wyoming was spammed with Jay's youtube channel Ads.
https://educatorsagainstspam.wordpress.com/ (Archive)

Rawlins Elementary School of Wyoming has been experiencing interruptions; internet interruptions. Last year, the school came together with a town wide car wash bake sale craft fair and raised enough money to afford internet access throughout the building and on the football field. However, aside from the recent roach parade, there has been another infiltration known as, “Jayden Desino” a youtuber strategically placing ads on educational and recreational sites. Students reported researching Benjamin Franklin and being led to foreign soda taste testing videos, apartment tours, suicide stories, hauls and various “challenges”. Though at first the students did not mind, the educators sure did.


Mathematics teacher Nancy Steinberg reports, “I understand that people make money off of ads, it is a business like any other, but when it enters my classroom, it becomes a problem.” Steinberg had assigned each of her students a historical building and asked them to identify shapes within the building and determine the hypotenouse, angle degrees, circumference and area. When one student searched coordinates of the Washington Monument, they were spammed. “It took a good two hours to clear all the videos. It completely destroyed the day, and not just for my students. We have been playing catch-up since the tornado warnings, we’re all trying to still give quality material in a short amount of time. Time that was wasted.” That is a quote from Senior Director of the performing arts department at Rawlins, who has chosen to remain anonymous. The video in question was, “King Herod’s Song” though a classic among theatre enthusiasts, proved to be quite offensive to others.
Why are these videos considered spam? Because they cannot be clicked out of. Many teachers thought their students were choosing to spend time watching the videos instead of reasearching. This was not the case. One student claimed he was checking his Facebook to open a message from a peer that was home sick regarding their project, this is what popped up:


He saw a familiar face from a video he had been unable to click out of days prior and alerted the librarian. Shelly Ford reports, “He said something weird was going on. I thought it was some sort of prank. The kids do a lot of those here. But then I had recognized the youtube channel. We restricted the computers to no YouTube and our students suffered. There are many wonderful documentaries on youtube as well as other great sources. Unfortunately, this was the only way we could stop the videos from playing on a continuous loop. We had thought of contacting the individual, but are afraid it will lead to a virus we can not financially handle. My message is, if you are having any trouble with these particular videos, please let others in the community know. Maybe it can be stopped.”
We were e-mailed this screenshot from a Youtube user that has been experiencing similar troubles:


The user would like to remain anonymous, and we thank them very much for connecting the dots. As you can see, a Jayden Desino frequent spam video about foreign soda tasting can be seen on the personal page. It is a complete match to the Facebook ad.
Another screenshot we received was by a resident using their personal computer in the parking lot of Rawlins:

If anyone has information on this individual or ways to avoid the user’s videos without disabling YouTube, please contact Head Principal, Darrin Jennings.
Address: 1650 East Ave, Apt 11B, Rochester
County: Monroe
Country: United States of America
State: New York
Zip Code/Route: 14610
Phone Number: 5853302087
B-day: June 1, 1989
2008-2013 Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.S.) in Humanities/Humanistic Studies, 2.5 at Finger Lakes Community College
2004-2008 Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation in General Studies, 83 at Victor Senior High School
She participated in: theatre club, varsity choir, yearbook club, school newspaper, varsity softball team, marching band, drama club.

Working experience:
Jul 2008 - Sep 2008 - Crew Member, Burger King, Victor, NY
Oct 2009 - Aug 2010 - Cashier sales Associate, Arrow Mart convenient store, Farmngton, NY
Sep 2010 - Nov 2010 - Sales Associate, Walmart, Depew, NY
Jan 2011 - Feb 2011 - Sales Associate, Spencer gifts, Victor, NY
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True & Honest Fan
Oct 2, 2018
I like that Yaniv video. And from it I learned that Jayden is honest and respects the black arts of the kiwis. Soon, Jayden will figure out that she, too, can have a KF account and speak freely here to us about everything while driving more traffic to her YT channel. Symbiosis at its finest.


Sent from my iPhone
True & Honest Fan
Jul 11, 2017
I like that Yaniv video. And from it I learned that Jayden is honest and respects the black arts of the kiwis. Soon, Jayden will figure out that she, too, can have a KF account and speak freely here to us about everything while driving more traffic to her YT channel. Symbiosis at its finest.

She’s obviously tech savvy — she spammed that elementary school in Wyoming with ads for her YouTube channel


True & Honest Fan
Oct 2, 2018
Here we learn that her residential program had her "mental hygiene arrested" in mid-August by two cops and a staffer from the agency in charge of her social welfare.

After a psych eval at a hospital she was taken to a group home for 21 days. She'd gone to her agency that day to pick up meds and was listening to Wednesday 13. She believes the arrest stemmed from a counselor she'd had previous conflicts with feeling threatened because of something to do with the lyrics of the song "Bad things."

At the group home, she didn't have her shower chair, testosterone gel, head phones, sneakers or epi pen. She had only one outfit with flip flops, not the sneakers she needs for PT. And she'd discovered a new food allergy: Corn.

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