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She may give herself the "help" she was hoping Vic would get. Here's a picture of it:View attachment 932812

No, seriously, "help" is just their way of saying "a noose". When they say that they wanted Vic to get help, they meant that they wanted him to get help killing himself.

Until Weeb Wars, I had yet to see such a dense collection of quasi-autistic/actually autistic, malicious, narcissistic (and in particularly Lynn's case) sociopathic clowns-- emphasis on the "clown" part, because none of these people look or sound right. We're talking sounding and acting like high school girls, sounding like little girls, having extendo-arms, ruining thigh-highs, sounding like a parrot at all times, having morosely strange breast contours, having no breast contours, having concave breast contours, skipping female androgyny altogether and looking like a prepubescent boy, being overweight, being extremely overweight, crossdressing (poorly), wearing diapers for no good reason, having a miniature box for a mandible, looking like a bombshell... but being willing to conspire with people who by their own admission put your life at risk-- the list goes on.

And none of this would be a problem for me (well, except that last one-- I will never not slag Specht every chance I get) if not for the reason that they want an innocent man to get a noose and get help killing himself all for headpats and woke points.
Since she's a narcissist and a psycho she might realize that only she's real and everybody else isn't. And that her ultimate victory against Vic will be ending him by ending the only person who's real. One can but dream.

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She already smells like the underlined, she probably does have a constantly replenishing supply of booze, and she might be following Spoony already (don't know about the last one, but if Manjaw is following MarzGurl she might be following Spoony, too).
Bad wording from me, I was thinking about ~40 cats as in The Classic Cat Lady.

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What will the Manjawrian do when the whole Vic case is done? I seriously doubt that she can take the fall back in irrelevancy.
She'll just keep whining about Vic/every other person she thinks is problematic. She's found she can get asspats, retweets and make 'friends' by being her must ugly, vindictive, lying self. She's found purpose in going full Karen 'I'd like to speak to the manager' about these men. She's not going to stop any time soon, she'll just move targets - and slide ever more into irrelevancy as the angry mob moves on elsewhere and she's left shrieking always shrieking, trying to reclaim whatever iota of power she thinks she's accumulated.

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View attachment 935268
>implying that Vic's usage of Unlocked as a way to communicate with fans would at all entail him ever coming anywhere in the vicinity of its female workers

This is some peak boomer stuff.

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