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Do you like big tits? I know I do. Welcome to Jenffer A. Jay.

There is no simple way to summarize Jenffer A. Jay (Born Arthur Bownes), really. Boobs might be the most succinct way.

The autism is strong in this one

Current thread with our friends at /cow/
Jenffer has been around for at least the past decade and as been a staple on the multiple iterations of /cwc/ and /cow/. While Jenffer is perhaps the tranny Godmother of artcows, she has not yet been documented and discussed here.

Jenffer A Jay is from Western Northern Canada (Thx @autisticdragonkin and @jenffer a jay) and has made their work as an artist the focus of their life... And it shows.

Jenffer also maintains a Twitter where they keep fans abreast of their latest goings on and artwork.

Their Google+ essentially updates their video postings on youtube

Some accounts aren't updated any longer. Deviant Art is one.
Also, something called myfunnyprofile
A tripod account from 2004 (the dysphoria is more observable here)

Jenffer hasn't been able to monetize their art well and the fact that they have multiple mental problems has not contributed to overcoming the hardships that come with being a starving artist.

I never planned to be here where I am now. I was born with many hidden handicaps and a family that liked to move because they couldn’t cope. The reason we first came up here was because my dad dreamed to find gold in 1974. I was young, going to school, what set me back from learning was moving around.

I was in and out of welfare, up and down until 1987 when my mom and dad split up. And the main family came here and ever since then I’ve settled down. Little did I know that at my next job my body couldn’t take it anymore. With my carpal tunnel syndrome my arms would get tired and that was my first let down and then I started to be myself. I came out of the closet, changed my name and that is who I am now. Even the name I had, my family didn’t like it. I didn’t want to be labeled on one side of the family or the other. I stuck to it. I went Outside, did my treatments and started over again.

For me, the only thing that will go for me is my cartooning. I started a webpage, started a markup and I’m on welfare. My SIL worker helped me on things, I have a lot of friends, and I have Yukon Learn. I went to look for help. I knew my limitations. Now I volunteer and take part in the community. Once they called me names.

In addition to art, Jenffer also enjoys remaking Tonka trucks in their spare time.

Jenffer is also a fan of... music?


Their artwork is based on their own character, an old tranny with extremely large breasts and their tranny lesbian lover. Both Jenffer and their lover are furries with cat ears and tails. Jenffer also makes videos where the voice is a computerized text-to-speech program. Their adventures are typically banal, however the style and content are the elements that truly emphasize the lolworthiness of the art.

One of their most noteworthy pieces of art was "The Day I Became a Cat Girl"

Jenffer is now updating her comics just about every day on Comic Fury

Websites that have discussed Jenffer
Jenffer's art is not something that she seeks to hide. Jenffer has created several pages detailing their art. /cow/ has recently celebrated 7 years of daily artwork being displayed on youtube. Jenffer also has been the subject of discussion on multiple other smaller boards and has an ED chronicling their art.

It seems that at one poin JEnffer was defensive of the comparisons of their art to that of The TRUE and HONEST only real lolcow of CWC-ville, Christine Weston Chandler and socked and made a profile to disregard comparisons.

Jenffer also has a great deal of fanart that has been made by fans

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The F Plus podcast has an episode where they read some of his fantastic writing:

Ias in the story you learn about Miss Js Disorder and you will learn more detiles.
It is a Hereditary Disorder that run in the family but old thing is only one set of the twins its had it for 7 generation of Mss Js family . When Mss J had her twin both got the Genetic Hereditary Disorder called:
Far as we now its a Genetic Hereditary Disorder for woman only,
1 of 10000000000000000000000000000 women has this (Evan rare in twins)
The pituatary gland regulates all hormone to the baby from day one with larger amounts of estrogen, somatotropin (a growth-stimulating hormone) and no progesterone, (a male sex hormone) so thay continue puberty though life. Causing the breast to grow larger and larger to giant size .
Part of this gland is not workingto the groth stop and never will and follow the pectoraris major (muscle), Glandular tissue ,fascia pectorals, Coopers ligaments, areola, Montgomerys glands, milk ducts Lymph nodes, Montgomery tubercles and lot of alveolus, , areola and larger then normal nipples.
During pregnancy of 1st trimester .Her breast in-between 6-8 weeks, breast growth got even larger.
And continue to grow in size and weight throughout the first trimester. And breasts may be super sensitive to any touch. And the milk becomes super rich in nutrients.
Diet or mastectomy cant stop this growth.To make this worst .it will grow contine to the size it was in fast amout of time then they even bigger that ever be for
So it will become like a handicup.It looks but try to do every day thing is difficut so she weaer a special bra that her mother made her bra all thought her life Miss J s sister took over make them for her and other things to her to whare.
Doorways and thngs other had to made larger (like her car)
just to move around and to continue exerciseing the back muscular system to keep the weight of the beast from turning her into hunchbake of life. .

GS 281

Hadnt this 'chick' willingly posted on /cow/ before? and not in a way most lolcows who find their shit on the farms / /cow/ do it?
Yep, Jenffer used to tinychat on webcam with us on 789chan's /cwc/ chats as well if @KatsuKitty remembers. Jenffer is slow and a unique artist so if they show up it would be literally retarded to try to pick a fight. They're fun, nothing to be outraged about here.