Jerry Peet / Lily Orchard / Lily Peet / Valkyrstudios / Bhaalspawn / Tara Callie / "Mod Ebara" - Sociopath writer of pedophile fanfiction and cartoon reviews, faked getting raped to force a divorce, then mobbed and gaslit their ex off Tumblr, satanist neoliberal of the MovieSlob variety, also wants to fuck dogs and/or pokemon


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Some notes. Read them, they're important!

FIRST OF ALL: All links using "" will no longer work. This is because Jerry changed it to "Lily-orchard" (as of the 8th of april). Just swap the surname and you should be golden.

Jerry's saga is seeing a massive rise in former friends and defectors telling their stories and providing proof of his psychotic behaviour. Those people have also started being contacted by a man named Anthony/ForNoGoodReason.

The reason Anthony has been contacting former friends of Jerry is in an attempt at one-upping him during an incredibly embarrassing slapfight that has seen attack videos, bizarre art commissions and even police reports being filed over mean words on the internet.

Anthony is incredibly sloppy with handling the truth. He has a history of lying and everyday he loses a glacier-sized chunk of credibility and respect when he had very little to begin with. He even has a lolcow wiki page containing most of his antics.

However, with Anthony recently getting in contact with Brittany and leaving her open to accusations of lying (even though evidence of her telling the truth is incredibly easy to access) I have no choice but to write the following:

-Interacting with Anthony is interacting with a lolcow. You will leave yourself very open to ridicule by the farms for associating with him.

-Anthony does not intend to talk to you with good intentions.

-Anthony will not show or even ask for any evidence to support your claim. In fact in light of Brittany going on HNTB he admitted he never looked into the Tara Callie = Jerry theory. Bear in mind that this is one of the longest running theories on Jerry.

-Anthony only seeks to exploit your story and will leave you in the cold- at no point will he try to defend you.

-If you somehow remain in contact with him or even get into his group, Anthony will dig up as much information on you as he can, even if its petty shit that happened years ago, to save up for a rainy day.

He has willingly done this to his friends. He's done it to strangers. He will do it do you too.

Compare that to the kiwi farms, where our ability to dig and support testimonies have, among other things:
I'm going to leave it up to you to decide who to trust, but at the same time I think the choice is clear. Contact Anthony at your own peril.

UPDATE: The derpibooru thread just got locked. If you decide to become a jerry peet e-drama refugee on the farms, please lurk. Thats the whole message of this PSA to be honest- Understand what the farms are and bring something worth discussing to the table that isn't cartoon sperging or intense power-levelling/a-logging.
The derpibooru thread is now back up. The message of this PSA still applies though- if you don't want us to find your pony midget porn collection don't act like a dumbass.


We appreciate that people want to sign up and post on the farms especially for an individual as notorious as Jerry, but on a few occasions derpibooru and it's general thread on Jerry has given us trouble. This is because people are joining the farms without lurking and being massive speds. On one occasion a user got doxed and pushed off the forum after they started flooding the thread with their obscenely long family guy analysis posts to try and "respond" to Jerry (Jerry infrequently reads the thread but he's never posted an official response, you are wasting your time) only for it to be discovered he registered with the same name as his porn-laden fimfiction account. This was after he already got ridiculed for talking about what type of pony porn he masturbates to.

Another issue is that Derpiboorus discussion lends itself towards cartoon sperging. For those of you out of the loop, Jerry hates a particular character from the MLP cartoon series because they were a villain that got a redemption arc. His hatred for this character has even gone as far as to boycott watching any episodes that this character is in.

The kiwi farms is an internet drama forum and this "boycott" by a fully grown adult against a childrens show makes for hilarious material. For cartoon spergs, on the other hand, this made for agonizingly long posts about how Jerrys opinion is wrong.

Our opinion is that you're both dumb #TYCED.

One more thing; we don't care if you're a brony or autistic. Some respected posters in the community are bronies. Some are even on the spectrum themselves. We only care if you give us a reason to do so: registering with a consistently used alias that might be linked to anything embarrassing, consistently low effort posting or - god forbid - prefacing your post will attract unwanted attention.

If you still wish to sign up, read every rule in the registration page like gospel and spend a good couple of days lurking and posting in other threads. If you manage to not be a trainwreck on those threads, welcome aboard!

Jerry is a controversial figure in the community. We get it, that is partially why he has a thread here. But some people have decided that just because he is a controversial and (arguably) loathsome person means it is therefore OK to a-log him by talking about how better they are than him or wishing physical harm against him, mostly for being associated with the same community they're in. Sorry to break the news to you, but it's not OK at all.

I shouldn't have to list why this is the case but since it seems like cartoon-speds who have no clue how forums work and a-logs are one and the same in jerries saga. So, if you a-log...
  • You'll look like a goddamn idiot.
  • He's currently engaged to Lizzy and it'd be beyond fucked up if she became a widow in her early 20's.
  • Jerry is an out of touch insane person in denial about his insanity and it'd be equally as fucked up if anyone got hurt at his hands. Someone on derpibooru actually wanted people to get physically hurt by him. DON'T WISH THAT YOU STUPID FUCKS.
  • If its a repeated case or severe enough, people will immediately start digging into your web presence: the original a-log, Anthony Logatto, gained a lot of heat with his unfunny commentary and for going on the record about how Chris Chan should be killed for being worse than Saddam and Hitler, because to him fucking a blowup doll and making poorly written comics makes you worse than two reviled war criminals. Logatto was then found to be not much better than Chris and wrote fanfiction about his fursonas "six inch foxdick" and spongebobs reaction to 9/11 (And I know that sounds like a lulzy trollfic but... no it isn't)

I'm going to be naming names here because, in particular, the-e4b is perhaps the most blatant and pitiful example of this. You're not helping yourself writing hundreds of tumblr posts about how Jerry is cancer and bad and making cringeworthy drawings in the process. If anything their actions are mirroring those of the Sons of Kojima, and look how they turned out in the end...

Unless you too want to vindicate an insane person and get your own thread in the process, do not do this.

Archiving is a key part of posting on this forum, let alone this thread. Sometimes this keeps getting neglected and thats going to be a problem later down the line for those looking at these threads in the near future.
Here's how to archive Jerry's shenanigans:

  1. First of all, you'll need a tumblr account to view Jerry's blog. This is due to a the fact that blogs tagged as NSFW need a tumblr account to view. As you'll quickly notice though, this setting is pretty easy to bypass due to Tumblrs godawful security measures.
  2. Go to the post you wish to archive
  3. Click the arrow pointing right below the post, right click on "permalink", copy link. You can also right click the top right of a post to copy the url (you'll know if you're doing it right since the corner will curl up). Paste this into your search bar but DO NOT CLICK ENTER
  4. Now, add /embed to the end of that url. Copy this new URL and paste it into your reply.
  5. Use to save this new embed link and paste that alongside the link.
  6. Finally, use snipping tool (A default program since windows 7) to capture an image of a post. Copy it onto the clipboard and paste it into your reply to add it directly as an attachment. Don't have snipping tool? ShareX is FOSS and super flexible, letting you capture stills of any content on the fly and edit them to a degree, too. Alternatively, use this thread to see what you alternatives are available to you!

Preferably, you should download the video and then reupload it to a service like since Jerry will have no way to take it down. If this isn't viable for you, try one of these solutions:

A) If the video is under 10 miuntes long, Streamable is a godsend. Streamable doesn't require an account, allows you to reupload videos just by pasting their URL, and they embed perfectly here on the farms!
B) If the video is longer than 10 minutes, you can use hooktube. On the videos url, replace "" with "". Hooktube allows you to watch the video but your view doesn't count towards any statistics or ad revenue- even if 20 people were to watch the hooktube mirror, it'll only count as 1 view total.

If there's an extreme situation where the video can't be archived on either service and you dont have a private server to put it onto, contact Null and he might be able to store it on his end.

Only link the original video directly as a last resort. It is otherwise ill advised since Jerry could potentially earn money and is able to track the videos stats, including how long you watched it for and where you found the video.

If you're here because you heard about Stockholm and want to see it to believe it: - Doomsday Ascending - Spiritus Khayyam - Stockholm - Stockholm: Valentine's Day - Stockholm: Twiscentia - Stockholm: The Dash Family - Limits - ...Another Limits? - Stockholm: The Razzle Dazzle - Stockholm: Illicit Disco - Stockholm: The Littlest Dazzle


  • On the 4th June 2016, Josh-Scorcher publicly announced he has cut all ties to someone after he realised he was in an "emotionally abusive" relationship with them. Jerry then admitted on his tumblr that the person in question was himself. This apology was completely bullshit, however, as he now regularly attacks josh on tumblr for his political views as well as making up claims that he's a fake christian and soldier
  • Jerry has also recently unlocked his twitter for some reason after nearly a year of it being locked.
  • On October 10th Jerry uploaded a video attacking Josh and claiming he condones bullying that leads to childrens suicides. Prior to the video being uploaded, someone claiming to be Josh went onto the /cow/ thread. The next day, he said on tumblr that he "will not be silent any longer" and promised to make a response, thus likely verifying it was indeed him on the thread AND fulfilling a prediction made in this thread
  • That same month, Josh made a response video calling out Jerry for providing misinformation. Jerry has yet to watch the video in full but does love to bitch about how Josh said that 8chan was more sympathetic to him than Jerry was.
  • On August 2017, Jerry started REEEEEEEEEing at his own mother for saying he's better than donald trump in spite of having autism and ADD and for mocking his personality problems. He then started threatening to beat her because he's a very rational person.
  • Brittany, a former friend of Jerry from his early days as RVI, has leaked years worth of skype and facebook logs from Tara Callie and Jerry.
  • After about a year and a few months, Jerry has made his twitter private again. Some speculate that this might be following the Brittany logs. This twitter account was later B& and a new one has sine been made.
  • Jerry has also displayed interest in animal adoption, which is concerning given he had recently came out with a possible interest in beastiality
  • Peet has become a satanist who wants to kill God. The juries still out on whether they bought Hot-Topic shirts with edgy slogans since then.
  • The Toonkritic saga broke up, revealing that it doesn't matter if there's undeniable proof you're a predator as long as you're part of a minority group!
  • Accidentally doxed a random Jewish girl for no apparent reason in an attempt to smear Brittany
  • "Mod Ebara", an individual meant to run Peet's social media, is quickly brought to the fore-front and then erased from existence just as fast when people notice how eerile similar their patterns are, along with Ebara's tendency to rant about forbidden topics with deniable plausibility.
  • Some 2 hour long video about steven universe came out. Feel free to rant about how wrong Peet's opinions are about the gay rock show.



Lily Peet, previously known as Jerry Peet or Bhaalspawn, is a lolcow that takes the absolute best/worst aspects (depending on how you look at it) of some of the most popular cows and melds them into one human being.

To put it simply: Jerry takes the batshit lunacy of Briana Wu, the crippling social manchild behaviour of Chris Chan, the pathetic sockpuppetry of Peter Coffin, and a desire for baby and/or dog dick a la Sarah Nyberg.


According to his self written FanHistory wiki article, Jerrys first presence online was around 2007 with the publication of a fanfiction called "Animal magnetism", an erotic story about a Pokemon trainer having sexual relations with his Pokemon. This quickly became a series until 2008, which saw the release of "Whispering illusion", a "grimdark" interpretation of Family Guy. His other self written article page on the "RVI wiki" also claims that around this time he amassed several crippling injuries, rendering him half blind, partially deaf and limping.

In 2008, he began work on "Rather Vocalised illusion", a series that discussed hot-topics whilst ripping off zero punctuation's artstyle. During the production of this show he also "met" a woman named Tara Callie, who plays a pivotal role in Jerry's status as a lolcow later down the line. Around 2012, Jerry started making videos about MLP, thus beginning a chain of events that would make him both famous and reviled in his own community. As of late, Jerry is trying to shift towards the Steven Universe fandom, presumably to start fresh and hope no fan of that show knows of his shady past.

What makes Jerry a notable cow? Here's a list of a few examples of his antics:
Such antics made him pretty popular on /cow/ for a while, but as time went on it was then becoming clear that there's far more to Jerries story than initially thought. Over time, many concerning revelations have been dug up. Here's but a few:

Tara Callie, Jerry's pedo sockpuppet

After meeting Jerry and producing RVI for him, Tara Callie eventually became Jerry's supposed ex-girlfriend from a period between 2010 to 2014. As a runaway from Colorado, losing her sister in the cold along the way, it seems like she was a victim of poor circumstances.

..Or so everyone thought. As it turns out, Tara was actually an incestuous pedophile who was fucking said sister before she died. That didn't stop Jerry from dating her and having her help produce his kahntent.

However, nobody but Jerry has actually seen Tara's Face, and his own father was quickly becoming suspicious, which both Jerry and Tara claimed was him merely being a "conspiracy theorist". This was in spite of Jerry still being in his fathers house at the time, and so Tara would also have to be there in some form. While we're on the topic of Jerry's parents, a former friend named Brittany (more on her later) noted a rather concerning parallel between Jerry's family and the story of "Tara's" family.

As his fathers suspicions suspicions grew, Tara died in car crash, only to come back literally a day later when Jerrys friends paid tribute and grieved for her. At the end of 2014, however, Tara was arrested for possession of child porn and never seen again.

As it turns out, nobody saw her in the first place. She was discovered to be a sockpuppet account devised by Jerry as a result of the derpibooru sockpuppeting incident, and the only known image of her face was just a stock image taken from google.

When /cow/ found out about this, shortly afterwards Jerry started making hints towards being transgender. Make of that what you will.

Later down the line, one of Jerry's former friends also revealed that Tara had committed even more crimes during her short "existence"; Jerry told this friend that after hearing a child make homophobic remarks, Tara went ahead and sexually assaulted them, and even went as far as to record the whole ordeal to blackmail said child. Jerry then also allegedly attempted to scrub Taras computer of child porn after her arrest to soften her sentence.

Blake, Josh, Brittany and Ethan - The friends that Jerry ditched for bullshit reasons

In 2013, Blake Diamond, one of Jerry's (now ex) friends, tried to kill himself. When Jerry found out, he "chewed him the fuck out".

What he actually meant by this was that Blake found himself being insulted and stalked by Tara Callie (Jerry) for a few years, which only got worse when Blake decided to stop drinking the social justice coolaid. A lot of this can STILL be found on Taras old blog, by the way.

Of course, when Tara got erased from reality, the tables were quickly turned with the help of Blakes wife, who Jerry then threatened to beat if they were in the same room together.

Ethan got it slightly better. Slightly.

Originally meant to be hosting a skype debate between Jerry and two people from /v/ due to his work as a radio host, Ethan was seemingly up to do the job. That all changed just shortly before it was meant to happen, as he found out he was losing his grandfather to dementia. He eventually snapped as he wanted to spend what little time he could with his grandfather and found himself ditched by Jerry as a result, with Blake taking the reins. It seems they may have gotten back together, but nobody but Ethan knows if he bears a grudge.

Brittany was Jerry's girlfriend for a period after Taras arrest, and was the first person Jerry came out to. However, their relationship quickly ended in mid 2015 after he threatened her for not playing World of Warcraft with him. I'm serious.

After this, Jerry found Lizzy Orchard, an artist and fan of Jerrys work who also happened to be a lesbian, which as we all know attracts troons like flies. Since then, they've been in an active relationship.

Joshua Burner / JoshScorcher
was one of Jerry's co-workers and a highly respected youtuber himself. Jerry also "shipped" him with inkrose between late 2014 and august 2015, even though he was fully aware Ink was a minor.

In June 2016 Josh called it quits after realising Jerry was emotionally manipulative. Jerry apologised for his behaviour towards josh, but less than a week later retracted these claims and made accusations that Josh was a fake soldier, a fake christian and a closet racist :2::2::2::2::2:.

Josh wanted nothing to do with it, and even came onto /cow/ to state that he wants to move on while Jerry endlessly screeched about how evil of a person Josh is. Jerry then made a video with even more attacks on Josh which proved to be the final straw for Josh. On October 2016, Josh uploaded a video refuting his claims, striking a massive blow to Jerry's credibility and sub/patreon count.
To this day Jerry still whines about how Josh stated in this video that even 8chan was more sympathetic to Joshes situation than Jerry was in their several years of friendship. In march 2017, Josh then discovered someone anonymously sent his parents a box of horse shit. Jerry denied that was him, and instead blamed 8chan after "two minutes of checking" despite not providing any evidence and making people more suspicious that he did it as a result.

Stockholm, alchorative, and the child rape fanfics

Stockholm and the events that surround it are the peak of Jerry's insanity. Originally written to be an alternate universe of MLP where the main characters were rewritten to be sexual deviants, the titular story dealt with Rainbow Dash trying to resist fucking kids because she has hebephillia.
An entire chapter is dedicated to her molesting her 14 year old adopted daughter, so you can guess how that turned out.
She also has a cock.

When /cow/ discovered it, shit quickly hit the fan as Jerry was trying to desperately hide traces of its existence. Starting by deleting his fimfiction account that hosted it (which was a pretty redundant move as he then gave backups privately to people on Skype), then trying to sneak a few modifications on a wikia he made for the fanfic because they were "irrelevant" (before eventually deleting the wikia altogether when that was publicly exposed), locking his tumblr account and NSFW blog and encouraging others to do the same so Jerry won't show up in their following list.

What he wasn't counting on though was the revelations that were to be made after a skype call meant to fuck around with him about the fanfiction occurred. Near the end, he reads a section from a tv-tropes page about the fanfic. These edits were made by a user named alchorative. Alchorative only has a few google results under their name. One of these being an OKCupid profile that matches up with a lot of Jerries personal info (age/location/sexuality/etc). Another is a account with a story about an MLP character being a pedophile and molesting an adopted daughter.

As if the OkCupid and similar synopsis between this fanfic and Stockholm weren't incriminating enough, Tara Callie claims to have written the story. By trying to hide Stockholm with seemingly no regard for the Streisand effect, Jerry effectively found himself digging a deeper hole.

On a semi-related note, Jerry was also recently caught defending Sarah Nyberg in a now-deleted youtube video.

The laptop allegation

A 2015 accusation made by a /cow/ user who claimed to have attended high school with Jerry. During his time in Sackville in 2011, Jerry borrowed a laptop from someone after his was discovered to have been bought from a thief (as well as the fact he was supposedly banned from using any computer after fucking them up with the conficker virus).

When the individual got their laptop back, it was after Jerry complained about them storing goatse for the lulz, but then Jerry accused them of browsing child porn and showed VLC snapshots. Jerry, however, didn't count on the fact that he had taken a VLC snapshot of the disney film Tangled to set as the laptops new wallpaper, thus making it likely that he wanted to frame him as a pedophile due to his warped perception on 4chan users. The full story by the guy who Jerry borrowed his laptop from can be found here

Here's how you can find Jerry:

  • Jerry is most commonly found at It's also the place you'll want to go for the bulk of his insane ramblings. However, he enabled a new privacy setting to try and stop people from archiving his posts. What this means is that you'll need a tumblr account to actually view his content. DO NOT GET BLOCKED BY JERRY because doing so will cause tumblr to give you a 404 the next time you try to access to his tumblr
  • His other most common location is on youtube. Content here ranges from unfunny comedy sketches to cartoon sperging.
  • Like most youtube "analysts", Jerry has a patreon. With a minimum of $1 a month you can gain access to his discord as well. It should be noted that he likes to show and hide the patreon figures on a whim, but I'd estimate he's roughly edging towards 1K/mo territory.
  • He's less commonly found on deviantart. Most of his activity here is just commenting on fanart, or anything he's tagged in really.
  • There's also his twitter, which was originally private after the Stockholm shitstorm in August 2015. As of late June 2016, it's now public again. It's infrequently used and seemingly exists just for him to say "EID PMURT EID". Take note that this twitter has historically switched between private and public mode following leaks of chat logs. If its suddenly not accessible, something damning probably dropped.
Recommended reading:

-Chances are, you probably haven't heard of Jerry's retarded stalker, ForNoGoodReason. A trollshield with over 30 sockpuppet accounts who shares more than a few disturbing similarities between himself and Chris, Anthony will try to attack anyone and everyone to bolster his claim that he is "the evilist basturd on the internet". He also regularly defends his ex-girlfriend for committing fraud despite the fact she cucked him. Another related cow is Aaron Renk, former FNGR asskisser/homeless furry in a van.

-Sadly, Jerry's old videos are no more: he deleted them about a year or two ago. Thankfully, Slanderous Archive is an attempt (albeit an inactive one) at restoring some old "classics" from his early 2010-2013 uploads.

-While the encyclopedia dramatica article is pretty much just a retread of everything in this OP, it's got a few images in there not included here.
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He takes the batshit lunacy of Briana Wu, the crippling social manchild behaviour of Christine Chan, the pathetic sockpuppetry of Peter Coffin, and the secret lust of children from Jay Geis/Nick Bate/Sarah Nyberg.

Nice rundown on this incredibly fucked up asshat. I'd read most of this in one form or another but it's nice to see it in some kind of order.


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I've been wanting to get into Jerry Peet more for a while. I'd sometimes read the /cow/ threads on him but I think your OP puts it all nicely together. We're dealing with a true lunatic here.

if anybody it actually stupid enough to call him by his prefered pronouns, if you watched his dumb ramblings long enough you will notice that he calls himself a "he" talks about his dick quite a bit and still accidently call himself jerry
so don't bother, you guys FYI
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if anybody it actually stupid enough to call him by his prefered pronouns, if you watched his dumb ramblings long enough you will notice that he calls himself a "he" talks about his dick quite a bit and still accidently call himself jerry
so don't bother, you guys FYI
He changed his name to "Lily" in november, so anything before then he still referred to himself as Jerry.

Something that I probably should've mentioned in the OP is that prior to Jerry "coming out", he released a strawpoll to see if he should reveal his supposed new gender identity. However, what I DO know is that this happened right after Tara Callie was found to be a fake. (and I mean "right after", we're talking in the space of a few hours)

I'd hate to light the conspiracy signal, but fuck it, the two events can't be co-incidental.
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Oh yeah, probably should've mentioned that since he's a canuck he hates america with a passion. Hell, he even had an "evil country" in Stockholm with an AOC of 5 (conversely, the "good country" has an AOC of 14) with a flag that was quite clearly inspired by gamergate.

Inserting far left politics in child molestation. Yes, I'm serious.

Anyhow, here's the first post dump for this thread, starting with some bad "satire":

And here's a post where he complains about keeping a site uncensored and calls the escapist "neo-reactionary" because they were sympathetic to GamerGate and ditched moviebob after people stopped watching his videos during that particular shitstorm

He's also been whining about donald trump and the supposed apocalyptic future his presidency will hold, which is hilarious given that Justin Trudeau is turning Canada into Zimbabwe, 100 trillion dollar note economy included.
(no reblog of this post yet, so a cap will have to do)
(those cherry picked images and the "retweeted by moviebob" notification really seal the deal. Also means that his twitter is more likely to be active now that he went private)
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This guy is great. She has such an annoying voice and anything she can say is meant to provoke. She tries to keep an air of sensibility to her, but if you look at least a little bit at her, you'll find that she is crawling in edge, hate and hypocrisy.
It's gone on record that Lily has supported a One-World Government.


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So he makes a Gamergate country and then writes rape porn about it. Rape porn he probably ripped off from another notoriously awful set of rape porn fics.
No I think they're worse the only way I'm ever gonna read them is by listening to the stuff Bill has made about them

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