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There is a user on the AMV forum who goes by Brakus. He was upset that his video didn't make the finals for AnimeUSA 2006. She told him to stop whining. He said it was discouraging to not see his video being played at a con he was going to attend. She tried to talk some sense into him. He was old enough to know better and there were so many things he could do there like,"Watch the masqerade, buy shit in the dealer's room, look at cute underage girls in skimpy outfits"

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Kind of sounds like she's being actively complicit in the abuse of minors, making such a vague reference so facetiously while actually encouraging someone to gawk at underage girls in skimpy outfits.

Let me be clear: the big issue here is that (apart from Jennifer Lynn Hunt encouraging a man to gawk at underage girls in skimpy outfits), if there's merit to these claims (and there isn't) Jennifer Lynn Hunt implicitly expresses awareness of the potential danger Vic poses to women as of 2006-2007 and uses it as part of a joke, trivializing the real risk at hand, and she has yet to own up to this negligence.

She has said multiple times that Vic stealing a projector in 2004 resulted in her fucking up her back for a month and that she ended up in a wheelchair. In 2003, she made a blog entry on the AMV website where she talked about her "Life as a Semi-Cripple" after she had recently aggravated an old knee injury.









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X to Doubt. I'd need ass pics to have a conclusive answer. Cause I doubt anyone would wanna grab that. Saying you are attractive doesn't mean you are, in fact it's generally the opposite.


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“Conventionally Attractive” I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean?

I’m just going to take Manjawllo here as yet another piece of evidence that Casey Erick cannot be bothered to put in even the smallest amount of research or vetting of the claims, witnesses and evidence he presents to court. Why would you present an affidavit from this person to opposing council and judge? Because it’s not going to simply make this person look like a liar. It makes all the others look like pornographic fantasies and fan fiction as well.

As Peter from Tekkocon pointed out, it took him less than a minutes Googling to discover what a raging unreliable trashfire this person was. And Manjawllo her(?)self published that statement from him. Once again why would you submit this without some deeper examination?

I've come to accept that this person literally has delusions of grandeur and honestly believes they're attractive. While deep down is really holding back the truth from themselves that they were dealt a shitty chin in life and is heavily compensating for it by trying to prove they are what they aren't. And what better way to do that but to throw themselves into a demographic that is primarily victimized? The young and attractive women. The problem, of course, is that she really knows this isn't the case.

Edit: Yeah I know it looks like I'm contradicting myself, but you have to realize I am describing her subconscious when I'm talking about the actual truth.


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