Celebrity Jeffree Star / Jeffrey Lynn Steininger - Sells Makeup, Really Dislikes Cunts

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I'd be willing to make that roadtrip and get the dirty deets
and more dicpics

But in all honesty, I don't think Nate cares to tell or have all the attention that comes with it. If I were him, I'd take the money and not think about J* ever again.

Not to say he doesnt like attention. His insta is full of half-nakies to lure in more poon. But he doesn't want to have that clusterfuck surround him (again) and I don't blame him - after being with Jeffree I'm sure he's had his fill of drama, backstabbing and scandal for a lifetime.
I'm a dirty bitch. I'd let Nate tap, no question.

I just hope he was well paid for his time and glad he got away from this death eater.

I'm throughly enjoying the dragging of jeffree, but hes teflon. No way is he cancelled. Shane will be collateral damage


I would agree with the sentiment that Nate should just keep his head down and not get involved. I'm of the opinion that, while Nate coming out of the woodwork and exposing anything would make the collective social media community explode, people will still support Jeffree til their dying breath. I just can't see the dude being cancelled so hard that his money dries up. There will always be stans who defend him and say he's changed and that his makeup is worth it (there's no denying that it is high quality).

Nate would be smart to play with hush money and to stay quiet. If what Jeffree said about him is true (that he doesn't like the limelight) then going on camera would just be out of character and put Nate in more trouble and stress than it's worth.


Did anyone happen to catch what J* tweeted today? The folks over on BGC SUCK at archiving the tweets and looks like they have been deleted already.
Sabastian Williams got a screencap, atleast. It was deleted 5 mins after he tweeted.


At this point, should we make a timeline of the past week? Both J* and Shane are losing subscribers, so it looks like the events of the past week are having an effect.


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I love how its the internets fault that JC got cancelled and nothing to do with the actions of those who put it into motion and now its the internets fault again that Jeffree is having to deal with backlash and nothing to do with his behaviour. These two I swear, no one care's about your pity party.


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I wonder if all this crap is the reason Tati has been mostly absent from SM?
Tati is being a retarded tease. Has the beauty commutitty in an uproar over some stupid lyrics she posted. It's almost July and sales need a boost. Watch the pre-fab drama unfold. At this point, the drama at certain times of the year on YT is just disruptive and boring.

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Tati is being a retarded tease. Has the beauty commutitty in an uproar over some stupid lyrics she posted. It's almost July and sales need a boost. Watch the pre-fab drama unfold. At this point, the drama at certain times of the year on YT is just disruptive and boring.
I’m mad that she posted a shitty cover of Bullet With Butterfly Wings when the Smashing Pumpkins version is fine and there’s no rule against sharing music on your timeline.

she’s cancelled just for that.


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Hey ladies, Shane thread is up

Archive: Blaire White: Bye Jeffree Star. You're A Monster. (MY EXPERIENCE) June 28, 2020

Thank you @mrsm0rbid
Blaire White says Jeffree Starr provided Blaire with a voicemail recording of another youtuber talking about being molested by James Charles. Blaire assumes the victim is Grayson Dolan, and urges him to come forward). Blaire admits to no longer having the recording.


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It all makes sense now. Nate leaving.

The orchestrated take down of James Charles, all the blackmail, the godawful obsessive consumption of social media. In the end the Dolan twins took off and he let a potential sexual deviant go on to gain more success because PoWeRrRz

Men statistically are less likely to report sexual assault, so it's unfortunate what he did. Something tells me the Dolans didn't get anything good out of the deal, just privacy.
And even that could be tentative
Plus the story always lurking in the background, now the memo....

That ain't worth no gay4pay. At least not once you have a business and all the shit you wanted.

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Likely drinking frozen margaritas.
Edit: archived video is in Twinkie's post below this one.

Sorry, I posted this in the Shane thread, too, but I wasn't sure where it would best fit since there is a lot of crossover here.

Tati broke her silence.

TL;DW: doesn't take responsibility for anything and blames Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star for manipulating her. Says her and James Charles are now on good terms. Also says J* has dirt on everyone and will blackmail everyone.

Imagine being 40 and shilling snake oil pils, tweeting about 5G causing cancer, and whining on YouTube. This entire community is a disaster.

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I just saw Tati’s video. Okay, she’s still in the wrong for attacking James Charles, but if this whole thing is true, Shane and Jeffrey are cancelled.

She described them as modern day mafia bosses. She’s a victim of sexual assault as she said in the video and felt for the alleged victims of James.

And actually it makes sense. They wanted their “conspiracy” palette to make them millions and Charles had to go. And now she had to go too, because they wanted to make vitamins, and she’s a competitor.

Edit: Ok now I read that she thinks 5G causes cancer. She’s a clown.
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