Lolcow Jeremy Ken Walker / wwefan07 / Ken IGN / Ilovegsds08 - Taubwaffen Incel Postman with a Shit-Boner

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Thomas Paine

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Oct 5, 2017
Allow me to introduce you to Jeremy Ken Walker, or as he's better known, wwefan07, a 30-year old incel with a scat fetish.

Jeremy in his Taubwaffen uniform with his pets

Welcome Kiwis, to the utterly miserable life of a man consumed with never growing up.

Jeremy is frequent user of the IGN Vestibule subforum, where he has amassed over 98,000 posts. He's also deaf, but is able to hear with a hearing aid. Instead of overcoming his disability, Jeremy has utilized it as a crutch. It's been used as an excuse for anything from losing a job to not losing his virginity. He can't even cook his own meals, he eats fast food every meal unless his mother cooks for him.

Jeremy lives a simple life as a part-time rural mail carrier for the USPS. This pays for all his Papa John's expenses plus a little extra. Life is easy when you've always lived with your mother. Though frequently unemployed over the last six years, he finally landed with the USPS after having to file EEOC complaints and pestering them for months until they let him return after he fucked up two hours into the first day. | Archive

I guess it's hard to be professional when you only started working six years ago at the age of 24. | Archive

Although work has always been a difficult venture for our deaf boy, it's never been as hard as getting laid. Having passed 30, Jeremy is rapidly approaching Wizard status.

Instead of using his free time constructively with self-improvement or find someone with extremely low standards, he instead plays Battlefield and jerks off to camwhores.
It's gotta be hard for him though, especially when you not only deaf, but also a manlet.




Despite having no marketable skills or sex appeal, Jeremy's made headway in one area of life....
which is having an autistic obsession with WWE Pro Wrestling, as his online handle implies. He watches all PPV matches on pirate streams online, buys the games, and even figurines. He knows nearly every fact about Pro Wrestling that you can think of and even more you don't know. Since no one cares, and a vast swathe of his posts are about this, I'll just simply leave this as is.

And now we've come to the tipping point. The REAL SHIT.
In 2014, Jeremy decided to elevate his online status from observer to participant. He ventured to a scat fetish website and bought "brownies" from a camgirl known as PooAlexa. These weren't any old brownies, they had some shit in them. This shocked other users so much that they spread the news. The original threads Jeremy posted got so popular and disgusting that they were deleted from existence, but we do have a few quotes and sequential threads. | Archive

"So excited. My dick is already rock hard just from the excitement.
Was 55 dollars with shipping and handling."

"My ****ing god, the video is incredible.
Her turds were astounding solid.
I caught a corn tidbit in one of her poop turds lol."

After thoroughly disgusting every sane person on the forum, Jeremy used his astral intelligence to double-down. | Archive

Alas, a man of this caliber would need a strong family to keep him from destroying himself.
A family serves as a support structure for most people their whole lives, and the same is true for Jeremy considering he'll probably mooch off his mom til she fucking croaks.

His sister is a bit hands-off but accepts her fucked brother for who he is. One person he won't be mooching off of is his twin brother, Jordan. I'll just let our boy explain their relationship himself....

He often cries about how successful and fucking alpha his chad of a brother Jordan is for having a job, home, marriage, and kids. Semper Fi Jordan.

With all the misery and jealousy, will our self-aware hero ever conquer his own ineptitude?
lol no. I guess he'll keep playing with his noisy foreskin until he dies. | Archive

Jeremy's Life Story: (tl;dr) | Archive

Photos: | (Privately Double-Archived)

Name: Jeremy Ken Walker
Alias: wwefan07 /wwefan007
Location: 1922 Sunset Belt Rockingham, NC 28379
DOB: 8/15/1988
Age: 30

Account Links:
IGN: | Archive
PSN: wwefan007 | Archive
YT: wwefan07ign | Archive

A big thanks to @zedkissed60 @Gengar @SunLightStreak @Melchett @Ride @neural for being integral to the OP. Couldn't have done it without you guys. Cheers.
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Sep 26, 2017
One person he won't be mooching off of is his twin brother, Jordan. I'll just let our boy explain their relationship himself....
Twin brothers, born on the same day, presumably raised in pretty much the same way, but one was chosen by the acolytes of autism, and the other wasn't.

Also, how the fuck does someone both have hypochondria AND a scat fetish? :story:

Edit: Even Camgirls are disappointed in me. :story:

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Nov 8, 2017
After seeing his posts in chat last month, I knew that he wouldn't be a disappointment. I wonder if he has ever watched shock videos with scat in them.


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Nov 8, 2017

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