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Nah, I'm half-baked.

Imagine not watching a show just because it has slurs in it.
This just raises further questions about Lily's views. His favorite show is Family Guy, yet not only are they not above using slurs but actively go out of their way to make the most shocking and tasteless jokes possible, something you'd think someone as uptight as Lily would be against. For fuck's sake, they treat Ida (a transgender character & perhaps the only genuinely likable character on the show as of now) as subhuman, yet Lily defends this in GoW - Tropes Against Ida Davis.

And yet, a much more enjoyable and thought-provoking show isn't 'worth the hassle' all because of black people using the N-word?
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Imagine thinking a culturally confrontational show about black people written by black people should censor black people using the n-word.
Funny you should mention that. Here's what Lily thinks about anyone (black people included) using the n-word:

So yeah, those black guys who made Boondocks? They're poisonous fuckhead with nothing to contribute to society.
Because how dare they use a word that The Great Lily Orchard doesn't like.
Clearly they should be strung up on nearest tree...oh wait.

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