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if jed "the amiibo butt guy" whitaker was honest with himself and the world
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Remember when Jed got angry all those commenters were calling him gay?

This really isn't helping his case.

"I'm not gay! I'm not gay!!!", Jed continues to insist as he slowly shoves a controller up his rectum.

Isn't getting mad about being called gay homophobic?

Either way, he's either gay, a cuck, or a gay cuck.

Pretty sure he's a gay cuck.


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I don't think vibrators and journalism mix very well.

Probably not Journalism so much, but he's likely just blagged himself onto a marketing affiliate or with another site that pays peanuts - but might hook him into their own scheme to get free stuff for review. Not sure how big that side of blogging is now, but it was huge a few years back.

Also technically "free sex toys" is why Oh Joy Sex Toy (home of the cuck comic) exists.


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I normally don't wish actual physical harm upon people; most of the time I'll just come up with some snarky pet name for them and/or just call them an asshole.

That said, I think Jed is one of the only people I've ever known who truly deserves the eventual rectal prolapse that is going to befall him. At best, it'll make him slightly more interesting than the babbling sack of boiled pork and failed parenting he is at present.