Jillian Burke-Epperly / Mai Burke / Mai Tai & Her Poop Cult - Coprophilliac Ring Leader and Delusional, Desperate Nu-Medicine Cult Members

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So I'm just getting started in this thread because Jilly is starting some shit (lulz) in relation to the Schofields.

I'm going to go back and read everything before I start in with the hot takes, because I'm sure they're not hot anymore, but the one thing that's really fucking annoying me from the very start is the use of the term "protocol". The Mai Tai protocol. "My protocol". "The protocol".

Bitch it's not a fucking protocol. Protocol is a specific term used by Actual Medical Professionals to indicate an evidence-based, board-approved, set of rules for treatment usually meant for the type of medical care provider involved and treatment needed. For instance, there are emergent Nursing Protocols for Loss of Consciousness, Chest Pain, Drug Overdose, etc. EMTs have First Responder protocols. Doctors have treatment protocols for specific acute and chronic illness/diseases.

Jilly using the term protocol is just another way she's misleading people into thinking her premature sauerkraut juice is Real Doctorings and that she's got Actual Medicines Experience.

Right. Less sperg. More read. Not looking forward to all the poop content, but boy I love mentally ill cult leaders who probably have the worst cruciferous farts known to man. Okay maybe not the farts bit.

Edit: Fixed grammar/spelling fails due to sperging.
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sigh. Jillian is quite the aging cow.
checking back in since losing interest pre- Dr phil and she is still doing the same thing, but with less viewers, more paranoia and worsening physical symptoms of whatever the fuck is still wrong with her (wasn't it thyroid related)

I can see clearly why her juice is SO EFFECTIVE - as Jillian describes her own symptoms like "heart flutters" and lots of anxiety, rubs at her nose and blows her nose, says a few times she hasn't had "the strength to deal with" this, along with saying she suffers from hypertension, exhaustion and insomnia because she's an empath.

she's also still rattling off a few cult commandments in this mornings FIFTY minute video (kill me), sounding randy quaid crazy, to her 5 viewers, 4 of which are just gawkers.
She explicitly states to unfollow, block, don't read the articles and don't listen or talk to anyone, even family if they disagree, even your body if it physically disagrees - no change from the past, but culty af.

She admits a lawyer is expensive and that she thinks she is going to defend herself? through the court system, and at the same time says she is only choosing to go after these writers because she will "get a return on her investment".

Oh, and her one time to the range for her NRA training, she still has that sad ass target on the wall behind her LOL.
I guess she can't staple her waterfalls to the wall, so that'll have to do.


Soviet Geneticist
Jilly has also recently doxxed Patheos Mom WithoutACrystalBall so that's a new one. apparently her next thing is to threaten everyone who disagrees with her

Ronnie Rocket

You've got your troubles, I've got mine...
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Doxed her and reported her to the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. She mentioned it in the Schofield thread.


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I had no idea SUPREP came in cabbage flavor.


When is this bitch going to die of salt poisoning?

View attachment 728537

Is she gaslighting everyone? Because I thought I remembered her garbage juice calling for 2 tablespoons of salt back in the facebook group days?

View attachment 728542
Not sure of the math I'm not used to alien units, but if I'm not mistaken that's still 17g of salt for 480ml of water, which gives us a salinity of 3.5% that's basically the same as seawater, so still very lethal in high quantity

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