Disaster Jeffery Epstein has comitted suicide - Matt Groening got him


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Smarty Pants

I bet Aliens but pedos are just as strange as them if not more.
Speaking of which, Donald Barr (headmaster of Dalton HS and father of AG William Barr) wrote a book about Alien pedos.
All this exceptional individual has to do was shut the fuck up. Now I'm convinced that he's a Cheese Pizza connoisseur.
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Sam Hyde designed a really cool Epstein shirt if anyone is interested, i'm definitely ordering a large Tee later today.


Denmark Mafia

Laurence Foley's stink ditch
Found this unlisted video where Ghislaine Maxwell is doing a presentation on her TerraMar Foundation



Lots of footage of the mistress speaking at UN:

Some commercial type video for the foundation:

Videos are downloaded in case they get taken down. She has kind of a cute innocent voice. Which teen girl wouldn't trust the classy society lady?



You're gonna extract HIM?!

Corporal Lewis


Stoned Alex Jones

Break the wall down! https://youtu.be/V37_CpZ05mQ

Im posting something from that strange conspiracy site that i posted on page 68. The author claims that the 4chan poster was a cop and has been suicided yesterday. This all seems too far fetched and the article goes on to defend Russia and generally go off topic. Can anyone check the validity of these claims?
I'm taking this with a grain of salt for a number of reasons. Cops shoot themselves often. And the poster seemed to be some kind of medic, not that cops don't have medical training just the terms used seem more along the lines of someone who knows medicine more than just a cop.


Probably doesn't know what he's talking about.
Finally a small glimpse inside the temple, looks thrashed
the guy that made this has a few other videos of him flying around the island on his channel. i've downloaded them and i'm uploading them here for archiving purposes. there will likely come a time when people don't want this footage around.



The Cow Dullahan
I know post couple pages back first discussed this. But we need to address the fact that one of you beautiful bastards called it day 1 that they would claim his guards were conveniently away or asleep. And you were right. I wish I could find the post that called this out.

The article says it’s a crime. Think they’ll actually be punished? If I’m reading it correctly the article claims one was working overtime, and that’s the excuse for why they were just so darn sleepy. Not sure what they’re trying to say the excuse of the other guard is.
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Tasty Tatty

The problem isn't much that the guards were sleeping or gone, but how Epstein knew this? He knew the precise moment he was out of sight to try to kill himself and succeed.

Unless someone claims he was trying to do so every other minute and the guards had to keep going to his cell to say "Jeff, don't. Jeff, stop" until the precise moment in which they didn't so he succeeded. Because, if someone actually says something like this, then it's obvious Epstein was meant to be in suicide watch permanently, and we were already told he wasn't.

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