Jerma985 - Because fuck it, let’s get a Jerma thread going

The Great Autismo
Jerma will always be one of my favorite streamers because he's been around for years, has such a huge following and he never does anything that isn't for fun or for the community. He puts so much effort into a lot of his IRL content and he's coming back to streaming while on painkillers just because it's what he loves doing.

People on the internet change after a few years, start chasing money/fame, or use their platform for serious bullshit; but Jerma's always doing dumb shit, playing weird games and getting yelled by a chat that still clearly respects him, which is a far cry from the absolute wreckage of other streamers like DSP and Wings.


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I'm still wondering if anybody has those old videos where jerma cusses someone out, they got removed and there hasn't been a trace since. It felt so surreal when i first saw it and im kinda curios on what the context was.

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Challenge: Find a fullstream archive on YouTube that doesn't have a comment complaining about toxic chat.