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Jillian Burke-Epperly / Mai Burke / Mai Tai & Her Poop CultCoprophilliac Ring Leader and Delusional, Desperate Nu-Medicine Cult Members

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by clorox enema, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Today I am here to expose a real life Poop Cult. As with all cults, there are several complex layers, and I will slowly be revealing these with all of you. The short version is that there is a sadistic coprophilliac on facebook who is convincing parents/pregnant moms/sick people to drink large amounts of salt to cure themselves of "weaponized parasites". The members all dig thru their poop,take pictures, and talk about it in the group. Many of the people in the Poop Cult have alternative ideals and believe that chem-trails are poisoning us. The people of this Poop Cult have also created their own terminology. They refer to Jillian Epperly's recipe as "juice" and are convinced that any side effects suffered as a result of consuming too much salt are actually "healing symptoms."

    Please be gentle with me, I am not really familiar with this community, but I am trying to provide decent content for you to discuss. I have A LOT of content that I can share and I am slowly working on more youtube videos. I am attaching some of my SS, I do not want to bombard the post but I still want to provide enough content to prove that this is a real life poop cult.

    Jillian Epperly has created a facebook group and it has over 30,000 members. Jillian Epperly admits that she has brainwashed the people inside of her group. Jillian also states that she has formed a "Poop Cult". Jillian is a coprophilliac. She uploads videos/shoots livestreams and poops her own pants. She boasts about pooping herself in public. She has also self induced diarrhea on livestream and didn't wash her hands. Jillian has made several posts on her group where she discusses using #3FingersUpHerOwnButt to pull out poop and photograph it.

    Jillian will not debate anyone about her recipe. She does not allow open discussion about the recipe. She often makes videos where she calls out members by name and tells them why she deletes their comment/question.

    I am providing youtube links as evidence for my statements:

    Admits to "PoopCult"

    Doesnt Wash Hands

    Jillian Sharts and poops her pants:

    Jillian talks about making herself poop by sticking #3FingersUpHerOwnButt:

    Aside from the fact that Jillian has admitted to the "Poop Cult" she has also Brainwashed people into thinking that they have weaponized parasites inside of them. Jillian claims that large corporations like Private Villa of Corrupted Crops created weaponized parasites and distributed them via chem trails. These parasites allegedly infect everyone and control our thoughts, emotions, our food cravings and can make people seem "mean". Jillian also tells people these parasites are "demons" that were created by "the elite."

    Jillian Epperly has convinced people that if you follow her experimental protocol you can heal all disease, everything from a to z unless you have had an organ transplant. Jillian has made claims that her recipe will cure autism, reverse the facial deformities of kids with downs, heal cancer, reverse diabetes and even things like "aging". Yes, Jillian Epperly claims that we can live until we are 500 years old if we dont have parasites. She also thinks we can regrow organs! So if the salt from Jillian recipe ruins your kidneys, don't worry! Youll grow a new one.

    Jillian says you can regrow organs-

    Jillian Epperly has created a recipe:
    1 tbs salt + 2 cups cabbage + 2 cups water fermented for 3 days. She suggests people consume up to a gallon of her recipe. She tells people they have to drink this recipe for the rest of their life in order to maintain their health.

    I am sad to report that Jillian Epperly has preyed upon a lot of "alt" thinkers. Specifically the antivax community. Jillian Epperly has said that its ok to give infants her salty cabbage wine. Jillian has convinced mothers that they are passing down weaponized parasites via breast tard cum. I have a lot of graphic evidence that proves many parents are attempting to "trick" or "bribe" their children into drinking salt water. I have images of parents reporting bloody diapers and a video of a 12 year old girl who may have passed stomach lining after a salt enema. Please see the attached pictures.

    Jillian discusses giving salt to babies:

    Jillian says "babies are no different than humans" and insists its ok to give infants salt water:

    This video shows a 12 year old who was subjected to the experimental protocol:

    The girl thinks she pooped out worms but it may very likely be stomach lining. My research has shown that No Medical Doctors have monitored or tested any of the stool samples, so nothing can be proved. The PoopCult reminds me of the Bleach Enema Cult (people think they can cure autism via enemas and cleansing the body of "toxins" and "parasites")

    There have been many side effects reported from drinking too much of the "jilly juice". Side effects include: seizures, convulsions, tremors, vomiting,uncontrollable diarrhea, depression,anger,rage,feeling sick, headaches, migraines, loss of minerals and bone density and feeling drunk (I even have a video of a 7 year old reported as intoxicated from drinking "jilly juice. I have evidence of 2 reported deaths. The deaths are questionable as both people had been diagnosed with late stages cancer. Jillian encouraged them both to drink salt water and any negative side effects that are reported are considered a healing symptom.

    Bruce Wilmot died on her protocol. He developed hypronatremia and severe bone pain. He was admitted into hospice after developing the hypronatremia. This is a fact Jillian Epperly continues to dispute. Bruce was NOT in hospice prior to being on "jillyjuice" and he was submitted into hospice AFTER drinking the salt water. He developed signs of salt toxicity and Jillian Epperly told him this was a sign he was healing.

    This ripoff report is related to Bruce Wilmots death. Note, Jillian gave Bruce private coaching during his time on her protocol. After he died, Jillian made a video and said he died because he was not aggressive enough with fighting the cancer.

    In this video, Jillian laughs about someone dying in hospice while on her juice:

    This video is from a woman who has been on the "jilly juice" for 52 days and sadly thinks that she is healing:

    This is an introduction to the cult ideals:

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  2. 1. What the fuck.
    2. Your OP is long and rambling, you need an editor to excise like half the things you say.
    3. Welcome to the Farms.
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  3. For those who want to do some more in depth reading on the Jillian "mai-thi" Epperly Poop Cult, I have compiled this blog where I attempt to discuss and dissect all of Jillian Epperly's false claims.

    This is an introduction to the cult ideals:

    This article discusses the children and infants being subjected to the Jillian Epperly salt protocol:

    This article discusses the side effects reported on the protocol and attempts to debunk the idea that the symptoms are a herx reaction:
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  4. I eagerly await the standoff at "Poopy Ridge".
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  5. I am sorry if this is a long rambing post. I am a newb. I am a terrible OP and I do not often use social media or make comments. :( But at least I delivered ample proof and evidence of everything I have said. Please let me know what I can to do make this post more productive.
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  6. Does this count as a shit post?
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    Hui fυ¢к тнє נαииιєѕ
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  7. Oh god it's a sequel to the Church of Genesis II :cryblood: Their "juice" was bleach, but from the sounds of it salt is just as deadly. Holy shit, this is insane.
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  8. what the fucking hell
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  9. Yes. I have "loads" of info :)
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  10. https://www.tellmd.org/about/ - https://archive.is/Iba2x
    Site has a reference to the Mai Thi Protocol, seems there's more to this crazy shit than just being some wacko on facebook.

    Well fee free to post everything you have, and welcome to the farms, please enjoy your stay here.
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  11. I promise I will answer any questions you guys have. I have to leave for a while. I am going to go do some IRL things. I will have plenty of time to dedicate to this post later this evening. I do want to say that all proper authorities have been contacted. The police, mental health facilities, the medical board, fda, Facebook wont delete the group. I have been actively working to get Jillian Epperly off of facebook since August. Nobody has replied back to my emails, I have sent more than one to many agencies.

    We have even tried the MSM and b list blogs. Nobody wanted to pick up the story, except Dr. Phill. Jillian Epperly refuses to debate anyone about her recipe. She refuses to go on the Dr. Phill show. Nobody who has been injured by the protocol has agreed to go on the show. I published my blog and all of my screen shots the same day the show contacted one of the groups I am in on facebook. The Dr. Phill show has not contacted me to use any of my content..

    There are groups of people who attempt to reach out the people in Jillians group who report side effects or claim they are using the protocol on their kids. I am happy to say that a few parents have stopped doing the protocol simply because we reached out to them and informed them that Jillian doesn't know what the fuck she is talking about when it comes to fermentation!

    Anyways, this picture shows that Jillian is not concerned about us contacting anyone, especially the police! I am now trying to figure out how to file a FOIA to get a copy of that book......

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  12. It certainly looks like they've excreted digestional mucus that usually protects the colon. Medical enemas usually contain salt and sorbitol, but in a very specific composition to make usage safer. Too much salt - and this is clearly the case here - will irritate the
    mucous membrane, causing the loss of the protective mucus. That can trigger nasty illnesses like diverticulosis or colitis.

    Aggressive enemas on a regular basis can weaken the gut flora and thus, inhibit the colon's ability to absorb vitamin K and other vitamins.

    This woman is absolutely nuts and parents who torture their kids with unnecessary enemas should be a case for CPS.
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    Miss Hortensia

    Miss Hortensia Yet another Eurofag

  13. >severe bone pain

    literally bone-hurting juice
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  14. I thought this was about a cult who worships shit and does bizarre things and "rituals" involving any excrement. Found out that this was one of those people who like doing stupid stuff with their inner buttholes.
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  15. It is a cult where the leader has brainwashed the followers to poison themselves and that any side effects of the poison is a sign that they are being healed. Poop is a major aspect of this group but the underlying belief is that they are purging demonic parasites from the body. They believe that the salt water laxatives will not dehydrate them which is totally inaccurate.One of the major side effects of abusing salt laxatives is that the bowels start to shut down. That is why constipation is a major reported side effect from people who are over a month into the protocol. Jillian Epperly encourages people dig that "old compacted poop" out with your fingers or via a salty cabbage water enema.

    In the following screen shot you can clearly see that members within Jillian's group are unable to accept that they have joined a cult and they continue to believe they are healing themselves. Jillian Epperly has told people if your significant other does not support you while you drink her juice its because they are "harboring foreign objects" that control their mind! Jillian has told people they may have to just get a divorce if the s/o will not support the salt protocol.

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  16. A wise man once said ''Don't pozload my neghole*'' which certainly applies here.

    *Unless picking up after your dog, that's just common courtesy.
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  17. >Over 30,000 members
    Jesus Christ
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    Rotus The whole spectrum

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