Jessi Slaughter

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by CatParty, Feb 12, 2016.

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  1. If I were that desk clerk I'd wonder why some guy who was seemingly on his own just handed me $50 and some weed for no good reason.

    Now, if he had just checked in regularly with none of the bribary... well... he'd be having sex with that child stood outside and I'd be none the wiser!
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  2. Hotel desk clerks see teenagers trying to check in all the time. Most people would see a sixteen year old boy trying to rent a room and probably assume he's trying to fuck his sixteen year old girlfriend. Nothing new under the sun. At a seedy enough hotel, the clerk would probably take the bribe and look the other way. It happens. The last thing those clerks would think is that the sixteen year old boy has a prepubescent girlfriend.
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    Axiom Painfully Cute
  3. Why are you fags still going on about hotels?
    If you never booked a hotel to fuck your girlfriend in high school, I'm sorry you missed out.
    The clerks are told not to give a shit because a dollar is a dollar.
    There are prostitution rings run out of hotels for fuck's sake... do you think the front desk doesn't know or even cares?
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    anusaurus the ass is love
  4. Unless Jessi was brought to the front desk bleeding from somewhere, yes including where minds in the gutters are thinking she might have been spilling blood from included, the front desk clerk just wants to shut the office down at the advertised time and get dinner while winding down for the day on any given work shift so they wouldn't do anything. Now if she mouthed off about she was there to party and bang some guy at not a teenage age yet, you would hope they'd say something to an authority in the area but wouldn't be surprised when they didn't.

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    Very Honest Content

    Very Honest Content (Formerly a) Niggo(?)
  5. I worked front desk at a motel like this once. I wouldn't have noticed if you brought in a fucking farm animal.
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    AnOminous ἐπιχαιρεκακία
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  6. OK, from most motels I've seen on TV they pretty much all look like this:

    Dude leaves the obvious JB in his car, goes to the front desk, gets a key, and then walks back out and to wherever his room is. Clerk never sees Jessi.
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  7. ofcourse she likes steven universe.

    she was just chubby 3 years ago, how can you let yourself go like that, damn.
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  8. [​IMG]

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  9. Holy shit, could the shorts be any tighter on the chick on the right?

    Jessie has plumped up and probably doesn't need the wheelchair, but she is arguably the most decent looking in this group, not that it's saying much...
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  10. Don't say that, because then it'll happen.
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    Blake Bumbleby

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  11. It just looks so painful:cryblood:

    I also love how she is using her massive size and also her pose to block out the grumpy looking chick cosplay in as the same (I think?) Character behind her.

    Attention whores have to whore attention yo.
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  13. WTF? When did she start using a wheelchair? LOL. Last time it was just a cane. Her "condition" couldn't have deteriorated that fast. This has to be for the oppression points.

    Purple ain't so bad. Also, the skinnier one with the star shirt is a dude.
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  14. She's been in a wheelchair for months already. Albeit a wheelchair that will fuck up her posture even more because it isn't fitted to her body, but yeah, a wheelchair.

    Of course she's doing everything for oppression points and attention. She always has and it won't change.
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    GG Allin

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  15. [​IMG]

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  16. A Nny cosplay doesn't really take much effort to do. But Nny was basically a skeleton, lel. You ain't Nny, hunny.

    Also, both of the characters this person cosplayed as are unrepentant murderers. ~~T O O M U C H E D G E 4 M E~~
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  17. Looks like she's getting ready to audition for a new role with the Slaton Sisters.

    That or trying to become the next Honey Boo Boo. She's got all the necessary parts for a TLC show.
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  18. You seem to be forgetting "I'll pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushie." Her first video was her trying to act badass until she started crying in the next. It was only after "You dun goofed" that she went on a "the internet is bullying me" morning show tour and got the victim complex.
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  19. I never investigated Jessi beyond the "consequences will never be the same" video. Between the rapid weight gain and what looks to be a form of early alcoholism/drug dependence, her life is turning out as well as I expected.
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  20. IMG_2485.JPG
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    FatFuckingClown *pins you to the ground and force-feeds you crack*
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