Jeffrey Epstein Arrested For Sex Trafficking of Minors -

Who is fucked?

  • Bill Clinton

    Votes: 206 61.3%
  • Hillary Clinton

    Votes: 141 42.0%
  • Trump

    Votes: 66 19.6%
  • Prince Andrew

    Votes: 125 37.2%
  • Jean Luc Brunel

    Votes: 65 19.3%
  • Kevin Spacey (again)

    Votes: 150 44.6%
  • Chris Tucker

    Votes: 74 22.0%
  • Epstein dies of pneumonia before he can say anything

    Votes: 179 53.3%
  • @Truthspeaker

    Votes: 109 32.4%
  • Tony Podesta

    Votes: 117 34.8%
  • John Podesta

    Votes: 130 38.7%

  • Total voters


The beatings will continue until morale improves.
I knew I should have taken out some life insurance on Epstein. I'm really gonna be kicking myself when the feds clear themselves by determining that it wasn't really "suicide," but an "accident."

Usually policies pay out at least $100k more for accidents.

Mike Faragay

Don't look at me, I don't know a thing.
So this place was called "Pedophile Island" by the locals? Well golly that sounds wholesome.
Yea.. My family actually frequents St. John, on average once a year. Occasionally I'll do an all day kayaking tour on St. Thomas, and there's a spot on Cas Cay- also known as Happy Island- that provides ample view of Epstein's Island and it's buildings. One has to break some laws by climbing the cliffs to get to the spot itself, but it was a small risk compared to catching a Caribbean Sunset, and the first time a local took me up there, they pointed out Epstein's Island and went into a rant about him flying in minors for sex, how everyone knew what was going on, how he had been in trouble before and nothing happened, and about how everyone on St. Thomas despised him... and this was like five years ago.

He explicitly said "and yea... that over there is a billionaire's island and he's known for flying in underage girls for sex because he can get away with it here."

Blood Bath & Beyond

Proud Cracker
8ch and Voat peeps must be pretty pissed they missed out this. By sundown 8ch would have a 400 page thread dissecting every single word with autistic alacrity.
8chan still has a Zeronet "bunker" that is up and a Tor address that is up and down. Rest assured they are still autisticly dismantling the testimony. Also, I don't really know what you mean with Voat. Voat is still up and running and hasn't been down for a significant stretch at any point to my knowledge.


Blood Bath & Beyond

Proud Cracker

I think they mean that Voat is locked down to the public, only viewable by members, and not accepting new memberships.
I'm well-aware it wasn't set up by Jim or his son, but it's still widely been recognized as 8chan's "doomsday" bunker by a lot of the people on there and exists in the event that 8chan gets shut down entirely forever over normal channels. It's where you are going to find the majority of them hanging about right now.


ASBO Queen


ASBO Queen

Metokur's video from this morning with his take on the Epstein's autopsy. He goes on a bit about the Bill Clinton in a dress painting too.

The person that is summerising the documents on r/joerogan posted a second update. (Sorry if it was posted before I don't remember seeing it in this thread but it was already archived)

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