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Horrorcow Jessica Mélançon and Coriander GoldenParents of 8 year old drag queen "Lactatia". Sexualizing minors for fun, profit, and asspats

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Abortions4All, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. https://www.facebook.com/thereallactatia/?fref=mentions

    Jessica and Coriander are parents to "Lactatia," an 8-year-old drag queen being driven into internet fame by their desire to be seen as progressive. They encourage their kid to act out sexually and the Facebook fan page is all "8 year old boy dresses as girl and does 'sexy' poses," basically a pedo bait page, and the comments are literally things like "So brave!"

    Here's footage of the kid:

    Lactatia -- born Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden -- was nowhere to be found online before 2017, but now his mom has created a full-on media blitz that started with the voguing contest above. Just in the last few months, the mom has made sure to get huge amounts of press coverage, complete with little Lactatia saying "If your parents won't let you be a drag queen, get new parents."



    He performs regularly at Montreal drag shows, where creepy adults ask for photos with him:



    Doesn't he look so happy and fierce about the grownup drunk creeps exploiting him?

    Parents' Facebook pages look pretty locked down, but I bet there's a goldmine there for anyone who friends them. The mom seems to have just figured out in late May that this kid could be nationally or internationally exploitable, so I expect to see their web footprint grow over time.

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    #1 Abortions4All, Aug 5, 2017
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    Abortions4All Free the Mad Bears

  2. What's wrong with the world today?
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    #2 princess13456789, Aug 5, 2017
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    princess13456789 Making cookies

  3. [​IMG]

    Horrorcow tag, please. Really, this boy is basically a living puppet, used by his mother as a cash cow and attention magnet.

    Has this "mother" ever heard of "bacha bazi"? Say, what you want, but for me it looks like she'a selling him out to a audience that also contains some paedos. Fuck this earth, we're lost.
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    Miss Hortensia

    Miss Hortensia Yet another Eurofag

  4. Mmmmh, let get me this straight. Parents who stuff their daughters into sexy outfits and drag them to child beauty pageants contests are horrible, exploitive, hockey-parents. Parents who stuff their sons into drag and drag them to fucking Drag Queen shows (that are often very sexually suggestive) are oh so progressive and supportive of the (assumed) inner gayness of their little "princess".

    Shit is broken as fuck. (:_(
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    Smiling Honeybadger

    Smiling Honeybadger Still on the search for some super smart Title.

  5. this is legitimately fucked up and the fact that they are pushing this tranny boo boo shit, shows they don't care about how it might affect the kid when they will grow up.
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    Dandelo Sick Fuck

  6. To give those parents "credit": They seem to be exploiting their son primarily for money, not like Gendermom, who seemed to be into it for sexual thrills.
    That being said, the absolute disregard Jessica and Coriander (what kind of name is that anyway? I thought coriander was a spice) have for their son's well-being (both in terms of psychological well-being and not-being-lusted-after-by-paedophiles-well-being) is really disgusting.
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  7. And on that day, the farms's faith in humanity died a little more

    (But seriously though this is genuinely fucked up, they're hanging him out as crossdressing pedo fapbait :()
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    Honeybunny Men för i helvete!

  8. Lactacia? Like Lactation? Jesus Christ. And wow, it was very classy of the drag queen in OP's video to say the f word in front of a child.

    Man, I don't know why everyone always assumes drag queens are gay. Can't straight dudes wear dresses too? *sigh*
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    Fangsofjeff ♡ god bless america ♡

  9. 'Coriander Golden' is totally a Stand.
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    Vrakks Please... I go by Gold Diamond now.
    True & Honest Fan

  10. I'd have the parents of ‘Lactatia’ physically removed.
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    Exposer of Autism

    Exposer of Autism Physically Removing Autism

  11. I don't care about what adults do as long as they don't hurt anyone. My problem with "Lactatia" is not the "gayness" but the sexualising of a boy that is too young to really understand what he's doing. I mean, we aren't talking about a youngster that's horsing around in his mom's or sister's clothes. The kid shouldn't be there. That's nothing for children.
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    Miss Hortensia

    Miss Hortensia Yet another Eurofag

  12. Y'know. Years ago, my mother once said, in regards to the parents of some of the dysfunctional crackwhore kids she used to teach, "By all means, if you're an adult, you can make the choice to drug yourself up stupid. Smoke the wacky weed or the meth or shoot up heroin, whatever, that's your business. But do not have children. Don't do it around any children you may currently have, do not have any more children if you start, because either way you're going to be causing significant mental and emotional damage either secondhand or directly through pregnancy and in-vitro."

    I can only imagine what she would say today, now that gender is the new drug of the "progressive" parent. Christ, I think I'd almost welcome a crackwhore mom rather than risk exposing my kid to some fucking pedoshit.

    Mark my words, at some point, we're gonna see this thread update in ways no one wants.
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    Hypodermic Johnny

    Hypodermic Johnny I fucknut. You fucknut. He/she/we, fucknut.

  13. First Assigned Male, then Stefonknee, now this ? Canada was a mistake.
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    Crass_and_Champ hermut crebs

  14. Well, I'm pretty sure all those oh-so-peaceful and serene Muslim migrants will apprecate the parents honoring one of their beloved customs!

    ...straight into a concentration camp.
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    ShittyRecolor Preferred pronouns: shit\shits\shitself

  15. I saw a video with him yesterday and you beat me to this thread.

    I bet his parents are feminists too, who complain about things like wage gaps as they invest their kids time into whore paint instead of paying for a math tutor.
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    entropyseekswork Vigilante based in America
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  16. Who the fuck names an 8 year old "Lactacia"?
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  17. Of course this is happening in Montreal. French Canadians were a mistake
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  18. That's his stage name him and his older sister came up with and he calls his fans "lactaters". His name is Nemis, and his sister has an equally uwu name, Kashmyr.

    Apparently the kid is worried about not being accepted by the drag community because he doesn't "feel gay" and his parents speculate about making him gay somehow.

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    entropyseekswork Vigilante based in America
    True & Honest Fan

  19. Danger hairs and complete and total morons that think it sounds pretty. Though it is a couple letters off of a brand of non lactose tard cum.
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  20. I hope this kid brutally murders his parents when he's old enough to realize what they've been doing to him :alog:.
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    The Jumping Dwarf

    The Jumping Dwarf I'm offendered if misgendered

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