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Celebrity Jeffree Star / Jeffrey Lynn SteiningerSells Makeup, Really Dislikes Cunts

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by admiral, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. Yeah, I agree it's still catty. Queen culture is super bitchy, I'm just saying if a gay guy says to his friend "Girl your makeup is ratchet as fuck" it's more accepted versus if another woman says, "Your face looks fucked up, put on more eyeliner." They're both bitchy, one is just more accepted than the other. That being said I don't care if someone is catty, I just think it's funny that gay guys are mostly seen as cute when they're catty but women are tearing each other down or being "mean girls" when they are.
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  2. Well, I think the difference is that you can reply to the gay "You're a fucking cunt." and they aren't going to cry or make you out to be the bad guy in the scenario. I think tactless honesty is lacking and needed today, more people need to be reminded they're fat fucks.
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  3. Personally, while I can understand how it's a part of queen culture, it's still fucked up that gay guys get away with saying heinous shit vs. women (although it also depends on context).

    If Jeffree said half the shit he says as a joke, I could probably understand it. Hell, I don't even take the Sharolaid video too seriously because it's just them fucking around. However, he has a history of verbally attacking people (not in a joking way) and that's why people have a problem with him.
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  4. Jeffree released a new video. Seems he can't get away from neon colors that obviously don't work together, and especially not on him.
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    puzzlemasterPandora Beauty, grace, and autism

  5. Why can't this guy figure out how to do make up that actually looks good? There's bold, bright, or strange, and then there's just fugly. His falls under fugly.
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  6. He looks like hes made of plastic. Idk, I find it unsettling...

    I know there's lots of photoshop going on, but his make up makes things worse.
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  7. I've never found someone's eyebrows legitimately horrifying until now.
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  8. So I went through and double checked the brands Jeffree uses since he does like to brag his make up brand is cruelty free and vegan.
    Anastasia Beverly Hills
    Jeffree Star
    Kevyn Aucoin
    Too Faced
    Violet Voss
    Giorgio Armani (Does testing through L'oreal, nothing done directly by the brand)
    La Mer
    Laura Mercier (They do some legal nonsense to get around cruelty free. They say they don't test on animals unless required by law. Since they sell in China where animal testing is required they do test on animals.)

    Also here's a price rundown of Jeffree's face. He is a make up guru so I wouldn't be surprised if he got some of this free, but still. I also didn't get all of the brushes because there were a few he didn't name. Also that Icelandic water is $31 for 12 liters.

    For a total of $1196 J Star still looks like a bad sex doll.
    Overall his application isn't horrible but he buys into gimmicky meme makeup like the Artis Oval Brushes. His looks are ok for a drag queen but most people with unnatural hair stick to neutral colored make up or at least cohesive looks.
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz- $21
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Auburn- $18
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit- $40
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit- $40
    Artis Oval 6 Brush- $55
    Artis Oval 7 Brush- $60
    Artis Oval 8 Brush- $65
    Beauty Blender- $20
    Giorgio Armani Maestro SPF 50- $64
    Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation- $62
    Gucci Iconic Mascara- $33
    Guerlain L'Or Pure Radiance Face Primer(With real flakes of 24 karat gold)- $74
    Jeffree Star Lip Scrub- $12
    Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick- $18
    Kevyn Aucoin Large Blush and Powder Brush- $75
    Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder- $44
    Lamer Treatment Fluid Foundation- $85
    Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder- $38
    Laura Lee x Violet Voss Pallette- $45
    Mac 252 Brush- $32
    Morphe m527- $16
    Smith Cosmetics 202 Microliner Brush- $16
    SUVA Hydra Liner- $11
    Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist- $48 X2
    Two Faced Born This Way Concealer- $28
    Viseart 08 Editorial Pallette- $80
    TOTAL: $1196
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    takemetoyourgrave lol calm the fuck down gerard way this isn’t 2004

  9. Bitch, with this money, I would look like fucking Marilyn Monroe.
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    DrainRedRain you're not real fuck you
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  10. I am so here for this thread. I love makeup cows. I remember back in the day when JStar was embroiled in some sort of bitchery with Doe Deere (although, isn't everyone?)...it was beautiful.
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  11. Jeffree is a primadonna and rightfully so. Those cheekbones are LIFE!
    Srs bsns, good luck to you with this BS. Hope it doesn't get back to him.
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  12. Will you please point me towards other makeup cows?
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  13. Here's my favorite!
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  14. That interview with the porn site tells me literally all I need to know about Jeffree Star.
    "I have a lot of sex and I'm a complete bitch and I like to suck dick and I think I am the hottest shit alive, did I mention that I like large cocks?"
    Using promiscuity to be "edgy" is old and ineffective. Grow a real personality, and grow up while you're at it.
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    PolexiaAphrodisia Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?

  15. Picture Jeffree Star being discussed by a group of autistic Jane Goodalls on the internet.

    Picture Jeffree Star downplaying the pain he feels at his sugar-baby's ambivalence toward intimacy with him.

    Picture Jeffree Star consoling himself by recounting his sexual encounters.

    Picture Jeffree Star walking by his straight boyfriend three times in his sexiest attire while his boyfriend plays Witcher 3, then giving up and just taking pictures.

    Picture Jeffree Star photoshopping his selfies more and more hoping one day somebody will tell him he looks like Scarlett Johansson, but not wanting to explicitly ask about it.

    Picture Jeffree Star turning the idea of an edgy tampon-based photoshoot over in his head.

    Picture Jeffree Star carefully cultivating a new vocabulary of Tumblr buzzwords to make him look sensitive and noble.

    Picture Jeffree Star jovially taking an internet colorblindness test and not being able to see the number in the circle, but brushing it off and going about his day.
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    Anustart I m panis boy wan fak u sexy

  16. I came across this sucka fool back in the days of MySpace. He's a relic of the days when social media was taking off and pretty much anyone who was "wacky" could become a celebrity. He also rose to fame at the time of Will & Grace, when simply being openly gay was considered fairly edgy.
    Because like most egotists, they think all they have to do is proclaim their virtue and people will believe that over anything they actually do.

    It dates from the days of the "pet homosexual" circa 2000, when gay men were seen as harmless fashion accessories.
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  17. Do you think it was what happened? Because I think it was what happened.
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  18. They'd rather insert themselves into it and chase the queens out.

    SJWs hate drag queens.
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  19. When it comes to Jeffree Star, there are really only two positions allowed for members of the beauty community. "Ew, no." Or "Everyone else is just jealous of my lime green liquid lipstick and black highlighter. Yaaaas, hunty! Come thruuuu!" If that doesn't make any sense to you that's because it doesn't make any sense. Welcome to Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter.

    Jeffree Star became internet famous on MySpace, where he gained popularity for his music, his pink hair, his drag-esque makeup skills and his terrible shitty attitude. If Jeffree Star called you a cunt on MySpace, well, it was MySpace so it pretty much never happened. Supposedly his music had 100 million plays on MySpace, but everything on MySpace auto-played, so probably not that many people were listening to him on purpose. During this time Star also released a clothing line. It was hideous. Mostly, though, he just flounced around gathering internet infamy.

    In 2014, he launched Jeffree Star Cosmetics, initially with just a handful of shades of liquid lipstick. Jeffree, it seems, had found, supposedly via Kat Von D, a friend with her own makeup line with a popular liquid lipstick formula, a way to finally make fetch happen. He would sell lipstick to the self-proclaimed makeup junkies of the Internet. Because we want nothing more than to be sold the same three or four shades of lipstick over and over again, especially if you give it names that reflect our total uniqueness and secretly rebellious souls.

    Jeffree's lipstick became popular and was routinely sold out with the few vendors who carried it, so he began to add more shades and then other products aside from liquid lipstick, like highlighters in weird shades. The thing was, you could take the famewhore away from MySpace, but you couldn't make him act like a fucking professional. Despite making all those sweet makeup addict dollars, Jeffree couldn't stop getting into stupid online feuds with pretty much anyone who wasn't a mindless sycophant. He feuded with other makeup artists. He feuded with his own customers. He feuded with other makeup brands. He even had a huge falling out with his old friend Kat Von D over who was a shittier person. The answer was that we're all shittier people. But our makeup looks really good.

    If you question Jeffree Star's black highlighter, he will call you a cesspool and tell you to go parent your children. If you ask him to pay artists he commissioned for artwork and then cheated, he will call you a cesspool, then, too. He'll call you either a cesspool or a cunt. Or a cesspool of cunts. And that's the worst kind. Because he likes dicks.

    Unless you don't pass the paper bag test, then, he'll just call you a nigger.

    His newest cosmetic product is a metallic liquid lipstick called Pussy Whipped. Because of course it is.
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  20. I find Jeffree's boyfriend absolutely fascinating . As much as I can tell, the guy was a straight skater dude from Michigan, who turned gay after he met Jeffree online. Or some shit. apparently, the dude is the very definition of gay for pay, because he has been accused of being with Jeffree for his money and also he smokes fucktons of weed most likely bought with J.s money. He is always high as fuck when he appears in the videos, not that there's anything wrong with that.
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