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"There's something about Dinosaurs that excites me" - Jed Whitaker

And apparently, there's also something about the Switch controller that excites him too, because he recently wrote an article about shoving it into his own asshole.​


Name: Jedediah Geather Whitaker
Residence: Columbus, Ohio, United States of America
Employment: Freelance Journalist at Destructoid and CGMagazine (FORMERLY)
Hobbies: Twitch Streaming, Video Gaming, Social Justice, Fighting Trolls, Posting Selfies

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/cow/ thread

Jedediah Whitaker is yet another Lolcow that showed himself during the GamerGate Controversy. He took the side of: Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, Colby Klaus, Peter Coffin, Sarah Nyberg, and countless others, making him a part of the Anti-GamerGate Group, which is almost entirely made up of Social Justice Warriors that believe the world revolves around the GamerGate Incident, and that most (if not all) ills in the world are because of that particular shitstorm.

He has a particular video he's been trying to DMCA off of youtube due to it's content being "misrepresented" as it is intended to "parody gamer culture" but just looks embarrassing

Say what you will about NeoGAF, but clearly something is wrong when even they think you're a complete moral busybody and autist.




Ever want DSP Tries It, but even worse somehow? Then Jed's Second Channel is right for you!

His Amazon Wishlist is quite the ride (as shown on /cow/)

He recently inputted thoughts on JonTron showing up on Sargon of Akkad's Livestream

But then KiA found out a certain "A Clockwork Orange" cosplay Jed once did, which going by his logic makes him literally equivalent to a rapist (but hey, this is the shitshow that is AGG, which of them aren't terrible people at this point?)


Summary: Another salty SocJus cuck that creates the same level of second-hand embarrassment as Anthony Burch, works at Destructoid, and is sexually aroused by Dinosaurs or something. Let's laugh at him.

Update: lol he got fired from Destructoid officially.
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So, a fun fact about this guy.

He works for Destructoid, and did during GG. At this time, this publication that was involved with the Alistair Pinsof scandal, wherein Destructoid fired and subsequently attempted to blacklist one of their own employees for having the balls to point out that Chloe Sagal was a money-embezzling histrionic idiot. While Whitaker wasn't one of the ones involved in GJP itself, he was one of the many carrying the water of Anti-GG during the entire affair. So right out the gate, you've gone above and beyond mere bog-standard Anti-GGer, he's someone who was actively fostering this shit.

What I mostly know him for though is that he's fucking insane. Name any game franchise with even marginal controversy - small or big - and you will find this faggot in the vanguard pushing every single SocJus talking point. Hilariously, despite being on Destructoid still, and despite having much more success than most of his contemporaries, his senpais continue to treat him as no more useful than David Gallant, who at least got to spend time in the cool kids' clubhouse, meaning he actually got cucked by the reigning king of cuckoldry.

The dude is a closet-case of the most glorious kind, too, where you just fucking know that when he's not crying about a lack of Female Link or how regressive the upcoming female Bomberman is (when honestly most fans of the series consider this the most dignified thing to happen to the franchise since the enjoyable Bomberman 64), he's obviously stroking himself raw to Senran Kagura or something equally problematic. You'll even see him bitching about fanart he doesn't approve of.

Oh, and he
all the fucking time, so you know he's fucking Autistic as shit, too.


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I was wondering when this goony bearded fucktard would get a thread. I'm familiar with him because I used to frequent Dtoid as a reader and forum goer. Him and everyone still there are cows in their own right, but Jed is certainly the top cow. Back before his social justice retard coworkers nuked the forums for not being PC/SJW friendly, regular readers and forum goers couldn't fucking stand him. People wanted him gone, but management wasn't budging. It became clear what direction the site was going in when they kept publishing his cancerous articles on games.

Something that hasn't been mentioned yet is how he had 2 different roommates who moved out because he was such an insufferable cunt. And what made him so insufferable? Well you can take one look at him, his articles, and his behavior in that video to get an idea; all of those are correct yeah, but the big reason is that he's a complete sex pest and never shuts up about being "So sex positive and polyamorous you guys!" Reading between the lines, he allegedly pressured and negged those 2 roommates for sex because the one roommate fucking his girlfriend was making Jed salty. Both were male, and both turned him down since they were either straight or just not interested in him at all. It's also implied that he's gone through lots of roommates like this because he won't stop being a self righteous virtue signaling twat. It would not surprise me whatsoever if he's another Devin Faraci or Mike Hickey.

Edit: Found the roommate drama links:
( from:jed05&src=typd
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I occassionally swing by Destructoid, mostly out of habit, and I recall many times scrolling down through the news feeds which articles were Jed's because they always stuck out like a sore thumb. You'd be going along, reading shit like "New trailer for new game!" "Season pass revealed for game!" "Game dev talks about industry!" and then out of fucking nowhere, "This game gives me bad feels in my tum tum because not enough gay! Me am cry!"

And of course, if you compared stories, his shit was getting something like ten times the amount of comments, which pretty much tells me his pages were getting more ad views, hence why they kept him around. My assumption anyway because it honestly didn't seem like anyone actually liked him.

Anyway, I don't expect much from this insufferable fat turd. Maybe he'll notice the thread and REEE about it for a few minutes and everyone else in the world just shrugs and posts the "They're right, you know" meme.


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And of course, if you compared stories, his shit was getting something like ten times the amount of comments, which pretty much tells me his pages were getting more ad views, hence why they kept him around. My assumption anyway because it honestly didn't seem like anyone actually liked him.

He's also (from what I can tell) friends with the owner of the site, and for some reason they had him review Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (aka bikini titty volleyball game), which, surprise, he hated and gave it a zero. That was a huge clusterfuck and one of the only times I've seen a comment section get locked on Destructoid. But yeah, pretty much the whole community hates him, when they announced a "block user" feature, everyone talked about how they were going to block Jed, since for some reason it also took blog posts/articles by a user off your front page.