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Jerry Peet / Lily Orchard / Lily Peet / Valkyrstudios / Bhaalspawn / Tara Callie / "Mod Ebara"Cartoon sperg who alogs his family/Pmurt/ex-friends, overcompensating pedophile troon, edgy satanist

Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by chadmuska, Mar 12, 2016.

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  1. How long until someone asks about Ebara's backstory and it's something super edgy, like their parents abused them and trained dogs to rape them and they had to eat their baby brother to survive, all of which was not arousing to Jerry in the slightest.
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    Ben Laden

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  2. upload_2018-7-12_1-10-36.png


    That is an almost impressive level of reality denial.

    Also, thanks for the help Chadmuska. Snipping Tool worked like a charm.
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  3. Wow, just change every instance of 'Lily' to 'me' and it's like he never left :)
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  4. So, out of curiosity I went over to Jerry's twitter, where I was greeted with this delightfully nostalgic image:

    Screenshot 2018-07-11 at 6.29.01 PM.png

    From what I've gathered, it's been suspended for over a week. What for? I'm not sure, but with recent developments I'd be interested to see this thing rise up from its grave.

    Also, is it bad that I get flashbacks to Tero every time I read anything by "Mod Ebara"?
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  5. The answer from Peet/Orchard: "Alt-right mass flagging"

    Actually most likely answer: constantly screaming about wanting to kill political figures and all the other guideling violatiing acts likely caught up to them
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  6. Considering people got B& for saying they want to put ICE members children in concentration camps (or worse) I guess they did a crackdown on that area of ~the resistance~.

    chadmuska A shadow on the sun

  7. For some fucked up reason, their videos are recommended to me and I ignore them tbh.
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    Miel67 Hates Kitaro

  8. For the sake of ease, I'll refer to Ebara as if they're actually another person, but their dialect, opinions, and the very fact that people are mysteriously asking questions that are breaking the rules set in the asking page is very suspect.

    By the same definition of "stalking", Jerry's fans stalk him too. They do exactly what we do, except we say mean things.

    Boo-hoo, people said mean things. This is the 2015-snowflake argument, comparable to when Melody Hensley said she got PTSD from Twitter.

    Little to none of what people say about him is slander.

    "abuser": He's abused his former friends and fans, and has admitted to it
    "pedophile": Stockholm
    "horrible person": Very general, but everything else applies to this
    "Violent sociopath": He's abused former friends and fans for commenting on other videos, and has admitted to it
    "Fake trans woman": That's just funny to say. Though a great number of the people throwing the above accusations (with merit, mind you) don't use "fake trans woman" on account of all of them calling him "Lily", especially on Tumblr, Twitter, and even Derpibooru.

    I haven't kept up with FNGR, is the pedophile thing actually true? Even though Jerry is talking about it, I still wouldn't put it past Anthony.


    Every time his "imaginary hypocrisy" is brought up or the Appeal to Hypocrisy fallacy is misused, I'm gonna copy+paste this:

    This is why people hate him. Not because he's transgender.

    This actually took a while tbh

    giv winner reacc pls because I worked so hard :'(

    I know there are lurkers from Tumblr, so feel free to share this, with the links and all.
    This spoiler will contain the "proper pronouns" for someone to use.

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  9. Wait one minute...


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  10. http://lily-orchard.tumblr.com/post/175792845885/so-if-lily-has-been-in-therapy-for-years-why-has

    Oh, huh, I don’t have to go through any loops to archive. No reblog, no /embed... just ease.


    No, Jerry’s default response to people asking him for help is telling them to assault someone. Granted, I don’t know or think Jerry’s “constantly shit on the idea of therapy”, but to insinuate that he’s been adamant about people going there in his advice posts is wrong.

    Also, the (This is totally Josh guyz) anon posts are back, and a load of them are extremely exceptional, both on the anon’s side who is pretending to be Josh, and on Ebara’s side.

    It’s too long, so no screenshot
    The post that tickled my fancy was the one where Ebara shares screencaps of the supposed spam that filled Jerry’s ask box after Josh’s TF2 video (which Josh immediately followed up with in a video, condemning his fans that were doing so). Sure, it doesn’t justify some of the things said, but Jerry’s and Ebara’s insinuations that Josh sanctioned it are W R O N G.

    But my favorite part is this one:
    “It’s the principle that matters”

    I didn’t think I’d have to quote this so soon! It’s the PRINCIPLE that matters!

    Jerry, you’re not doing a great job of hiding your identity. This Ebara person just so happens to have a 1:1 mindset? I’ll still entertain the idea that Ebara real but come on now.

    Judging by a lot of the posts being made, it feels like it’s mostly damage control and weeding out the people who want answers from Jerry himself. Basically, the people who are his fans that are upset about Patch’s treatment are parasite stalkers who should choke on their own piss, but people who say “wait, is Patch a hypocrite?” (Which I’m actually not denying, but where the proof at) are fully welcome and able to give asks. And let’s not rule out the possibility that the asks he gets are from himself, really badly trying to address what Jerry thinks are talking points from detractors.

    I guess it’s another way for Jerry to “filter” his audience. Maybe he had this “I’m gonna hide” idea in his mind for a while, in case someone actually made a case against him that he couldn’t easily defend or deny.
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  11. Nope, not true. FNGR is a lot of things but he hasn't stooped that low in the creep-o-meter. This should probably go into his thread or in Buttons' thread but let's just say that his ex ain't the most mentally stable and has accused him of a LOT of things.
    Long story short, FNGR roleplayed with his ex as two fictional underage characters once (with the keyword being once). It was between two consenting adults. Nothing more nothing less.
    Like I said, lots of shit that FNGR does behind scenes is disturbing as hell, but it ain't illegal, no matter what Buttons or Vida might say.

    (Do feel free to tell me to put this in the FNGR or Buttons thread if I must)
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  12. "Anthony roleplayed as a child with his then-girlfriend in a totally not sexual RP but it's okay because it happened once between two consenting adults"


    Technically, neither was Stockholm.

    I find it really odd that you aren't condemning Anthony for being a pedophile for this, even if the only reason Jerry Ebara brings it up is to condemn Jerry's detractors for not talking about it (I doubt people haven’t, it’s just that Jerry's just a much more hot topic than Anthony; it’s a “vocal minority” debate), rather than any genuine concern for wanting to see Anthony own up for it. If Jerry was found to have been RPing as underage MLP characters, shit, everyone would be up in arms.
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    #4732 1911JD, Jul 12, 2018
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  13. Thank you for beating me to the punch on this one. There's plenty of arguments to be made about lolicon or roleplaying as underaged characters or whatever and whether or not they should be punished somethingsomething victimless crime, but if we're going that route lest we forget that:
    • Stockholm is a "victimless crime"
    • Tara Callie fucking half her family, having sex with dogs, raping a child and recording the ordeal on tape, getting V& for trying to groom another child and possessing shitloads of child porn that Jerry deleted is a "victimless crime" (she doesn't exist so none of this ever happened)
    It doesn't take a PHD to tell me whats wrong with that.
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    chadmuska A shadow on the sun

  14. Ageplay my man... it's a disturbing gray area that is, unfortunately, a thing. Now if FNGR would've done it with an ACTUAL child then there'd be a problem. But the fact is that they BOTH roleplayed as underage characters, not one was an adult and the other was a child, they were both teenage characters.

    Also, to compare it with Jerry as we've seen with Stockholm, one is an adult and the other a child. So there's your difference.
  15. "I don't know, man, I mean, Jerry didn't force children to have sex with each other, so I guess I can let him off the hook for Stockholm!"

    I'm not sure why you're implying that getting off to two 14 year old girls fucking is somehow better or more justifiable than a 14 year old girl and a 20 year old girl fucking. Getting off to underage characters/people is still getting off to underage characters/people, whether an adult is in the frame or not.

    Again, what if Jerry was found to be RPing the same thing? Would you vehemently defend him?

    Also, RPing as children and ageplay aren't exactly the same thing.


    Chapter 7, the Cutie Mark Crusaders characters (all underage) had an orgy together. Chapter 14 (iirc) with Rainbow Dash dreaming of pounding Scootaloo wasn't the only chapter.
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  16. DevilsAdvocate963

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  17. so do we wanna make a game as to how long the block list will be, who will be on it, and how quick everyone who follows Peet/Orchard will adopt it as gospel?

    because off the top of my head
    Josh Scorcher
    every member of the E4B
    Maybe Vida
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  18. Probably Ink Rose
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    The Silver Shroud

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  19. Don't forget Patches.
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  20. Lunacorva too
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