Horrorcow Jessica Mélançon and Coriander Golden - Parents of 8 year old drag queen "Lactatia". Sexualizing minors for fun, profit, and asspats


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Every day, some parents are making their money by pimping out their child.

Most of them have the decency not to take the kid on TV programs, and don't call them sexy in the press. But it's ok because LGBTQ sexuality is a free-for-all that could never hurt children at all and that they should be educated about as soon as possible so they can already be delighting in what the queer world has to offer them at eight years old.

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As someone who greatly admires all forms of drag as an artistic form, my feelings are all over the place. @Barbarella did have some good points, but the posing for that site was another and I'm a little worried. (At least the outfit covered his body, but we don't know about the future.) It would be one thing if it was for a store that sold sequined or flamboyant/escentric clothes for kids in a tame way.

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Horrorcow tag, please. Really, this boy is basically a living puppet, used by his mother as a cash cow and attention magnet.

Has this "mother" ever heard of "bacha bazi"? Say, what you want, but for me it looks like she'a selling him out to a audience that also contains some paedos. Fuck this earth, we're lost.
In relation to that link:
in 2011, an Afghan mother in the Konduz province reported that her 12-year-old son had been chained to a bed and raped for two weeks by an Afghan Local Police (ALP) commander Abdul Rahman. When confronted, Rahman laughed and confessed. He was subsequently severely beaten by two U.S. Special Forces soldiers and physically thrown off the base.[32] The soldiers were involuntarily separated from the military, but later reinstated after a lengthy legal case.
I wish to fuck I could Semper Fi this. I know they weren't marines, but :winner::achievement::winner: .

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I'm all for tolerance and acceptance to a point. I'm a "live and let live" kinda guy. But this is child abuse. It's pretty obvious his parents have coerced him into this lifestyle, with his mom most likely to blame, and they don't give a shit what their son really feels and wants. They'r exploiting him for the attention, money, and as a big "fuck you" to anyone who doesn't support them. I mean, he even says he doesn't feel gay, so this obviously isn't about gender identity. I'll bet that any time he hints at not wanting to do this that his parents (again, most likely his mom) start screaming at him, calling him a bigot, and basically making him believe he's a bad person if he doesn't do it. The kid is, what, eight? Nine? No kid should be thinking about gender issues and sexual stuff at that age. This is fucked up.


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This is worse than that antiques kid.
That story is insane!

Lauren Harries (formerly James the antiques child prodigy)

And I really wonder if the poor kid was a victim of Max Clifford.

Back to the thread topic...
This kids name is literally part of a fetish.
Any adult promoting this child needs to be investigated or shunned from society.


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Looking at the parents, my guess is their parenting style is probably informed from their adolescent years spent listening to a steady diet of Punk Rock and consequently getting steeped deep in the leftist subculture. This brings me to a comment made by a pal of mine which I'll quote.
I like punk but I hate what it did to culture and criticism. The reason the word "punk" turned into a multimedia coolness-signifying suffix is because despite its inadvertent virtues it was basically the purest artistic manifestation of leftism in the second half of the 20th century: distrust and hatred for the eugenic, and worship/exaltation of the dysgenic ("it's inspiring because it's so bad! It's like anybody can do it!").

That's still basically all there is to know about the parameters of "outre" "hip" taste 40 years later--the cult surrounding Sachiko M, or The Shaggs, or The Gerogerigegege, shitty foreign artfilms, you name it. It's all based on misdirected protective instincts for doe-eyed naivete/vulnerability, the same reason there's a market for slice-of-life schoolgirl shows in adult male Japanese NEETs (just externalized in a more "respectable" way). We've been collectively wallowing in this gross, creepy victim fetish for half a century, and it's not even really our fault because it's such a part of our modern thinking. I guess my main point is ELP > The Ramones.


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Have I seriously been desensitised this much? Shit like this would have made me veer between throwing up in my mouth and simmering with sheer unlimited levels of anger.

Now I feel nothing as I know that there are even worse people out there.

That kid is going to grow up seriously fucked in the head, swear to God he'll either be bouncing in and out of mental services or become a school shooter.
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