Culture JDS Megathread - Jussay Smollett files fake hate crime report and gets away with it >:(

To be fair, if they're still all worked up over historical slavery, I could see being mad at the people who captured and enslaved their ancestors in the first place.

I once met an elderly woman whose grandmother was a slave. I think it's not as far away as it seems in peoples perception. It could be argued the woman I met directly suffered by having a grandmother who was a slave.
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Empire is cancelled. Next Season (the sixth) will be its last. Fox execs dodge questions as to whether Smollett case had anything to do with it.



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I hope whoever it was who posted that smug tweet from Empire's account about J's acquittal cried when they heard this.
And just think, all his coworkers will forever have to wonder if he lost them a steady paycheck. And it's not like they're great, well-known actors, and the show will forever have that association with him now so it's not going to do fantastic things for their resumes. That seed of doubt will grow into one of resentment, and if we're lucky the next time Jussie gets dragged into the street and doused in bleach it will be by...

... well hell I guess it was by "Empire" actors the first time too, wasn't it?

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