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Jeffree Star is a 2edgy myspace celebrity from way back when, in the days when myspace actually mattered. As one of the most popular users on myspace, with his posts regularly receiving tens of thousands of comments, it wasn’t long before he became something of a person of interest to trolls and cow-watchers, garnering his own ED article.

His schtick is makeup and beauty, as well as music though that seems to have gone rather quiet as of late, though he stills attends warped tour and acts like a complete twat there.

Recently he’s clawed his way back into the public eye with his incredibly popular youtube channel and makeup line. His makeup range is at best unoriginal, piggybacking on the liquid lipstick trend, however products sellout almost immediately providing J* with jewgolds with which to buy many expensive things, which he flaunts in his videos.

Another thing he likes to flaunt is his boyfriend, Nathan Schwardt, a man who bears an alarming resemblance to Jake Gyllenhall in Brokeback mountain. Schwandt is 8 years younger than J* and hails from Wyoming, Michigan.



Rumours abound that Schwardt is in fact a golddigger, as J* showers him with luxuries and pretty much pays for him to dick around on a skateboard and smoke weed all day. He has previously said that his ideal man would be a straight guy as he’s not into feminine or camp gays.

Having been a raging, racist, trashy cunt on myspace J* has in the past couple of years done a 180 into a proponent of body positivity, confidence, and all that other shallow crap. This however, is merely a mask, as has been claimed by numerous makeup vloggers. You can take the boy out of myspace, but you can’t take myspace out of the boy.

HAHHAHAHHAHA oh my god.. ok so 2 nights ago we played Dallas and it was INSANE!!! the best thing happened.. after the show, I always do autograph signings at my merch booth, and while I was meeting everyone this UGLY kid threw something at me.. my keyboard player Lauren saw him and pointed him out to me.. my friend pushed him and asked what the fuck his problem with me was.. he just stood there because EVERYONE is always all talk. I went up to him and asked what the FUCK his problem was.. he just stood there so I spit in his face and threw a soda IN his face hahahhaha he said "you scare me" and other horrible things so in front of EVERYONE there, I punched him and kicked him in the face over and over until the police came and told me break it up hahahha HE threw something that hit ME which is assault, I was defending myself and AS USUAL everyone is a little bitch and never fights back once I confront them.. I think its SAD how some people have to try and ruin other people's fun and be so HATEFUL.. being homophobic is DISGUSTING and I'm always gonna be the one fighting til the death.. don't EVER let anyone push you around.. and maybe some people don't think violence is right but I'm a hood bitch and I don't let ANYONE disrespect me. And JUST because I wear makeup and have pink hair doesn't mean I can't throw down and handle my own self. THAT'S what people DONT KNOW about me..



Claims against J* include racism, deception, terrible customer service and hypocrisy. This video’s been doing the rounds recently but it goes into great detail about the allegations of racism as well as his spectacular chimpout regarding another makeup artist. After this video was published J* proceeded to go on another snapchat tirade, this time against Kat Von D after she claimed that he was behaving like a twat by failing to pay a designer. Jeffree's tl;dw reaction is long and boring, as he plays the victim and goes into damage control mode. As of today, this drama is ongoing.


Other incidents include his reaction to criticism by other, often smaller channels. One example would be the drama involving youtuber rockyroadkill who posted an (admittedly cringeworthy) review of a jeffree Star makeup product which he bought only for it to prove defective. Instead of behaving like an adult, Jeffree proceeded to bash him in the comments, which he then deleted, only to upload a sugar-coated apology later claiming that THE BAD PEOPLE FILLED ME WITH HATRED. Despite the half-assed apology, he accepts no responsibility.



The thing that I find most fascinating about Jeffree isn't the facts of the drama, or any of the infighting between him and the equally vacuous makeup vloggers. Jeffree is a man behind a mask, as it were, and despite his rebranding and scripted attempts as professionalism it is so easy to tease him into chimping before he goes into damage control. The leopard can't change his spots, and a myspace whore is always a myspace whore.

Snapchat sperging


http://www.burningangel.com/en/blog/article/151 An interview with a porn site. Contains extreme edge and serves as further evidence that the myspace years were tragic for everyone involved. Contains information about his ‘ideal man’.

https://twitter.com/JeffreeStar Twitter, containing proof of a cinnabon fetish.

https://www.instagram.com/jeffreestar/?hl=en Instagram

http://jeffreestarcosmetics.com his website, where he shills hideous makeup.

https://www.youtube.com/user/jeffreestar/videos?spfreload=10 Youtube channel. His videos are uniformly terrible and boring, even by makeup vlogger standards.

https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Jeffree_Star ED page, which documents myspace era drama but has little information regarding more current events.

https://www.instagram.com/datschwandt/?hl=en J*’s toyboy paid fuckslave boyfriend’s instagram

His most used platform is snapchat, but since following J* on snapchat is akin to giving your phone AIDS, you can find compilations of his uploads on youtube.


Jeffee and the bumchums reviewing a limited edition Sonic facemask, proving that Sonic really is just for spergs.



now this is a cow I follow (addicted to shitty makeup channels and own several jeffree star lipsticks, can't help it)

I don't know how exactly to react to the latest Kat Von D drama, hard to take a side one way or the other. He made quite a few good points and Kat comes across as the type of girl who always posts namaste what you give is what you get inspirational posts while also writing nasty shit about her friends behind their backs.

The rundown for the tl;dw (spoiler because long)
- Jeffree starts by saying his family got doxed over this. boo fucking hoo.

- Kat claims she made him famous by setting him up with a makeup lab, he says that's bullshit because he was already e-famous (true, people even listened to his god forsaken music and his fanbase has been pretty loyal despite all the numerous chimpouts over the last decade or so)

- Kat claims in her video that this artist BJ designed Jeffree's star logo with the mirrored J's and showed proof of the concept sketches in her video. It's pretty evident his concept was the draft for the final artwork, and Jeffree claims he couldn't afford him at the time, so he pulled the equivalent of getting your logo done on Fiverr and paid someone else pennies to basically copy the idea. This is where Jeffree comes across as a liar because he goes on to say his legal team had met with BJ's legal team and that it had been settled and BJ had been compensated.

Obviously he did this just to cover his ass, and it's stupid that he won't just admit he hired someone to copy BJ's concept.

- He shows the texts that Kat didn't show which makes her look a little slimy because she kept teasing on twitter that she was going to show all these juicy texts where Jeffree told her to go fuck herself when those texts didn't exist and she never showed them, probably trying to play the "I'm better than that" card

- The timing of Kat pulling this stunt is a little suspicious. Jeffree goes into a side story from a few weeks prior to this video, when he was at an event with a makeup brand called Too Faced. One of the executives from the company informed him that Kat had told their boss that Jeffree was copying formulas from Kat, in the same lab that they share. Jeffree states this is absolutely untrue as their brands don't even share the floor in the lab at the same time and that it's not something he would ever think of doing. Implies something's wrong in Kat's life (later he brings up her past of drug addiction lol) as she also was several hours late to that event's photoshoot which he claims is not how she used to be.

I think Kat is noticing an independent brand gaining momentum on instagram and maybe wants to keep him out of Sephora to not be any competition for her? Since they both cater to a similar "edgy"/bold demographic.

- I do agree with Jeffree that it's ridiculous of Kat to claim that only vegans should have makeup products labeled vegan, as even non vegan makeup customers prefer eye safe vegan makeup or "not tested on animals" makeup and it was just a common sense business move. Also her entire makeup line still isn't fully vegan so I don't know why she even mentioned it.

tl;dr I think Kat Von D has some ulterior motive for picking on Jeffree Star and that this isn't just her "sticking up for her artist friend", the artist could have easily made a viral post on twitter or whatever putting Jeffree on blast for copying his work without using Kat as his messenger, and I suspect she's trying to stir shit to squash a potential rival (especially if Jeffree's planning on moving into categories she dominates like eyeshadow and contour palettes.) Jeffree is still a self pitying cunt who whines about his family getting doxed and places blame on Kat for random internet sperglords' actions, and he clearly stole the artist's work and wants to play innocent.


>tfw just reading the name "Jeffree Star" makes this totally important piece of art start playing on my mental radio station:

Oh lord I still remember scene friends of mine having this shit as their autoplay song on myspace back in the day. This song and the one picture of him puking up milk all over froot loops made him pretty much unavoidable there. He was kind of the king of the site with Tila Tequila as the queen, and we all see how well she turned out.


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i think we should make a thread on dahvie vanity too. that guy acts very similar, but with added pedophilia.
Didn't they collaborate a lot? I always associated those two pieces of scene trash with each other, especially since
all of my friends from my freshman year of highschool all became awful neon scene kids at the same time and worshipped the ground the members of Blood On The Dancefloor walked on, leading me to learn more about "crunkcore" than I ever wanted to.

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