Jerma985 - Because fuck it, let’s get a Jerma thread going


I've become bored of a world like that.
Jerma has always been a favorite of mine. I have seen only about 1 or 2 of his streams but thought they were hilarious, I was mostly a fan back when he made TF2 videos. He's great at comedian in my opinion and I liked that he could make many of the games he played funny, even if it was slapstick at times. It's a shame that because of my sleep and work schedule I can't tune in to most streamers, but if I had the time and patience Jerma would definitely be one of them. His high production cost videos are great and he's just a genuine guy.

The Carnival stream was incredible, there is a full ~5h uncut version but this has most of it.

A great one too

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Honestly love his work, like Celestial above me said the guy is an entertainer and showman at heart. His chat is a nightmarish hell and his YouTube comments are usually worse, but that's just because the guy is so nice and accomodating I can't imagine him being mean to anyone.

I like Vargskelethor Joel a little better because his manbabyness gels with my own and his chat is more fun to be in, but Jerma is higher quality and consistency.
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