Jerry Peet / Lily Orchard / Lily Peet / Valkyrstudios / Bhaalspawn / Tara Callie / "Mod Ebara" - Sociopath writer of pedophile fanfiction and cartoon reviews, faked getting raped to force a divorce, then mobbed and gaslit their ex off Tumblr, satanist neoliberal of the MovieSlob variety, also wants to fuck dogs and/or pokemon

Ah yes, the argument of "not wanting to discuss or participate in politics is a political statement"

any show will have a rotten part of your fandom but that doesn’t mean that fans and producers endorse this behavior or that they don’t know or are not doing anything

How will publicly saying "this is not right" fix something?
give more attention to trolls, show how much they affect yours and the innocent vids with posts that are impossible to control 100% and end up always having this "Nazi problem"

the MLP fandom is too big not to have assholes among fans who just like the arts and fanfics, and to blame the rest for not being able to stop this type of person from entering before they become a problem.

not only the right wing but the left wing also uses MLP characters as mouthpieces for politics as well, especially nowadays.
people have to stop involving politics in the media of entertaining period.
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Son Goku Baku
"Don't call me queen because I don't want any of you to put me on a pedestal" is truly some empty pathetic virtue signaling when you still act as if you're the only right person on the room and anyone who has the slight problem with what you say or do is not only wrong, but paint them as spiteful fools who hate you for being trans or "brown" or a woman or having strong opinions. If you truly wanted to be seen as nothing but an someone that entertains people, not an activist, not an intellectual, then why you spend so much time and words actively trying to elevate yourself over everyone else? Why construe this image where nobody can ever reach you because they are not at your level?

Those are just phrases that she just immediately contradicts every time she opens her mouth.

I decided to check in on Lizzy's Twitter, for the most part she's just been doing BLM stuff but I also found that she retweeted this thread
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This coupled with the "revenge porn" Lily claimed to have on Lizzy doesn't paint a good picture of the past few years.
This, the revenge porn comment and the way an actual fans of her described her as an abusive cult leader paint a truly horrifying picture. Sometimes I'm genuelly glad that Liliana is such an unlikeable cunt and doesn't have that much range or interest for no one, because I don't want to think of all the people she could hurt if she had any more power.

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Because it’s really impossible for Lily’s arguments to be on some level wrong or ill-founded, all haters just didn’t have their opinions validated
everyone is just intimidated by how strong and confident Lily is (who has panic attacks with fanarts that don’t fit her very high "standards")

if Lily had an ounce of self-reflection she could, just once, see that a former fan who has defended her attitude in the past has legitimate reasons for pointing out how much her content and personality have deteriorated over time

and also stop taking your fan-asks as being all the context you need to judge the ALevinamedBird video, since I'm sure you didn't watch it yourself
At least Bird actually makes an effort to make their voice pass fucking hell Lily :drink:
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Ben Laden

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Ya just gotta love how she doesn't think to censor the usernames of these people, but does think to put a big black bar over her """deadname."""

It'd be real fucking easy for some absolutely mental fan of hers to go and harass either one of them, almost as if that was intentional or something. Never change, Lily.
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Son Goku Baku
Just because someone has followed you for two years doesn't mean that they're aware of everything about you or that they even watched every single one of your videos. Many people suscribe because they liked one video, don't activate notificación because that could clog their feed and watch another one when they remember that you exist or the algorythm decides to recommend you. Is Liliana really that delusional about the quality of her content that she can't believe on the concept of casual viewing?


triggers and more triggers:
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now no one else can use or call themselves the dead name, because I'm sure it's a slur in Lily's dictionary
Lemme guess is calling her lily peet instead of lily orchard a slur or misgendering too?

didn’t she claim that she stole her ex’s surname as an act of “reverse colonialism”?


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Son Goku Baku
So I guess we can all drop out all pretension that Liliana doesn't change her last name out of convenience and it's 100% a petty spiteful move that will persue the both of them, and Mikaila when they do get married and she takes that last name too, for the rest of their lives, condemning Lizzy to her shadows.

Even if we took at face value everything Liliana has said about Lizzy, like "swatting her" when Liliana was being suicidal everywhere, use old grudges out of the blue for arguments, being jelous when her fiance admitted to being attracted to someone else, throwing a bowl of hot sauce to her lap one time and cry sometimes when presented with a conflict, not being 100% there for Liliana... Even if we assumed Liliana was honest about all of that and not exaggeration or outright lying to make herself look like the victim, even if we forget who is the one with the tendency to do just that, the literally stealing a last name just makes you look like a bitch.