Careercow Jesse Nevel / Jesse Nevelsky / Uhuru Solidarity Movement - SJW mayoral candidate; Running on platform of reparations for niggos; Friend of Black Hitler


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Oh, I would love to see reparations go forward. You'd have to start with genetic tests, of course. Then you'd have to discuss percentages, as zero African-Americans are 100% African. If you're 60% European and 40% African, do you pay or get paid?

Then, once it's all worked out an everyone's been paid, no more bitching allowed. Sorry, we paid up. It's all fixed now.

Really, it would be worth every penny.

Honestly you could just insist they prove they're descended from slaves on more than one side of their family and laugh bc none of them know who their dads are.


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Holy fuck, what an insane misrepresentation of history:

"And the truth is that African people are faced white hostility and violence within school system ever since the first 9 black children were forced to integrate into a white school in 1957 where the National Guard was brought in. So this is the latest chapter in the struggle of resistance by African people to their colonial pressure within this country."

That makes it sound like Little Rock Central was about 9 little kids being forced to go to a white kids' school at gunpoint. Not like Little Rock had been a battle that had been fought by civil rights activists for the right of those kids to go to school and be defended in their right to do so by the National Guard.

The history revisionism of the new Maoists is getting pretty strange. Now desegregation was "forced integration." I'm sure there'll be some white postmodernist contrarians around any minute now to tell us how Brown v. Board was actually about the triumph of colonialism over strong black communities. This political movement is full-on doublethink now.

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Here is his platform.

His bio from his website

Here he is accusing Jews of genocide.
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I've never seen as many YouTube videos with less than 1000 views since using this website and this man's campaign is so exception. He's got 0 reach.

Skeptic of white people supporting black people lead by white people:
Reminds me of how trannys complain on twitter about cis allies not donating to their patreon

Incumbent Democrat Rick vs Former mayor Republican Rick. There's a primary in August to weed out the unfathomables like Jesse, election in November. Polls put them Ricks around 35%. Jesse cannot win.
According to Wikipedia here's the other people running:
  • Rick Kriseman, incumbent mayor of St. Petersburg (Democrat)[1][2]
  • Rick Baker, former mayor of St. Petersburg (Republican)[3][4]
  • Anthony Cates III, a salesman[3]
  • Jesse Nevel, an activist[5]
  • Paul Congemi, an advocate and singer-songwriter[6]

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There's getting involved in social causes and then there is this shit.
Yeah, It really baffles me that someone who is jewish(Not sure if he is or isn't) sides with the african equivalent of the nazi party. He really must hate himself that much.

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