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Jerry Peet / Lily Orchard / Lily Peet / Valkyrstudios / Bhaalspawn / Tara Callie / "Mod Ebara"Cartoon sperg who alogs his family/Pmurt/ex-friends, overcompensating pedophile troon, edgy satanist

Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by chadmuska, Mar 12, 2016.

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  1. becauseapparentlynobodyactuallywantstohelplily.png

    I'm certain this is just Lily, and it's ironic that she's saying that everyone but Lily are the ones trying to build up self-pity when this whole diatribe is self pity.
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  2. Jerry expects us to believe some longtime, local friend magically came out of the woodwork to moderate his social media and claim that all of Jerry’s ex-friends were actually the ones who were horrible people the whole time? Like it’s so laughably just Jerry. Same manner of speaking and everything. Probably thought he was clever about his sock puppet this time. So long as ‘Ebara’ day boy posts from Jerry’s account and never makes their own or something, it’ll be soooo much harder for those darn dirty trolls to catch him making people up to pity himself. In this case it’d be even funnier since he claimed to have left social media.

    The most ironic part? Jerry earned all this stress. He couldn’t just stop talking about Josh or Britney after he cut ties, he had to keep poking at The hornets nest forcing them to ‘fight back’ and now he’s supposedly on the verge of suicide. Jerry has always been just a giant drama queen.
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    Ben Laden

    Ben Laden Movin' and groovin'

  3. Aww, no mention of the Farms? Ebara, you insult us. Notice how this mod is putting the target on all of those people? Jerry tactics run in the friend circle, I guess.
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  4. Hot damn, I don’t even think that anon was trying to be malicious.

    Where to begin...

    Firstly, none of what we’re saying is false. I can’t speak for anecdotal evidence, but what we share comes straight from Jerry’s blog.

    Secondly, didn’t Brittany re-emerge like a year ago or so? What’s “a very long time”?

    Thirdly (since I’m on mobile I don’t feel like direct-quoting), the “getting the help she needs” part was most likely out of a place of concern, because several times Jerry’s said that he’s probably gonna die from stress. I know from all of the ‘Lily love trains” that have happened that Jerry’s fans do want to see him well. Way to assume the worst, Ebara.

    Oh, but Patchwork is alienating his fans, and segasister is gaslighting them! Grow up.

    Fourth, Jerry literally encouraged his fans to send hate to Dr Wolf when he wouldn’t give in to his demands. Your “Jerry doesn’t encourage people to be mean!” argument holds no merit, and there are more people saying it is the case than there are that aren’t?

    By contrast, Patchwork admitted to acting out for a long time to “impress” Jerry. Why didn’t he do anything in that time, eh? Why didn’t he nip it in the bud?

    Fifth, “stubbornly refusing to do actually do the things she says to do”


    “The fans who ask for advice stubbornly refuse to do the things she says to do! They don’t want to slap their sisters, punch their stepfathers, assault their classmates, or fail their assignments!”

    Maybe give better advice if you’re so concerned.

    Lastly, and this applies to the whole thing, stop virtue-signaling, and stop using weasel words. “They’re stalking her!” “They’re trying to drive her to suicide!” “All of her old friends are awful people who want pity!”

    Apparently it’s bad when people try to paint Jerry as this cartoonish Disney villain but when the supposed moderator does it to other people, it’s A-Okay! Jerry dindu nuffin wrong! He’s a good boy!

    As a matter of fact, how long until this Ebara is in Patchwork’s position? Assuming they’re real, of course.

    Believe me, I hate droning on for this long, but I just can’t help it.
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    1911JD I'll show you how it's done!

  5. Assuming Ebara is a real person and not just another sockpuppet, I'd give them a couple months, maybe till the end of the year, before Lily's toxic attitude does what it always does to people.
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  6. Hello there, long time lurker around these parts. Been slacking off until I was recently informed of Lily trying to cover up her act by deleting every post she's ever had on Tumblr.

    I doubt many of you recall since I've contacted Blake, what was it? Four or so months ago? In any case, I've contacted Blake again around a few hours ago(I can confirm this if any of you wish) and told him to remind you all of this gem I've made all those months back containing screenshots of every post ever made by Lily up until late February of this year. I would've left it for Blake to remind you but I became a tad impatient so I thought I ought to do it myself. Ta ta for now.
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  7. Given that this is likely Jerry's 4th major sockpuppet by this point, it's pathetic how little he's trying to make it seem even remotely different than him
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    thepianogeniusfromshine Counting down the days

  8. Jerry lives in Canada. They probably have free stuff that people can take advantage of. I live in Quebec, where we have the CLSC, and I've used their services in the past. It's not quite as reliable as having a therapist one can have on-demand by paying them, who probably has a full-on medical degree as opposed to a social worker you can see every few weeks, but it's better than nothing.
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    #4708 SuperSheep, Jul 11, 2018
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    SuperSheep 75 Points of Flying Fluffy Damage

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    Derped223 Mobius 9

  9. I appreciate and commend the effort, but since every post of his has been deleted, without archive links, he has deniability. Without a CTRL+F feature or date organization (since we’re only going by a rough “now —> past” measure for them), it’s hard to reeeeally navigate them.

    Not to say it isn’t useful, but I don’t think it’s game-changing. Thank you for it nevertheless.


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    1911JD I'll show you how it's done!

  10. Oh, you're all very much welcome. Yes, I did figure it would be a pain to navigate and compile information from unless it was divided amongst a group with a list of criteria on things to find/compile. It was also inevitable that my credibility would be questionable without the existence of any links or archives(though to be fair, this is Lily "archives can be easily altered" Peet we're talking about here so anyone who eats up her bullshit wouldn't believe any of this regardless), but I do severely doubt much beyond the youngest and by extension most of gullible of Lily's fans would believe any claims of me "doctoring" 2000+ screenshots nor that Lily(or any of her associates/friends) would even make such an outlandish claim, to begin with(as hilarious and foolish I find that idea to be).
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    Derped223 Mobius 9

  11. So the fuck kinda questions are people supposed to ask her now, I wonder.
    Because that seems to cover pretty much any ask I've ever seen on her blog.


    Well that sounds fucking legit.

    Also, how do I do the thing that makes the picture appear?
    #4713 Chapter Master Tu'Shan, Jul 11, 2018
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 11, 2018
  12. It didn't say advice couldn't be asked for! Careful, Ebara, are you trying to kill Jerry? He gets very stressed out if he's asked for advice too many times to the point where he could have a heart attack! :lol::lol::lol:

    Also, they mentioned that it's only the Alt-Right response videos that they can't bring up!

    Number 7 is also pretty funny. "Questions about former community members who have since added their names to the ranks of the above"

    Translation: Don't ask me about anyone

    On a real note, I second what that Tu'Shan said, what kind of questions can be asked? "Random questions about her thoughts on random properties" made up probably 80% of his ask box (which is generous, since I'm positive he gets a lot of asks about drama related to him as well), so if someone asks, say, "what do you think of the new Pokemon game?", they're gonna be ignored and blocked? Holy shit, lmao what a fucking miserable way to run a blog with the purpose of fanbase interaction. He's not making any effort to stay involved with his fans. He still has terrible chemistry with them, and I'll bet that, even after realizing that they literally can't ask him anything, they still won't realize that he hates them.

    Can anyone find an individual who has created a bigger safe space hugbox than this, for a more ludicrous reason? Because restricting the questions that your fans can ask to next to nothing on the one platform where they can interact with you on account of being "stressed" because people "harass" you is probably the most infantile, immature thing I've heard all year. And Jerry's, what, 26? He's acting like a 12 year old.


    Also, there's that misuse of the apostrophe in the word "comment's".

    Didn't Jerry have a thing with misusing apostrophes, demonstrated in Josh's "Response to Bhaalspawn" video? Or did Jerry actually write this himself, and not Ebara?
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    #4714 1911JD, Jul 11, 2018
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    1911JD I'll show you how it's done!

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  13. So don't ask questions.
    so what the heck was this post then? https://archive.fo/q2y42 this post signed by lily sure looks like catatonia.

    Has Lily ever used *that* word? I might actually believe that this Ebara person might be a new unmentioned individual assuming theres nothign on record.
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    emmens I wear pantspants

  14. Big news day, isn't it? So many developments, and I have this autistic urge to chime in every time.

    We get it, Ebara. Jerry can't take what he dishes out (and apparently, neither can you!). Calls people Alt-Right mouthpieces, sexual assault enablers/apologists, pedophiles, accuses them of all manners of things, and even goes as far as to say that certain people should die.

    But God-forbid someone have tangible proof that he's a hypocrite. THINK OF THE STRESS!!!


    God, this is great. Ebara is a huge fucking lolcow him/herself. I thought I'd be bored this week waiting for Octopath Traveler, but this'll do very nicely.

    Who is this Ebara person anyway, if not Jerry himself (without a filter)? Do they have a blog or something?
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    1911JD I'll show you how it's done!

  15. According to them, a friend that has known Jerry since Elementary school. Which was the same kind of case with Tara, a friend that nobody knew and has ever heard about.
    And I think I've heard Jerry use the C-word once already.
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  16. https://archive.is/26dpo

    We've always been at war with Eastasia.

    Also, seriously guys, could someone explain how I do it to make the picture of the archived page appear in the post like you guys do? I'm new to this kind of forum.[​IMG]
  17. If you're going to hire new management, maybe don't hire :alog:'s who give you an ever greater image problem.

    You're half joking, but honestly even half joking here is being incredibly optimistic about Ebara's authenticity.

    To me, Ebara is the logical conclusion of the convenient anon questions that gave Jerry an excuse to rant about how mad he is on the online. Now we have a mysterious handler who rants about how angry he is on the online but with an extra hint of a-logging and just generally BLANGRY'er than Jerry about the people in his past and his detractors. Except now its okay because its tagged with "unprofessional opinion" and signed by someone who claims not to be Jerry!

    We call that Plausable deniability.

    I'm seeing mirrors to the Tara Callie thing here; if Tara was a mythical patsy for Jerry to explore his sexual deviancies (without the shame of being associated with the idea of raping a child blackmailing them, and then informing a child molestation victim that they raped and blackmailed a child) then Ebara is a mythical patsy that lets Jerry vent how he's GON' SSSTRANGLE THAT THOUGHTBUBBLEPONY but trying to be clever about it as not to validate literally everything every major detractor has been saying about him having sociopathic tendencies.

    Under that perspective, the illusion falls apart pretty quickly.

    If you have windows, snipping tool is your friend. Just use the copy function and paste it in. The post editor will automatically set everything up for you. Alternatively get something like ShareX and tweak it so it only uploads to your clipboard and not imgur, then paste it.
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    chadmuska A shadow on the sun

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