Careercow Jeremy Charles Dewitte - Serial police impersonator, convicted felon, sex offender


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This is Florida, after all. Their criminal justice system has to deal with methed-out tweakers and stoned college kids twice as retarded as Jeremy every day.
jeremy is the ultimate flordia man. he is also impervious to your subhuman legal system. he is truly ascended beyond "laws" and "morality" and "not being a piggy faggot"

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I've never even been to Vienna.
He stupidly posted Vidler’s body cam footage that shows what a fucking liar Germy is:

The thing about Jeremy is that even though he's obviously being targeted by law enforcement, it is hard as fuck to feel even an iota of sympathy for the man. With anyone else, I'd probably be calling for Sergeant Vidler to be reprimanded, but this?

The CCDW charge was likely just Vidler being pissed off that they've arrested Dewitte a million times and he's continually released back into the public to be a felon with a sex offense history dressed up as a cop while blowing through red lights and banging on people's hoods. Eventually Jeremy is going to go flying up the wrong way on a busy street and he's going to seriously injure or kill someone and I don't blame the sheriff's office for being emotional over that.

Color me shocked that the police don't trust the man with multiple felonies that the gun he's carrying is truly a "pepper ball gun" and not an actual firearm.

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This guy popped up in my YouTube feed yesterday and has fast become my newfound obsession. He's like a real life version of Lou from Nightcrawler.
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